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  • The Wire: The Musical

    The Wire is one of the greatest TV series’ of all time, and that’s a fact.  If you haven’t seen it, do the world a favor and check Netflix or buy the series on Amazon lock yourself in a room and have a viewing marathon. Thoughts?

  • Motorcyclist Wins Wire Tapping Case Against Undercover Cop Brandishing Gun

    The video I talked about back in April: Judge Emory A Pitt Jr. tossed all the charges filed against Anthony Graber, leaving only speeding and other traffic violations, and most likely sparing him a trial that had been scheduled for Oct. 12. The judge ruled that Maryland’s wire tap law allows recording of both voice…

  • Disarm The Bomb Alarm Clock

    For those of you that didn’t get your fix of bomb disarming in the movie The Hurt Locker or old MacGyver episodes: The Danger Bomb Alarm Clock is the answer! How it works: A minute before the alarm is set to go off, the clock starts beeping.  You need to defuse it by unplugging the…