Detroit Precinct Shooting Video

Detroit — A graphic surveillance video from inside a Detroit police precinct shows a wounded commander exchanging point-blank shots with a gunman on Sunday, returning fire despite being hit in the hand and side.

The 68-second video shows Lamar Moore, 38, entering the 6th Precinct and pulling a pistol-handled shotgun on officers who were working behind a horseshoe-shaped counter.

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This is exactly why people have to be on point at all times… even police in their own stations. This looks like a pretty clear cut “suicide by cop” … a very bold one.


6 responses to “Detroit Precinct Shooting Video”

  1. If someone would have just looked up. They let anyone walk all the way back there or is this arc table near the front of the entrance?

  2. These videos (such as the “Mozambiquing” video) are really painful to watch, but really valuable if we want to understand the nature and intensity of gun fighting. Thanks for posting these.

  3. Paranoid in Montana Avatar
    Paranoid in Montana

    Kind of blows that whole theory of gunmen only attacking in gun free zones.

  4. Wow! That was insane. Straight outta hollywood diving over the counter. Death wish granted. I hope this type of thing doesn’t catch on.

  5. Perturbo Avatar

    This guy must have been wacked out of his mind.

    Suicide by cop. I feel for the cops.

    1. Perturbo Avatar

      That said they were in condition white.