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  • Photos From Afghanistan – February 2012

    Check out the full photo sets over at The Atlantic and a similar one at The Big Picture. Most of the time when I see pictures of Afghanistan I think “Wow that really looks like it sucks there”.   I see it’s winter there now though, and it appears to suck even more than usual.

  • WWII In Photos – 20 Part Retrospective

    Even if you have no interest in history, you should take the time out to see the sacrifice that was made and the hardship that was endured. Check out the complete 20 part series over at The Atlantic.

  • Photos From Afghanistan – September 2011

     A US soldier observes a bombing strike from a US fighter jet during a firefight at Outpost Bari Alai in Kunar on Sept. 15. 53 more photos over at the Big Picture – HERE I can’t get enough of these pics every month.

  • Before WWII – Photos

    Japanese soldiers involved in street fighting in Shanghai, China in 1937. The battle of Shanghai lasted from August through November of 1937, eventually involving nearly one million troops. In the end, Shanghai fell to the Japanese, after over 150,000 casualties combined. Check 44 more photos of different events before the war at the Atlantic photo…

  • Photos From Afghanistan (April 2011)

    A U.S. soldier controls the area outside the gate of a U.S. base after an attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday, April 2, 2011. Three insurgents attacked a NATO base on the outskirts of Afghanistan’s capital Saturday but were killed by coalition forces before they could enter the compound, NATO and Afghan police said. (AP Photo/Musadeq…

  • Photos From Camp Phoenix – Helmand Province, Afghanistan

    U.S. Marine Sgt. Jessica Clymen (R) from Regimental Combat Team 8 shakes hands with a young Afghan girl in the town of Musa Qala in Helmand province on April 9, 2011. AFP/ Getty Images / Peter Parks Full photo set – HERE This photo set is a lot like the March set I posted.  Definitely a lot…