Chili’s Restaurant Honor Veterans And Active Duty Military

By giving away free meals this November 11th:

You just need to show proof of your military service, and you get one of the following meals for free:

  1. Oldtimer with cheese
  2. Quesadilla explosion salad
  3. Margarita grilled chicken
  4. Cajun chicken pasta
  5. Chicken crispers
  6. Chicken club tacos

A PDF of the Veteran’s Day Menu – HERE

The Chili’s website – HERE

Very nice of them to do that. I’m sure they will have a busy night.


2 responses to “Chili’s Restaurant Honor Veterans And Active Duty Military”

  1. The line at the Chilis in my area last year was wrapped all the way around the building. Hope everyone was able ot get in at some point…

  2. Ever since Chilis moved to precooked and frozen foods I would almost eat a MRE over their food.