Glocks Don’t Have A Hammer To Pull Back So You Gotta Make The Noise

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I didn’t read the whole back story to this comic.. but I thought the punchline was funny.

The best is when they screw up and make the hammer cocking noise on TV shows and movies.


5 responses to “Glocks Don’t Have A Hammer To Pull Back So You Gotta Make The Noise”

  1. Henry Bowman Avatar
    Henry Bowman

    If I were a cop actor, I would hope they’d give me a Glock. It’s so much less exhausting to pull back a non-existent hammer than it is to rack a pump shotgun for every damn corner I turn or doorway I pass through, and it’s a lot easier on the prop ammo bill, too.

  2. That…”lady” has stubble on her face. I’m going to have to read the rest to find out what’s going on there…

    1. I didn’t read the rest of the strip, but that’s a man’s jacket. I don’t think womens’ jackets have pockets on them (some could, I suppose), but I’m almost certain that womens; jackets (and shirts, and pants, etc.) button the opposite of mens’, the buttons wouldn’t be coming through the left side of the jacket, they’d show through the right (when it’s buttoned).

  3. turns out its a dude I thought it was a chick too

  4. hahahahaha.. :D
    funny strip..
    yeah i thought it was a chick too, turns out to be a dude from Jersey.. :p