Glock 17 To Glock 26 Grip Conversion Fail

Someone got in over their head trying to shorten the grip on a Glock 17 to make it more “subcompact”:

He’s selling it now on for $350 which isn’t a terrible deal if you have a tight budget and are good with grip mods.

I’m sure in the end someone will buy it for the slide only.

More pictures – HERE


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  1. And here I was thinking the Glocks couldn’t be any more uncomfortable in my hands…

  2. I dunno what he did that with, but the tool marks and such don’t look like a Dremel to me. It looks like he tried to use a knife, diagonal cutters, or some other kind of cutting tool. My guess is, he slipped or cracked the plastic. Frame is utterly compromised, you are right; it’s just a bunch of good parts now. The shame of it is, this can be done relatively cleanly with a grease pen and a bandsaw…such a shame.

  3. I think I know what he used. Those cut marks look like ones from the serrated blade of a pocketknife. This would be a good candidate for one of those steel frame conversions.

  4. One wonders if the shame is worth $350.

  5. 350$ is a terrible deal, especially when a new one can be had for $395+tax. that is outragiously stupid looking too. but id give him 150 bucks for the fire control parts and slide. then itd be an all metal raceframe and comp components

    1. The US prices are unbelievable. Or maybe european prices are. I live in a country neighbouring with Austria and the cheapest Glocks you can get cost over $700. But ship it over the sea to US and you pay just half for that.
      The same goes for CZs which cost double as much in their home country as they do after shipping to US :(

      1. …not to mension the ridiculous ammo prices (e.g. the 9mmL is currently at about $.27 for the cheapes cartridge…).

  6. Damnn… I’d give him $200 for it… $350 if it’s full auto…

    1. youd pay $350 for a stay in club fed and a hefty fine?

  7. SPC Fish,
    Respectfully – where can you get a new Glock for $395? Dealer cost from the top tier distributors is $440 for the 17, 19, 22 and 23. And yes, the fire control group, slide and barrel on a CCF Race Frame ( would work well. I’ve built a couple on their frames.

    1. the $395 is the for glocks first responder program. open to military and law enforcement. you would have to check with glock to find a dealer that takes part in the program. but the dealer i go to is Atwell’s police supply in painesville Ohio. $395 for full size and compacts, $425 for sub-compacts. and these are not police turn-ins as other stores will tell you so you dont go there. these are gen4 brand spankin new glocks. ive already ordered 3

    2. and from what ive heard dealer price is more like 360 than 440. but you may know more than me about that. im not a dealer. i just know that i can walk out of the store with a brand new glock for under $420 after taxes

      1. Dealer pricing from a first-tier distributor is $440. I always did dealer+10%, so I sold them for $484.00. That’s been the dealer price from Davidson’s, Sports South, Ellet Bros, etc. for a few years now. Once a year a Glock Stocking Dealer can get them cheaper on one big order but even then they’re more than $360. If you can regularly find Glocks for under $420 out the door, then I’d like to know what their secret is! BTW, closed my retail store in 2008. Only doing gunsmithing now.

        1. The First Responder/ LEO Pricing program Glock offers, prices all frame sizes of 9mm, .40S&W, and .357SIG at $398 + tax. It’s open to LEOs, Fire, EMS, and Licensed Armed Security.

          They have to be ordered from Glock directly to LEO dealers. They come with three mags and your choice of sights.

          The other calibers are more expensive, I’m not sure of the pricing, but I think they start around $425+ tax.

          Certified Glock Armorers also get some kind of special pricing, but I have no clue what it is.

  8. […] A lot of people complain about the grip of Glock pistols. Because the grip is an unmodifiable part of the gun the only way to change it is through destruction of the grip. Some people can do a half way decent job of modifying Glock grips while others do not. Presented in this link is an example of how not to modify your Glock’s grip. […]

  9. Dave Marshall Avatar
    Dave Marshall

    I dunno, looks pretty close to the right length to hold a G26 magazine. Smooth the frame up with 100 grit then put a Pierce grip extension on the mag so yer pinky has a home. Or, just send it back to Glock w/ a money order for $150.00 or so and Glock will, under the “frame exchange” program, fit a new frame to the remains of his gun. Same serial number and everything. That’s how I got the railed frame for my G21.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      $150 for a new frame isn’t bad.. But would they even do the exchange on a frame that the user obviously destroyed on purpose?

  10. I personally would not sell a 350$ self modded, 2000+ rounds fired glock… does he REALLY think its still worth around 80% of a new one?

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  12.…….located in San Diego. Brand new Glock (Gen3) for $399.

    1. Oooooops…….sale price over. Tried to post the link, but back up to $499.

  13. In el salvador the glock cost $1,400 y really hate this country, and a 9mm box of 50 rounds of full metal jaquet its around $60, maybe if i live in usa i will get a phsycho buying a lot of guns.