Afghanistan – Nine Years Of War

Interesting that the carry handle is upside down and at the front. I’m assuming he has it there just in case his ACOG somehow fails him.

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  1. I’m thinking he’s watched too many Magpul DVDs and is using it as a field-expedient angled foregrip (and backup irons as you point out).

  2. Actually I did the same thing for that exact reason, until they made me start lugging a 203 around. It’s easier not to lose it that way. I with they had MBUS’s back then.

  3. when I was deployed, we had to have all sensitive items at all times for checks, and leaving the rail on the bottom, or side, was a good way to keep it safe, and then your NCO could just look at it, instead of making you dig it out of your ruck.

    The army has a few silly ideas like that. the other big one was retention: you couldn’t go out without 550 cord tying each part to the weapon, so if your steel M68 mount broke, the nylon string would keep it from getting lost.

    if you look close, I think you can see a ziptie holding the thing on.

    1. I was going to say that, but you beat me to it. Except, when I was deployed, all of our carrying handles stayed locked up with the armorer’s stuff. I never touched the carrying handle for my weapon there, or back at Ft. Bragg. I used an M68 though, so I had a pop-up peep sight in case the batteries failed; and of course you could use it right through the M68 as if it weren’t there.

  4. In the picture “Taliban soldier scans the sky as he holds a rocket launcher” The guy is looking at the frickin sun. With snowblind and crappy weapons, how are they even hitting us O_o

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha yea I noticed that too. They should all stare at the sun.

  5. The picture pre-dates the AFG by a couple years. It’s pretty much just to keep track of where it is.

    1. Are you saying this picture pre-dates the war in Afghanistan by a couple of years?

      1. No, the Magpul Angled Fore-Grip, which was my WAG as to why his carrying handle was where it is. I’ve since been proved wrong.

        1. LOL. Ok, that makes sense. I’m not up on Magpul stuff; whenever I see the letters AFG, the only thing I think about is the country!

  6. Everybody’s been drinkning the Magpul Kool-Aid!