Four Laser Glock

In The Name Of Science:

I wanted to see which of these lasers were the most instinctive (easiest and fastest) to activate and the only real way to do this was put them all on the same handgun and let the same shooters try them.

The Glock model 22 was placed on a table in front of each shooter who had to pick it up, activate the laser and engage a target seven yards away. Each shooter did this three times for an average with each laser individually.

Crimson Trace (my least favorite laser.. and yes I have owned one) came out on top.

Check out the full results – HERE


3 responses to “Four Laser Glock”

  1. Antibubba Avatar

    If putting a laser bead on a goblin’s face will make him reconsider, imagine what FOUR of them would do!!!

    It would be an even greater deterrent than a near-miss with a .45!!

  2. Who didn’t think the crimson trace would be the fastest? It’s grip and go. Hard to screw that up! If only they weren’t so expensive though….

  3. kid charlemagne(nor) Avatar
    kid charlemagne(nor)

    “freeze, or will blind you” lol
    I like the warning sticker, you better pray the laser’s are off if the gun is pointed at your face:P