Breach – Game With Commentary By A High Speed Low Drag Operator

LOL priceless… that guy is straight Airsoft, but perpetrating like he’s special forces.  The video is 10minutes.. see how long you last.

The game actually looks not bad though… Apparently it comes out January 26th.


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  1. LeftHook Avatar

    Only made it to the 5:00 minute mark.

    “See the door over there? That’s what most people are gunna use. Why will they use a door? Because we all had moms. Mom told us to use the door, keep your feet clean, I know it sounds silly… but this is what people are brought up on in every country and there gunna go right through those doors even though doors are death.”

    Holy shit.

  2. @ 2:01 he says if you’ve ever used an M4, a 223 round will penetrate wood. what special operator chooses 223 over 5.56?

    1. 5.56mm is the same as .223 caliber

      Of course a special operator would know that. :-)

      1. Same caliber yes But not the same round
        civilians use .223 when talking about ammo Military(ex and active) use 5.56

  3. Those wooden struts went down pretty quickly for a company that is supposed to make military simulations.

    Also, the bridge, go left or right thing has a weird explanation, I would probably instinctively go though the door because the house can provide cover, not because something I was brought up on as a kid.

    I also laughed at how its supposed you use real life tactics, but in game you hug the wall and pop out around it instead of pieing it out.

  4. In my 8+ years of being an Army Engineer, I’ve never heard of C4 being measured in any amount of “stick.” Although it is nice that the charges seem to be directed, despite just being chunks of C4 slapped on the wall.

  5. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
    Aleksandr Mravinsky

    I got to the part where I saw what the guy was wearing (he’s at a games conference, for Pete’s sake) before the gunny in me wanted to close the video. The gamer in me wants to keep on watching to see what the game is like.

  6. What a smug blowhard.

    I just like the fact that he’s dressed in such a way that is intended to imply that he’s an “operator”, but he’s standing in a convention center. It would be like a surgeon at a medical conference standing around in full scrubs so that you know he’s legit.

    It reminds me of the impact that the Croat Hussars had on court fashion in the 1600s. The Hussars were elite cavalrymen, and gained a reputation for general badassery. It wasn’t long before people around Europe were sporting long moustaches and cravats, just to kind of soak up the cool.

  7. I do have to wonder why you’re giving so much hell to a paid promo guy who’s obviously not being anything even remotely serious. Have none of you EVER seen a video game convention? They also have Spiderman and Lara Croft. Lighten up.

  8. thebronze Avatar