Body Armor Backpack

The Rapid Armor Deployment Pack is intended to allow one to become a true Sheepdog. You can go from being an average unnoticed citizen and in under 2 seconds deploy a full armor system with a weapon giving you an unexpected advantage over would be shooters or assailants.

My eyes rolled so fast it hurt when I read “Sheepdog”… regardless, this looks very high speed low drag.

It’s available for only $229 on the Ares Armor website (HERE).  No plates of course, but that still seems like a pretty decent price.


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  1. cool toy. I am down with a handgun for personal defense, but it seems like room for a carbine would be better for responding to the whole active shooter thing. I don’t carry a gun myself, nor do I carry body armor, but I do carry my little trauma kit. Plenty of folks have guns in texas.

  2. I’m curious as to why the video clearly shows a jump between pulling the release tabs and actually deploying the front plate. It’s visible in both full speed and slow-mo, a slight judder like some frames were removed.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea I’m not sure what the deal with that is. In the other video you can see on their youtube channel they redo it because a lot of people were asking about that frame jump.

  3. Perhaps editing a small fumble. “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast” and all that.
    As for “a carbine being better”, while this is truth, but a handgun is way better than no gun at all. This is supposed to be invisible until the oh shit occurs. Not so much with a bigger gun.

    1. well, correct me if needed, but…
      when isnt a carbine better? open carry is ecalation of force, right? “You are thinking of doing something bad, but I have a gun in my possession, so don’t.” Seems a carbine would do that just as well.

      pistols are damn scary. I am not nearly as accurate with a pistol as a rifle. I would rather have a rifle, damn the six extra pounds.

      I don’t have a car. I walk to the range, so my SR-15 goes in my backpack, and you would be hard pressed to tell I had a little rifle.

      thats not so bad, is it?

  4. Perturbo Avatar

    Video set to private can’t see.


    The goal is to have a weapon in cases stuff impacts the oscillating atmosphere circulator. While not agitating the people a round you, the best way to do this is a CCW in a free state. They you can’t do that with a carbine,….well maybe a keltec sub 2000.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha it is private now, your right. God, ARES armor needs to get over themselves. First the website doesn’t have pics of the backpack because it’s too top secret (even though they are selling it.. figure that one out).. and now this.

    2. there is an active shooter someplace, and you are worried about “agitating” people?
      and not by wearing armor without police brassards?

    3. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Oh it’s back “public” now if you want to check it out.

  5. Perturbo Avatar

    I think where the static is occurring is timing.

    1) I am speaking of pre contact if you start walking around with a carbine on your shoulder is going to draw some serious and unwanted looks.

    2) During the contact, I wonder what the odds you would be at the minimum secured by the cops maximum shot. CCW are getting more common (thankfully) but a cop sees a guy running around with a carbine might jump to conclusions.

    2a) Over penetration, with even PPCs the muzzle velocity is higher that the standard pistol, this will jack up the possibly of hitting suspect A and bystander B. Less you have a specialty load.

    Remember every bullet has a lawyer attached.

    3) Post contact, think of the PR nightmare. You think you are going to be a hero? Have you seen today’s media, you think you or anyone else running around with a carbine would get a fair shake? Dream on. Remember the clock tower shooting in Dallas; private citizens got their hunting rifles out of their trucks, kept that wackado’s head down. You don’t hear too much about it, do you?

    Carbines are great as a truck gun, or if you are in a without rule of law situation but they should be considered a secondary weapon in the current environment.

  6. Seems like the market for that would be undercover police work. You could very inconspicuously put a armed/armored person very near a buy/bust. You could also put it in the back seat of an undercover car and have that equipment handy without being obvious.

  7. Thetraveler Avatar

    I actually got a hold of them through a link, and they tried to explain to me they were trying to sett up a new web ales page for the pack, and gave a email to get a hold of the person selling them directly, so I sent an email it came back as undeliverable. Very shady company, makes me very hesitant to do any business with them.