Man With No Arms Shoots Handgun With His Feet

No jokes about how he switched from shooting Glocks before, to 1911s after the accident are allowed in the comments. :P  (If you didn’t get that tasteless joke see HERE)

It’s crazy how something that cool could go unnoticed on youtube for almost a year since it was posted.

Amazing that he can even load the mags with his feet.


4 responses to “Man With No Arms Shoots Handgun With His Feet”

  1. I hate to be “that guy” and correct people, but I have to just this once.
    The firearm he is using appears to me to be a CZ 97 B. It is chambered in .45, but uses double stack mags and the same design as a regular old CZ 75.

    That aside, that is cool as hell that he can shoot AND load mags with his feet! I have a hard enough time just walking on my feet, never mind doing something as complex as manipulating a firearm.

    Two things though; I would like to see his targets (only out of curiosity, not trying to be a dickhead) and I have to wonder…

    How the hell does the guy braid his hair? O.o?

  2. Henry Bowman Avatar
    Henry Bowman

    I had a business partner for two years who was born with no arms. He wrote, typed, programmed, ate, and even drove using only his feet. I have no idea how he managed bathrooms, but he did it routinely with no assistance. If he had any interest in shooting, I’m sure he would have done that just fine, too.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      It’s truly amazing how people can adapt.

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