Mexican Drug Cartel Diamond Encrusted Engraved Guns

Mexican soldiers have seized an arsenal of gold-plated and diamond-encrusted weapons believed to belong to the Valencia gang, allies of the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel and, it seems, fans of hip-hip excess.

Showing just how flamboyant gang members spend much of their ill-gotten wealth, pictures show how most of the 31 ‘pimped’ pistols found in a raid on a home in western Mexico had gold or silver-plated grips or were glittered with diamonds.

Three of the assault rifles are almost entirely gold-plated and there was even a silencer plated with gold. One particularly image-conscious gangster has made his pistol unique by adding rows of gaudy red and green jewels and a Ferrari logo.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’d open carry that black 1911 with the diamond punisher grips with pride.

I’m honestly shocked that someone in the main stream media was able to write an article on Mexican drug cartel’s guns and not even mention the ubiquitous “gun show loophole”

The rifles aren’t really my style, although I still think they would be an awesome addition to any collection. Pretty neat how even the suppressor has engraving all over it.

Where does one even get such badass work done?  I imagine it would takes days worth of time, and be very expensive.  My guess is that these cartels have jewelers and gunsmiths on the payroll.

I had a previous post on Mexican drug gang guns ( HERE )


22 responses to “Mexican Drug Cartel Diamond Encrusted Engraved Guns”

  1. yeah, these are EXACTLY the same guns I see for sale at my local gun store that are making their way across the border in Mexico…

    1. These exact ones huh? Nice try

  2. Wow. Is that .45 on the left-hand side of the top picture really made by Ferrari? Putting that logo on the grip just adds another level of tacky to this. Just when you think it couldn’t be any more tacky.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Those grips have got to be uncomfortable too!

    2. Unless he drove a ferrari…and with diamonds in your gun, well you’d better have a pretty awesome ferrari.

  3. SPC Fish Avatar
    SPC Fish

    Anybody with a self defense course in their back pocket won’t need a gun in a case of home invasion. Nobody needs a firearm if they are properly trained.

    from the comments section…

    – Mike, Canada, 5/5/2010 15:55

    Mike, Home Alone was not a serious documentary, it was a kiddies film.
    – Steve, Bedford, 07/5/2010 18:42


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea Krav Maga especially. Youtube tells me that guns are no match for a guy with those skills.

      1. Youtube is lying to you. Guns always win. You are watching too many movies

    2. Take a course and I’ll meet you anywhere you want.

  4. DocScience Avatar

    I really like that Gold/black M4 look.

    Suitable for black tie parties I bet.

  5. Antibubba Avatar

    If their violent activities didn’t merit the death penalty, these guns do. Who knew you could make a pimp look subdued?

  6. NO DRUGS Avatar

    Well, it’s past time for more states to enact the Arizona Law! Get ’em at the borders! Get ’em in the air! Get ’em on the water! Get ’em in the tunnels!

  7. brandon Avatar

    the arizona law is stupid because americans bye most of the drugs from mexico

  8. brandon Avatar

    so if u think the arizona law is a great idea . well f u and ur racis self

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  10. The grips dont need to be comfortable when ur blowing somebody’s head off

  11. Charlie Avatar

    Wow, if those guns saw their reflection in a mirror, they’d shoot themselves.

  12. TheMexicanWhoLostHisGuns Avatar

    do you think ill get them back?

  13. Deckers Avatar

    I got 2 of my guns gold plated and diamond encrusted with the Virgin Mary on the handle.

    1. do you have pictures? And where could I get it done?

      1. Randolf Engraving Avatar
        Randolf Engraving

        I can do that kind of work. Call me 9188518947 or text.

  14. carlos antrax Avatar
    carlos antrax

    Those hand guns belonged to Rodrigo arechiga Gamboa (AKA) chino antrax. And the rifles were property of el lobo Valencia from the milenio cartel.