Editorial Cartoon Glock About Shootings And Parenting

Amen to that. It definitely gets it’s point across, but it would have made more sense if he wanted to go the “selector switch” route on a Glock, to make it a G18 and put “Full Parenting” and “Occasional Parenting” or something to that effect.

Refreshing to see an editorial cartoon is on our side. Normally they would blame the gun.


3 responses to “Editorial Cartoon Glock About Shootings And Parenting”

  1. I’m guessing he drew a GLOCK 19 as its was supposedly what the Arizona shooter used.

  2. Ramirez is on our side, I check his cartoon daily.

  3. While an easy barb to throw out there, criminals decide to act-unless they aren’t mentally competent. Inside the Criminal Mind, by S Samenow, discusses the idea that parenting, or the lack thereof, causes people to turn to crime. While some of this may be true, i don’t think you are saying our parents’s actions mean we can’t make a decision for ourselves…