Lower Magazine Capacity Doesn’t Make Anyone Safer

Dave Champion and Bill Carns illustrate the difference between a 17 round magazine and an 8 round magazine. The video clearly shows that the motivation behind such restrictive legislation is designed to limit Americans’ rights.

The point is CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS so what good is a ban going to do if the high capacity and regular capacity mags are still in existence.

The only small public benefit I can see coming from a shooter carrying a lower capacity magazine is there is a possibility they could fumble with it on a reload, which would create a window of opportinity to stop the threat.


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  1. Kardinal Avatar

    Which is precisely what happened in this case. The shooter fired 31 rounds, then was stopped when he reloaded. He also acquired all weapons legally, and there is no reason to.believe he knew how to acquire them legally.

    So it is entirely plausible that, in this case, those harmed by bullets 12 through 31 may not have been harmed if the hi cap mag ban was in place.

    1. Very good points. However, those harmed by bullets 1-10 don’t really care about that now do they? If someone wants to commit a crime, they are going to do so. In England guns were banned, followed shortly by KNIVES because the crime did not stop. The issue should be on why this person committed that crime, not how they committed it. Any ban on an object because it was used for a crime is a band-aid fix that does not address the issue.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. This guy was obviously disturbed and needed mental help. Mental health has been slashed from so many budgets recently these things are bound to happen.

  2. Obviously the solution here is to ban the kind of magazine holders that these guys were using, and ban the practice of speed reloads, good to go?

  3. You know, if there were a ban on ‘hi cap’ mags, I know at least 3 people who would stock up beforehand and/or weld standard cap mags together.

    With the amount of people who actually reload their brass and have stocked up on firearms/ammunition in fear of obama’s presidency, gun control would only make matters worser… I don’t think you should piss off the people who already have boxes of p-mags and a basement full of 5.56 ammo

    That being said…. harm reduction approach anyone? =P

  4. It’s also plausible that if the shooter knew he had less bullets he would have been more careful in there use and we could of had 11 dead instead of 6 dead.

    Though this retroactive, kindergarten logic seems to pretty trite to me. What happened happened through the malicious will of one person. The killing was by his design and regardless of what laws were he would of found a way to maximize death and destruction as he was so immorally inclined.

  5. jimmy lam Avatar

    ban hi cap mags because criminals will automatically follow this new law. it has been proven that every criminal followed laws made to prevent crimes from happening.

    gfsz (gunfree school zone) http://www.king5.com/news/local/Teacher-shot-killed-at-Tacoma-high-school-85496097.html


    we need to ban guns nation wide immediately! guns are obviously causing crime!

    1. I dont know if this is a joke or not. In my opinion, people kill people. Guns do not, if you put a gun on a table it does not kill a person. If a person decides to pick that firearm up and use it in a criminal way to harm other people, its that persons own doing not the guns. These people that commit mass murders are mentally insane, a majority of people that buy firearms are responsible and safe.

    2. dude are u dumb guns dont kill people people kill people

      1. I’m pretty sure he was joking. By posting a link to a website describing Gun-Free zones and then linking to the wiki for the Virginia Tech Massacre. If he has a brain, he’s joking.

  6. The presenters were kind of annoying, if you want to see the important stuff skip to 2:25, only takes about a minute and a half.

    The presentation would’ve been more effective without ad hominem attacks and stuck to the facts and not personal feelings.

  7. i don’t think there will be a new restriction/ban on magazines.. even with the previous ban, standard and high capacity magazines were grandfathered.. so, those magazines were available to the public regardless of the ban.. it’s not like all the pre-ban mags disappeared, or were not in use during the ban..

    i don’t think the new legislation being introduced will do anything at all.. it won’t get anywhere.. IMO, due to the SCOTUS/Heller finding..

    reducing the cartridge count in magazines is not going to stop/foil crime..

    if anything, this is a health issue.. the appalling lack of funding for health care.. in all of the recent mass shootings, each one of the shooters were mentally ill.. and this kid was mentally ill.. many people around him knew it.. and yet were not prepared to deal with it, as if anyone really is.. but, if the legislators were as vigorous in dealing with health care in this country, as the appear to be with 2A issues, things would have never gotten to this sad situation.. it would have saved lives, including the shooter’s..

  8. Cool video, but they’re preaching to the choir. They could have done a much better job of reaching a wider, perhaps fence sitting audience, by not getting down on the left’s level by namecalling and slinging shit.