AK-47 Explodes In Mid-Magdump


The best is seeing a persons reaction to such an occurrence. It’s always the same, they check to make sure all their fingers are still there and that there are no holes anywhere else in them.


8 responses to “AK-47 Explodes In Mid-Magdump”

  1. DoucheCanoe Avatar

    I guess even their guns blow themselves up. :p
    I wonder if they reload their own ammunition? Maybe he was shooting old rusty ammo? Will the AK get its 72 virgins?

    1. I dont think so, i didnt see that AK take out any “infidels”.

  2. maybe he somehow got a round of that explody ‘nam era ammuniton seals planted in ammo caches

  3. That, folks, is called a “preview”

  4. ‘God is great’ indeed. Might want to look at that as a sign to change professions, guys.

  5. Says nothing about the reliability of properly built and maintained AKs, or even most that aren’t. This is a Hungarian AMD-65 that’s been modified externally. Who knows what he or his buddies did to the internals?


  6. Something tells me khyber pass copy =P

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