Happy 2011

Hope everyone had a great 2010 and a great new year’s eve. This blog had an amazing year thanks to all of you.

What you can expect in 2011:

  • A site re-design that will hopefully be done within the next couple of weeks.
  • Improved site speed.  Due to the amount of traffic I will be upgrading to a faster server, and most likely a CDN (content distribution network).
  • Lots more content that will make you laugh.
  • I’ve been putting off buying a Digital SLR camera for too long, so ill probably do that this summer and dazzle you with badass shooting/gun related pics.
  • Likely another product or two from ENDO Tactical

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Thanks again to all of you for the support and for telling people about the blog. Your posts on forums, emails and private messages to your friends, tweets, facebook likes of the blog and individual posts have resulted in an incredible increase in traffic, which makes it all worth while.

A huge thank-you also to the site sponsors and advertisers.

I’m looking forward to having all of you along for the ride in 2011.



2 responses to “Happy 2011”

  1. Keep up the good work! Happy 2011! Maybe some contests for 2010?

  2. FlamenguistaAmericana Avatar

    I’m happy to share your posts on facebook and elsewhere frequently. Best gun blog out there! Thanks for all your work Mike!