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  • AR-15 Rubber Band Extractor Spring Fix

    Over at Guns & Coffee, Fred’s buddy MacGyver fell victim to a broken extractor spring on his AR-15 bolt when they were at the range. His friend, who is an Army Engineer Officer came up with this fix: Yes that’s a rubber band, and it worked. Awesome. More info – HERE

  • Macgyver Gets Lazy

    The talk about Macgyver in the Disarm The Bomb Alarm Clock post reminded me of this gun related xkcd comic: Source: xkcd

  • Disarm The Bomb Alarm Clock

    For those of you that didn’t get your fix of bomb disarming in the movie The Hurt Locker or old MacGyver episodes: The Danger Bomb Alarm Clock is the answer! How it works: A minute before the alarm is set to go off, the clock starts beeping.  You need to defuse it by unplugging the…