The Story Of Medal Of Honor Recipient Sal Giunta

Incredible story, I can’t even imagine how scary that would have been…

What a humble guy Sal Giunta is.  Couldn’t ask for a nicer guy to receive the honor,  I’m not surprised at his reaction to receiving the medal considering the friends he lost.

I can hardly wait to see the movie Restrepo … It comes out on November 29.

Check out his interview in Vanity Fair – HERE


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  1. James Gamble Avatar
    James Gamble

    Did the CO really risk the lives of men for pieces of equipment? A lousy M14 and a Ruck Sack…Wow, what a waste.

    1. They were on the hunt for baddies in the valley. If getting some gear (and payback) was in the cards while in the conduct of their mission, all the better.

  2. Bad-Ass of the Week has a piece on this guy;

  3. […] during the course of the film.  I found this especially surprising considering he was used extensively in all of the promotional videos.  From a marketing standpoint, using a guy that was awarded the medal of honor for his actions in […]