The Rock looks pretty badass in this:

He sure puts in a lot of work with that revolver in the trailer.

Release Date: 24 November 2010


11 responses to “Faster”

  1. Pause at 1:20, “the rock” prepares to reload his gun by ejecting the spent casings……which are actually loaded rounds

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Good catch. What a fail! Maybe that is the revolver version of the “tactical reload” LOL

  2. The trailer does look good, my problem is that I think I just saw the movie while watching the trailer :(

    1. Yeah that’s kind of what I thought.

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      yea :/ At least in action movies there will still be lots of action you missed. I hate when they do that for comedies though, when all the good jokes and scenes are spoiled by the trailer.

  3. I stopped analyzing movies years ago for firearm accuracy, if I did I’d be very disapponted. Same thing with military movies. But yes.. that reload was kinda obvious :}

    Personally I just go and hope it will be entertaining. I actually kinda dig that his weapon of choice is a revolver.

    1. It looks like he was using a Ruger GP100. I would rather see that in a film than the ubiquitous Desert Eagle any day of the week.

      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        I agree, it’s a welcome change!

  4. Sean Casey Avatar
    Sean Casey

    That was a Ruger Alaskan and the model with the unfluted cylinder is the .454 Casull. Good to see Ruger get some screen time and I like the firearms flaws in movies, it keeps me sharp! As an aside, I like muscle cars, blondes and Dwayne Johnson so what the heck, it’s all good.

    1. fattypoorman Avatar

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    2. If you get a good look at the case head, it’s the Small Rifle Primers are also obvious.