25th Anniversary Glock

The video has you thinking it’s gonna be something revolutionary and cool… but this is what you get:

LOL whatever Glock… Congrats, Now it looks like a POS airsoft.

At least that new beavertail grip option as seen in the picture is kinda cool. I’m still not a fan of removable backstraps though.


5 responses to “25th Anniversary Glock”

  1. So, seriously, a sticker? Not so much as a fancy engraving somewhere? Blech. I was really hoping for a Glock 7…

  2. it would be better if it was dipped in gold that was laced with Gaston’s DNA, in a Austrian cut crystal display stand.. with a model number “17-25”.. and to complete the package.. a custom whale penis leather holster.. perfection….

  3. The top of the slide also has some ornamentation…. Uh — collectable but not entirely attractive and subtle. But then again they want it bling so people can see that it’s ‘special.’

  4. lameee..

  5. coyote Avatar

    I’ll stick to the 1911 in 45 Auto or in 38 Super.