Family Guy Halloween Spray And Pray

Stewie takes care of some trick-or-treaters with a M16/M4 looking rifle:

The episode airs tonight.

I never got into watching Family Guy, but it looks pretty good.


7 responses to “Family Guy Halloween Spray And Pray”

  1. One word… Yes

    1. agreed !! :D

  2. Heh :)) Хороший мультфильм. Смешной. Спасибо :)

  3. Everything Stewie does is pretty funny, but the rest of the show is bloody terrible.

  4. CONNOR KALER Avatar


  5. mallrat Avatar

    Looks like an M16A2 with M16A1 handguards. Can’t tell if it’s an A1 or A2 stock, though.

  6. mallrat Avatar

    Hmm…removable carry handle, and appears to have ambi safety and bolt release. Don’t see an ejection port, was thinking lefty, but the cases seem to be coming out the right side. Anybody else building a replica?