WWII In Photos – 20 Part Retrospective

Even if you have no interest in history, you should take the time out to see the sacrifice that was made and the hardship that was endured.

Check out the complete 20 part series over at The Atlantic.


5 responses to “WWII In Photos – 20 Part Retrospective”

  1. christian Avatar

    Thanks for this. I had had it bookmarked, but had lost it a month or so ago.

  2. Incredible collection. Thanks.

  3. I love the Kodachrome pictures, they’re great. If you like old pictures, I recommend shorpy.com, lots of cool old photos there.

  4. There are some great pictures there; it’s going to take a while to go through them all. The color photos are surprisingly clear, but it looks like most were staged so I suppose they benefited from artificial lighting and really low ISO. I was surprised to see the warnings on some of the photos for depicting graphic images of dead soldiers, but no such warnings in the Holocaust photo section – those pictures really showed a horrific bit of human history.

  5. If I want a reminder of the war all I need to do is look at the Jap helmet in my living room. My father in law picked it up on an airfield on Iwo. He was a SeaBee. And yea its got some holes.