Disarm The Bomb Alarm Clock

For those of you that didn’t get your fix of bomb disarming in the movie The Hurt Locker or old MacGyver episodes:

The Danger Bomb Alarm Clock is the answer!

How it works:

  • A minute before the alarm is set to go off, the clock starts beeping.  You need to defuse it by unplugging the correct wire according to the colored LEDs on the front.
  • If you ignore the beeping long enough, once the clock reaches 10 seconds it will count backwards in Japanese, and if it reaches zero and you were unable to disarm the bomb
  • KABOOOOOM have fun listening to a loud exploding nose over and over.


Sounds like a good idea in order to get a person out of bed in the morning.  After watching the youtube video, I think disarming the bomb and waking up would be a far better option than listening to that obnoxious explosion over and over.


3 responses to “Disarm The Bomb Alarm Clock”

  1. Im waiting for the first individual who is traveling, to put this on the nightstand in the hotel room, have the maid come in…and well some hysteria like this http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=2301787 ….Except that looking like a bomb, will probably be 10X as much official hysteria.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Heh, yea that lego gun incident was a shitstorm. You’re right, this alarm clock would probably shut down a city for blocks if someone made a dumb phonecall.

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