Miami Police Department Thinks Jay-Z Looks Like A Gang Member

The two on the left are clearly taken from the following:


Damn, looks like they replaced it with plain banner with no pictures. :/


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  1. doesn’t jay-z rap about doing a lot of illegal things? i’m pretty sure he does. i love how all these rappers, jits, hoods, yo kids or what ever the hell they go by rap/talk about illegal acts then get upset when the cops hassle them and think they are a criminal. its like girl that wears a shirt that show off her tits then gets mad cause you are staring at her tits. WTF? the first rule of being a real criminal is never speak/look like a criminal, what ever look that maybe. i always get a kick out of the reaction people give me when they find out i carry a gun and have been in gun fights. all cause i wear dress shirts and express jeans.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yes Jay-z raps about doing a lot of illegal things. I like what you said about acting/looking the part, will rap the consequences. Jay-z and his wife Beyonce have a combined net worth of over a billion dollars, and are definitely very recognizable; Pretty funny that whoever did those sketches never took that into account.

      1. Regardless of their net worth, the title of your entry is “Miami Police Department Thinks Jay-Z Looks Like A Gang Member.” Isn’t that the look he’s going for??? I agree adam. Or, maybe that’s not the look he’s going for, but maybe it’s the look the gang members try to replicate.

        Either way, I wouldn’t fault the police for thinking Jay-Z (or pretty much any rapper) looks like a gang member.

        1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
          Admin (Mike)

          Most of the ones I listen to are former gang members, and some are probably still affiliated. They seem distance themselves a bit more from it though when they start making more and more money, which is one of the reasons some of them never go back to “the hood” without heavy security. Too much animosity.

  2. Disregarding the possible issues regarding using his likeness, what about the copyrights on those photographs? I know as a designer, you do have to be careful about using images that are copyrighted without permission.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea I don’t know. Maybe photoshopping or sketching a copyrighted picture and altering it enough so it doesn’t look identical is covered under “fair use”?

      1. That is a myth. It’s probably a good thing they took it down, but even that fact might not help them should someone decide to sue.

        This all aside from the fact that they’re rather offensively perpetuating stereotypes. It doesn’t do them any favors.

      2. Altering an image isn’t “fair use,” it makes a “derivative work.”

        I’d be inclined to say that the images were inspired by the photographs, but I wouldn’t think they would qualify as infringing. The red bandana one is certainly the more troubling of the two though.