Glock 18 – Yes it’s affordable – No you can’t personally have one

The Glock Model 18 and 18C (compensated) offers a quality no other handgun in history can match: on demand, fully automatic capability.  Available only to qualified, reputable law enforcement / government agencies, both versions can fire either semi-automatically, or with the design specific selector switch set in the correct position.  Cycles at 1,200 rounds per minute.

As you can see the Glock 18 is $507 and the Glock 18C is $532


I have heard so many rumors that G18s are 10s of thousands of dollars, but that’s just not true.  From what I understand, an individual can’t own one of these.  They are only available to Law Enforcement / Government / Military, or as samples to Class III dealers.  Quite the incentive to become a Class III dealer if you ask me. :P

It really doesn’t surprise me that the price is so low, considering there is very little difference between the Glock 18 and the Glock 17.

Although that side mounted selector switch on the Glock 18 is badass, I’d still settle for a Glock 17 with a drop in conversion.

A fun fact about the Glock 18, that some of you may not know…

When Saddam Hussein was captured by Delta Force soldiers in December of 2003 from a spider hole in Iraq, he had an unloaded Glock 18C on him.  Four Delta force soldiers later presented the pistol to President George Bush, and according to friends and long-time associates it because a favorite memento of his, and for nearly 5 years he kept the mounted glass-encased pistol in the Oval Office.   Before Mr. Bush left the White House in January, he made arrangements for the gun to be shipped to a national archives warehouse just 18 miles north of his new home in Dallas.  No official word on whether the gun will for sure be present in the presidential library, but according to Mr. Bush’s friends and associates he intends to display it there. ( Source )

I’m curious of a few things:

  1. Did George Bush ever shoot Saddam’s G18?
  2. Was the gun framed in working condition, or is it deactivated?
  3. If the gun is not deactivated, were NFA rules suspended for the president?
  4. Is the gun actually the property of George Bush, or is it the property of the U.S. Government?


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  1. TheGunny Avatar

    Ugh.. I wan’t one of those so bad. I bet G.W. shot his. He seems to be interested in guns, and that is a pretty amazing one to have.

    1. Avanasear Avatar

      George Bush not George Washington

      1. Do you think, and I’m going to go way out on a limb here (sarcasm), that he meant “G.W.” as in “George Walker” as in “former president George Walker Bush”?

        1. I think he meant Walker but change the L for an N to get his real name

          1. your mother Avatar
            your mother

            Change M to F, R to G and omit the K so you have your real name

            1. Stick to YouTube jackass. This is a firearm focused website, we didn’t all come here to listen to your retard theories on grammar.

              1. FvckCheeseGuysMom Avatar

                Stfu piece of shit. That had nothing to do with grammar, gun-maniac hick. Kill yourself asap. Redneck.

                1. Harvey Avatar

                  This was really painful to read. How dare any if you sully the Glock 18 with comments of such an idiotic nature?

                2. Jayjay Avatar

                  The fuckin Brits are pissed at America because we get to have guns and they don’t. Oh , and they’re also still pissed because a bunch of farmers and snake oil salesman kicked the shit out of their entire military and we could do the same today. Because we get to have our guns. MY IMPRESSION OF BRIT POLICE: ” Hey you! Mr. burglar. Stop right there or I’ll …… Or I’ll……. OH DRATTS! Good thing he didn’t stop. He may have had a black, trigger , bangy thingy. “.


                    our coppers disliked intensely by me are far braver than your yankee po-leecemen[ as for American football… its rugby but for queers who need helmets an fucking body armor] in the uk our criminals have more access to far better guns than the good guys yet they still will run/drive into a bank or post office and do what needs to be done, if you went to hundreds of cities or towns over here you’d feel like a naked lickle boy who’s wet himself at school, you wouldn’t get out of most places with your trainers, without your guns you are fuck all, carry on PLAYING world police cos one day the entire world is gonna plot up on ya fat asses, everyone is sick of ya even us and we are the closest thing you cunts have to friends we dont need your protection cos youre gonna be the end of life as we know it,i for one would not hesitate to sign up against the GOOD OLD US of A [ AKA U STUPID ARSEHOLES ], just recall how big n powerful Rome was. your politicians are all heavily involved in munitions companies they’re old men human with flaws they wanna grab wat they can from you fat mongols while the sun shines.THE ONLY FOLK WHO NEED GUNS ARE THE AUTHORITIES, ID LOVE TO SEE YOU AMATEURS KEEP TO UR FAVE SAYING THAT ENDS’…WHEN YOU PRY THEM FROM MY COLD DEAD FINGERS’ I DOUBT THEY’D HAVE TO BREAK A SWEAT DOING IT. END RESULT ALOT OF DEAD INBRED MUPPETS AND A LOT OF WANNABES ALL TALK NO FUCKING BOLLOCKS TO BACK IT UP,WATCHED RAMBO, TERMINATOR ECT. TOO MANY TIMES[SERIOUSLY, WHAT FUCKING COUNTRY WOULD VOTE FOR ARNIE WHO CANT EVEN ACT AND CHANGE HIS ACCENT TO EVEN FEED THEIR FISH AN WATER THE PLANTS WHILE ‘ON HOLIDAY?] LET ALONE HAVE POWERS SUCH AS CLEMENCY FOR THE DEATH SENTENCE, HISTORY HAS SHOWN MISTAKES AN 1 MAN BEING MURDERED AND TERRORISED PLUS,SHAME HIS FAMILIES PAIN AN MISERY IS WORTH ALLOWING 9 GUILTY MEN TO SERVE LIFE, A WISE MAN SAID THAT ANY SOCIETY CAN BE JUDGED BY ITS PUNISHMENTS AND JAIL CONDITIONS, HAND TO HAND WED KICK YOUR HEADS CLEAN OFF IN A PUNCH UP!



                    2. Whatthe fuckwas that rant about?? Are you serious dude!!!

                    3. Thanks for proving jayjay’s point for him……

                    4. chuck connors Avatar
                      chuck connors

                      get laid then leave comment…

                    5. Douchebag Avatar

                      Wow. Through observation and experience, I have concluded that over seventy-five percent of you tea-suckers are almost completely illiterate.

                      PS: “COS” is short for “Cosine”, not “because”.

                    6. Holy Shit, cry me a fucking river Justin Timberfake. Keep being jealous of us Rednecks in the good ole’ USA, I promise you we’ll kick your ass every time. Have fun playing grab ass with your “mates” over there in the land of no guns and Mini Coopers. I’m going to go shoot my AR and drive my gas guzzling lifted truck and blow some shit up because that’s what we do. “MERICA”

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                    8. James Wilson Avatar
                      James Wilson

                      Our country is populated by the immagrants that had the balls to cross the Atlantic the bums and aristocrats are only ones who stayed YouTube your mouth on the internet but you would never have the balls to run your mouth hear you couldn’t survive one day in any American city and in the country you would only make it until your smart comments made you pay I’m an ulsterman my family has been here since1730 and you are all pussys raped by Rome and Hitler bitch

                    9. Calm down mate. it works for us

                    10. E Kobe Avatar

                      LOL..WITF r u talkin about.
                      Did copy ur rant..I’ll need a good laugh..So far 3 oth-
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                      U’d make a fantatic stand-
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                    11. Steven Avatar

                      The people in the U.S., don’t want these bullshit wars, and we damn sure don’t want to police third world shitholes.

                      But if we’re being honest, the British people are the only people in the world, who have no right to condemn the U.S..

                      The only reason there’s so many unstable countries today, in Africa, the Arab countries, and Middle East, THAT NEED policing, is because of the U.K.

                      Your ‘Empire that the Sun Never Sets On’, left A FUCKED UP world in it’s wake, once it collapsed. British took the entire Middle East, and surrounding Muslim lands, ignored ancient tribal lands’ boundaries, and instead, drew the new map of that entire part of the world, sticking ancient enemies within the same borders as one another, expecting them to govern each other fairly after your empire collapsed.

                      The tyrants your country propped up, became the same assholes we had to go in later, to topple. So the UK’s hands are exponentially dirtier than the U.S.’s..

                      Even now, most of the world knows the British Parliament are firmly in the hands of the Rothschild family, only making it to the top of UK politics, by selling out to the Globalists, the new world order shits. Even the Royal family’s corrupt, filled with Pedophiles. A young captive boy was caught on camera, naked, terrified, climbing out the British Royal family’s palace window, trying to escape his Pedophile torturers..

                      I’m not saying we’re any better, our govt. has been corrupted as well, firmly in the hands of the Rothschilds, and their U.S. friends like the Rockefeller’s.

                      So instead of trying to play innocent, or separate your country from guilt, continue with your BREXIT efforts, and be glad we have begun doing the same, using our votes to vote out the Establishment puppets within our GOP & Democrat parties.

                      Getting rid of the NWO/Globalist loyal politicians in both our countries, is the only way to make things better. I even believe it goes beyond the EU.
                      The U.N., is also a Globalist entity.
                      To be a governing, ruling body, a military is needed, as well as a set of laws, a judicial system or court, to prosecute violations of those laws, and a unified monetary unit..

                      The U.N. has a military force at it’s disposal, a court system, the Hague,..and it’s even begun forming Laws, called ‘treaties’, that many argue supercede our own countries’ individual Laws. The last thing they need, is the world to accept their one-world currency..

                      The only way the world will ever do that, is a global financial crisis, an economic collapse that destroys everyone’s lives, causing such desperation that they will gladly accept ANY Governing body’s currency, and authority, if it suddenly restores their spoiled, cushy, comfortable lives’ back to the way they knew it.

                      That’s George Soros’s forté, his expertise. After he destroyed the British Sterling, he came here to the U.S., NO doubt to continue attempting to destabilize national currencies, to steadily lead the world towards economic collapse, and then the installation of a global currency. Only then will they be able to establish total control.

                      That’s why BREXIT is so important, not just for you Brits, but for the rest of the world..

                      They’re constantly trying to destabilize the world still, that’s literally the only reason they would have ever thought the Refugees coming into Europe, and the U.S., by the millions, was a good idea.

                      They knew when that many people of a completely different culture, are suddenly relocated to a foreign world unlike their own, that instead of assimilating, they’d create enclaves, ‘no go- zones’, and then it was just a matter of time before the 2 different cultures clash.

                      The elite knew how fundamentalist Muslims view our way of life. They knew how the fundamentalist Muslim men, view our women dressing however they like, and how they view our kids, male & female, playing together, swimming together, etc.
                      So they had to know the incidents of our women being gang raped, and our kids being sexually assaulted & molested, would increase exponentially, with the growing horde of Islamic fundamentalists being brought here, funded by the Elite.

                      They don’t have an army to take down the UK, USA, or European countries, so they fund an army, by destabilizing our enemies’ countries, creating a refugee crisis, then bringing camera crews from the media, hiding the 80% of the refugees from view, because they’re mostly young, fighting age males. They only show the starving women & children, duping half the population into feeling guilty if they don’t help.. Then we open our doors to our countries, letting in the Trojan Horse ‘refugees’..

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                    14. You know, I think you just demonstrated exactly why we need guns.

                    15. ArmyDicked Avatar

                      I blame MOTHER ENGLAND on how her wayward young toddler America turned out. TWO HUNDRED YEARS is s-i-m-p-l-y not enough time to emancipate a Toddler. THATS CALLED CHILD ABUSE in my book which means MOTHER ENGLAND was an UNFIT MOTHER!!! Me? I have a solution that will make EVERYONE HAPPY.
                      WE imprison TRUMP (Tax Evasion) and send for the Royal Governor. We move back home to MOTHER ENGLAND and keep our fingers crossed she didn’t rent out our room. We wait a couple of years, put MOTHER ENGLAND in an OLD FOLKS HOME, sell her possessions—and live the AMERICAN DREAM!!!

                      The good news is that we Americans will make the Liberal Party happy—THERE WON’T BE A BREXIT after the BLACK FRIDAY SALE of the United Kingdom. France will buy England, Germany will buy Wales, Scottland will be independant providing they provide all of their GOOD SCOTCH (signal barrel—let them drink the Blended junk) and as for Northern Ireland—make us an offer…to qoute Donald Trump ‘Northern Ireland is an Airy estate with a great loo ( of the ocean)”

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                    18. Trevor_Phillips Avatar

                      Tough guy running his cocksucker on the internet. FUCK YOU and all you limey bitches AND FUCK ENGLAND.

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                    20. I got a lot to say but don’t wanna spend for ever going off on yo ass you think y’all are better an we’re shit😂nigga you ain’t got shi on us I can’t wait till tha day comes an we do fight an tha old great U-S of A kicks yo ass y’all ain’t shit an you’re army ain’t shi either do you get it that we legit send one bomb your way am your fucked an erebody around you aswell😏keep talkin yuh wanka 😂am nobody gets about half of what you said

                    21. Well said. And I am an American. Far better than,”Bugger off!”. Well said, indeed.

                    22. Steven kaz Avatar

                      Your really angry at something and it ain’t Americans and it ain’t guns lol go see a therapist

                  2. Wow you must really hate us British just because our country is not gun crazy and we have lower crime rate and just because our cops don’t carry firearms doesn’t make us have a rubbish police force we still have tasers which do not kill but are only used by trained officers I don’t know if you have seen the video of 2 british police officers take down a suspect wielding a knife and charging for them the didn’t have a gun or a taser but the still took him down alive and he was arrested the American cops on the other hand well they shot the guy dead the amount of civilians killed by U.S cops in one month was the equivalent of the amount of people killed by British cops in the entire 19th Century and if you had some common sense before putting that we whine because we aren’t allowed guns you would maybe realise we are allowed guns you just can’t carry them around in public open or closed carry as we only use our guns for hunting oh and that isn’t hunting humans also my last point we have an incredibly skilled army and probably better than the U.S in fact I remember seeing something about the S.A.S being better and more skilled than the Navy Seals or whatever your Equivalent of the S.A.S is…Oh wait you don’t have one and if it wan’t for us in the war against terrorism or as you probably know it as was the Afghanistan war you know 2001 it started where you killed a fairly large amount of civilians well let’s just say if it wasn’t for us it would still be going on. by the way this was all written by a 12 year old

                    1. I’m not sure if you are aware but your country is about to be taken over by muslims. The Queens palace, or whatever it’s called, is surrounded by muslims. Your socialized medical doctors are mostly muslim. Mosques are popping up everywhere and you have places where even your own police won’t go. You should want weapons for protection.

                    2. Must not have periods to end a sentence in G.B. either?

                    3. Crimsontide Avatar

                      If it wasn’t for America, Britain would still be sucking Germany’s dick and our military is far better than yours. And the criminals who cause our crime rates don’t use guns that are bought legally. Also, America has a population 5 times that of Britain so of course our amount of crime will be higher

                    4. stickpig Avatar

                      Your comments indicated you are a twelve year old.

                      Your so called bad ass SAS would have been part of the KGB if it wasn’t for something called the Marshall Plan. Loosen up and have some fun you little twerp.

                    5. Good luck with that in the next few years…you will wish you were “gun crazy” when your muslim population really starts causing trouble.

                    6. Stephen Avatar

                      Hello Ben. I’m an American who sincerely admires the UK, the UK Police and its policies, and the truly impressive statistics regarding deaths by firearms in the UK. It’s fuckin’ “brilliant!” to borrow a phrase. Many of the people posting on this website blog appear to be ignorant, illiterate or stupid. Hello, Jayjay. However, there are some of us Yanks who – whether we are armed at the moment or not – have enough self-control and self-confidence that we don’t need to belittle someone else to stroke our own egos. But, more to the point of this thread, I have fired the Glock 18C (courtesy of a friend) and it is truly an exhilarating experience … IF it doesn’t jam or misfire. In my limited experience with it, firing about three hundred rounds on a police range and having a couple of jams and several misfires, I’d give it a 6 or 7 on a 1 to 10 scale. And yes, the ammo was high quality Federal 9mm. For what it’s worth. Cheers, mate!

                    7. OIF/OEFVET Avatar

                      actually, S.A.S is the only elite force you folks have and are “well known for because of media and certain hostage crisis situations you had in the past” the U.S. military has JSOC which is joint special operations command. we take the best of the best from all branches and put them together. they go by many different names. the unit, ghosts, tier 1 ect. basically if you are tier 1 in the US only a hand full of people know who you are and what you really do. your just like a spy basically. you have a fake cover and identity. nobody knows that you are going around the world in other combat zones and doing operations. MI6 always uses our guys to do missions for them. capture double agents or collect Intel ect. every service has their best and you cannot possible rank them as being the best or number one in the world because there will always be a group that has better tactics, technology and advanced weaponry. so just so you under stand since we did cross train with your royal marines and engineer corps and other units. we both learned things from each other. if you did any research. navy seals, delta force, Rangers , special forces all have different jobs. however JSOC are the black ops guys. did you know they were in Afghanistan 2 days before 9/11 happened gathering the northern alliance who just lost the future president of afghanistan to fight the Taliban. anyways, in my eyes everyone is equal and plays a part in wars. you cannot say it was because of your country that the war is over in Afghanistan. the war isn’t over at all. that place is still going on and all the areas we left are now controlled by daesh. in iraq when j was working at the JSOC ECP your SAS came driving up to the wrong gate. we actually detained all 5 of your men because they had IEDS in their vehicle already made and ready to be planted. a general had to come down and told us to stand down and let them go. guess what we found out when we connected into the JSOC network. you guys were planting IEDs along our routes. pressure plate triggers. also, you do know war will always have innocent casualties. the enemy uses that as propoganda. they hold hostage families while drawing fire from us and using our tactics against us. so when we call in for support not knly did we kill the 8 guys in the house but about 10 families to include babies. they record the bombs and then record the bodies and edit it to make it seem like we are killing innocent people. if you never deployed or crossed trained with different units you shouldn’t even comment.

                    8. ABRAHAMF**KINGLINCOLN Avatar

                      I would like to open my comment with a request. When constructing a sentence, educated people often use symbols to represent pauses and ends to a sentence. These wonderful Symbols are known as punctuation marks. Periods, commas, apostrophes and quotation marks are all nessicary when trying to state any comment you want someone to take seriously. Second, marijuana, cocaiNE, meth, ecstasy, dmt, pcp, 2c, mdpv,mdma,mdaa,mda, high cap mags, fully automatic ak, ar,smg fn 57, grenades, flashbacks and even more things are all banned, I can be sure if I looked I could find every one of those things within a month calm down people they can’t take a right, they can take your privilege but not the gun

                    9. After Germany spanked your ass and you losers begged America for guns any guns to defend your selves then we save you and you destroy all the guns we sent and now you are in the same boat. It fingers amazement not hate.

                    10. Why is there Brits and 12 year olds on a page about automatic handguns? Neither could possess one legally, so it makes no sense why they’re here… Just saying. By the way, GO ‘MERICA!

                    11. you are an absolute legend Ben and that is all true thank you for saying all of that and educating these people. this was written by a fellow 12 year old

                    12. At least we don’t have the issue of an overwhelming number people being sent to the hospital for being victims of acid attacks.

                    13. Steve kaz Avatar

                      Yeah we can tell it was written by a 12 year old…

                  3. thehuck Avatar

                    You couldn’t be further from the truth. US gun laws are idiotic. How anyone man can posses such brutal killing devices is beyond me. How can anyone justify taking the life of another human being..regardless of circumstance. No human being ever have their life ended in the hands of another. Say what you want in reply to this but what I speak is imperative to humans surviving on this rock. Why don’t we spend the same amount of money on space exploration and a possible future for our children? Humans = stupid self destructive parasites.

                    1. That’s what the redcoats said. Then their uteruses fell out as we kicked their asses. We got guns, always will, we can dust it up too if you sissies want, always could, always will.

                    2. Are you for REAL? I have been to London many times for conventions on terrorism. Why are the BRITISH government asking a AMERICAN for my expertise? I gave a 2 hour meeting with the British higher ups and bottom line criminals regardless ARE GOING TO HAVE GUNS, BOMBS, ILLEGAL ARMS regardless! !!So why not the responsible citizens be able to arm themselves?? When I walked into the meeting I had 4 British lawmakers, a military a law enforcement and a MI6 and another whoever then when I was about to leave all came to the same conclusion that YES responsible British citizens should BE able to own firearms for protection of life only. The only drawback was the British population do NOT want to have the same outlook as the U.S does but behind the scenes they would in a heartbeat. You Brits need to open your eyes to the big picture, for God’s sake your not Japanese with slanted eyes so no excuses!!!

                    3. Crimsontide Avatar

                      You know cigarettes are a far more potent killing machine than guns so how is it possible that humans are allowed to smoke them?

                    4. OIF/OEFVET Avatar

                      we do spend money. I’m hoping we hurry up and get into space before we destroy this planet to the point it’s uninhabitable. then we can remove most of the population off this rock. the earth can’t even produce enough food and water for all life. if it wasn’t for science and medical advancements nature would have kept the balance but we humans are afraid of death so we find every solution to survive longer and in the end we over populate the planet. we are almost 3times over the limit of what this planet can produce. the extinction rate of all other life is increasing due to the demand of food. the methane gas in the air is increase exponentially and that’s what’s causing climate change. methane gas from all the animals needed for food is what’s damaging the planet. pretty soon the effect will be irreversible. science already proved methane gas is the source of climate change not fossil fuels. watch the documentary cowspiracy to get a better understanding. one major extinction event was methane gas that turned the entire planet green. because of climate change all the methane gas that’s been frozen is now being released into the atmosphere and doing more and more damage. some scientists been going to areas and burning the methane gas trapped in the ice to help slow down climate change. the problem is we humans are too greedy and rather stick with something that makes them super rich instead of think about the future and their offsprings future. if we went all green and found other ways to heard all the animals to control and burn all the methane before it went into the atmosphere then we could stop the climate change and this planet can last longer. as of now we are running out of food. we are throwing the oceans ecosystem out of balance which is bad because that’s where we get majority of our oxygen from. all the over fishing is causing a rift in the food chain. dolphins(killer whales) are now migrating in areas they shouldn’t and are now eating other whales and fish since their natural habitat doesn’t have much food left because of the over fishing. anyways, what I really ment to say was we already have programs that are searching for planets that match earth so we can plan on moving to the stars. we have found one planet exactly like our same conditions but 4x as big but not sure if there are any life forms living there. they are waiting on the new Hubble telescope and the new telescopes to be built in Hawaii which is at a stop atm and in South America. by 2030 we should be able to find and see life out in those distant planets. thanks to america for being stupid and putting sanctions on russia and not listening to putins warnings we no longer can hitch a ride into space. Putin said before there used to be a balance of power with all the world powers now america has bases everywhere surrounding China and Russia. they want to install a missile defense shield that Putin calls as an act of aggression because not only can that missile system be used as defense but it can be used as offense to launch a nuke into his country. he did say he modernized his entire military and now is equal and superior in some advance weaponry to counter that defense system we want to set up all along the russian boarders. Putin has been televising and even leaving messages and trying speak to the UN about it but nobody is listening and he’s uoset that the american media which he knows is government controlled isn’t even reporting or doing coverage on what he’s trying to avoid. which is another Cold War. he wants peace not war. he wants to help stop terrorists and work together with the western powers. but all they do is out more restrictions and sanctions. he called a meeting with big shot western journalists and media twice last month to report on the situation and that he’s not the bad guy like how the american media is portraying it. how many talks he’s had with the obama administration and he knows when they tell him lies and he just goes with it. the reason why he’s backing up the Syrian government is because the US is still sending weapons to the terrorists disguised as rebels against the government and he’s been trying to stop that. he has men in the country fighting in the streets and also doing air strikes but the U.S. is blaming him for hitting rebel positions so then he asks share the Intel on where are the DAESH strong holds so we can launch ground and air offensives but the US doesn’t want to share intelligence and he said that’s because we are trying to his something. anyways, it’s all over youtube. look up putins warnings

                    5. Justgivemetheaddress Avatar

                      The silly Muppets had to give USA all their R&D or we could’ve left you for the Germans. I think the Queen owes Uncle Sam a handy ;)

                    6. Not trying to bash or anything but just because you think that we should all get along doesn’t mean we will, people can make an effort but not everyone will. Also based off of your response i don’t think you’ll like this comment but some people are evil and will never change if you put them in prison it doesn’t change anything maybe a 1 in a thousand chance but why take that risk I think if you are not able to understand that you are fucked and can never change up you might as well be dead. Sorry to say it man, but we still live in a world where shit happens that we can’t change.

                    7. It’s obvious that you’re rather uninformed in both the realms of morality and reality.

                      Humans have only survived this long through killing each other. It doesn’t matter whether you think it’s moral or not, it is essential to the survival of the species.

                      Do you know why we even have space rockets right now? It’s because they were invented by the same people who invented rockets to kill other people, to assist their people in killing other people, all of which had guns.

                      Furthermore, what in the fuck are you doing looking through gun blog?

                  4. Police brutaly dickhead. Shooting fucking inocents because they are scared of being shot. Fucking jackass. See orlando. Fucker had a gun. Werent hard to get. 40 people dead. Dick

                  5. theyre pissed because their country is being given away bit by bit to, the “practitionersrs of the religion of peace.” I hear you people actually want sharia law implemented, not just for muslims, but to british, it according to some sick people is what needs to occure within the british society, an ultimate unconditional need to bring sharia law to all the talented people from all over the UK, this is the end goal of the seamingly slows implimintation of a diabolical execution of forcing the pushing of mindless islamic drones of people along to slowly and seamingly innocently controlling giving away our most beautiful and amazing inventions and count outher devine possibilities of bestowing with love such creations as if their beautuful aspects of pure and unfathomable love can only do a sad sad act of progress and only rush to at least miraculously have this pure love to all of G-ds children finally spontaniously have to finally explode on to this seen so beautiful words and feelings will never come close, explaining, let along all the beauty that poured non stop into all this, and it can not come close to melt the heart and soul of my beauty whom I love to the essence of my exsistence, my soul mate, my everything, without whom Id live with a soul of nothing, the lord bestowed on me the soul who is otot and do hers in every espectespect of word, emotion, beauty and every god given amazing sight of beauty I will always remain a slave to heavenly paradiseise I am given of each peice enchanting me in gods miracle until I die and go tptp paradice only to see such extacyextacy, and give pleasure to her anywhere and anytime the beauties not of this world will submit over to me so I can make the most worm large and blowing up with the thickness pfpf meaty girth, to fill and open your vagina wider then you ever dreamed. after which Ill ejaculate my warm thik white cumcum load and spray it deep and after shooting a deep how white load inside stop deep inside her, she opened her long legs and fat ass as wide as we ever seen. after my guys cock got hard as a tree trunk, I wanted nothing but to see it, stuff the womans vaginavagina, baby if thats what u wanawana c, I will stick my hard huge fat penicepenice inside your fat soft asshole

                    1. hey beautyful queen. Tell me if youou are fantasizing about what I wrote to you my love and my everything

                    2. Bob bob Avatar

                      What in the actual fuck……..?

                      What the fuck are you saying?

                  6. I really think you have a skewed view of gun and policing laws. Plus you are being terribly disrespectful; there is really no need, thank you very much.

                  7. Our laws in the uk are there for a reason, i.e. The Dunblane and hungerford massacre! Yet kids get slaughtered every year in your schools and you do nothing! Bright bunch the yanks, real bright ffs

                  8. MasterOfKings Avatar

                    Shut up you fat american piece of shit !

                  9. ArmyDicked Avatar

                    YEAH, but look what we do with our guns?!!! Today, all charges were dropped against the Sacramento Sherrifs Deputies who killed a black man because he was a ‘Threat to the Community’. That is not what scares me. Its the fact that Sacramento Deputies fired TWENTY-EIGHT (28) rounds at him and only struck him SIX (06) times that makes me wonder ‘WHO IS THE GREATER THREAT TO THE COMMUNITY, the dead black man or the Sherrifs Deputies who brought him down. 06/28 hits at 50 meters? I think the judge should have sentenced the Officers to IMMEDIATE REMEDIAL WEAPONS FAMILIARIZATION!!!

                3. shiggity shiggity shway Avatar
                  shiggity shiggity shway

                  This is the funniest thread I’ve read in like five years. Seriously. Thank you.

                  1. Hatchett to the Face Avatar
                    Hatchett to the Face

                    That was racist.

                4. Dude your an ass!! Nobody shuold kill themselves…. If thats your mentality i will pray for you.. And hes right, this blog is about guns not grammer or proper abreviations, sounds like you need to find something better to do with your time partner, i speak for all us “dumb Rednecks” when i say that you hide behind your keboard with your smart ass mouth… See me or any of my redneck gun toating friends on the streets and speak to us like that…. Not a good idea punk!! So hide behind your keyboard,,, run your mouth and feel like your a bad ass cause truth is people who use insults as such, are just a bunch of pussy ass bitches with no fucking respect!!

                5. fuvkyoucheeseguy Avatar


                6. You fucktarded asswipe

                7. Wow so Amber Geiger is on trial for that right now be careful dumbass…

              2. I’m active duty military , can I purchase one ?

            2. That made me chuckle.

            3. Charley Marsh Avatar
              Charley Marsh

              Someone failed spelling, or just all of middle school.

          2. You are a wanker, so take your British as back to the queen, prick

      2. You are very very stupid.

      3. george puss the murderer

      4. a fucking smarter guy than you Avatar
        a fucking smarter guy than you

        George W. Bush*

      5. Wow, don’t breed.

    2. I’m sure that he did shoot it, he IS a Texan after all.

      1. he is not really from texas even tho he wants to be looked at as a texan he is not

        1. cuemaster Avatar

          he was banished to texas for doing barry seals coke.

      2. He is not a goddamn Texan, he’s from Kennebunkport Maine. This country is done, it is inhabited by a bunch of morons who don’t even know where their hero is actually from.

        1. Bush is NO hero, he’s a liar and criminal. He sent American treasure (young lives) to their death just to for fill his fantasy of being a “War Time President”. The truth is out and still NO one is seeking justice on their behalf ! He NEVER served one day in combat, why ? Because his Daddy got him him out of it. Just like his degrees from Harvard and Yale, both paid for by Daddy !
          That’s the truth, it’s out there !

        2. Oh, GWB was born in CT. Was raised in Maine, then if I’m not mistaken his Daddy moved the family to TX. While GW was still in diapers His Grandfather Walker Bush was a U.S. Senator from that state (CT).

    3. Lukbuscus Avatar

      Same here thegunny I would do most any thing for one.

      1. Get a FFL and buy one, IF you can find one manufactured prior to 1986. Even then you can’t carry it, doing so could get you a 4 x 8 room in a Federal Pen.

        1. It’s 6x 10 in some federal pens… lol

    4. Michael Scarborough Avatar
      Michael Scarborough

      Bush is a Texan, of course he shot it.

    5. Barbarian king Avatar
      Barbarian king

      U can get a g19 fully auto for 1500 n the streets

  2. I’m kind of curious about those same things. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Delta guys had deactivated themselves before bringing it home, or at least did so themselves before presenting it to President Bush. If that’s the case, that would clear up the first three questions. As for ownership of it, I imagine that it was kept by the team that captured him. It’s not uncommon to find a captured and deactivated AK in company headquarters of units that have been overseas. It sounds like the team that had ownership of it voted to present it to the president. It was presented to President Bush, not “The Office of the President of the United States,” or something to that effect, so it would have been his personally (I would suspect). In giving it to the presidential library, it becomes the property of the American people though.

  3. Kinda funny that an ordinary grunt with the 4th ID or was it the 101st actually caught him in the spyder hole and the Delta guys present the pistol.


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I was not aware of that. I wonder why the Delta guys got the credit? Politics?

      1. DocRecon69 Avatar

        Mike, while I never went on any ops with the Delta unit, I spoke to a few (on very rare occasions when they felt like slumming with the rest of us, lol) and they weren’t at all happy that their participation was leaked. Op-sec is vital to the spec-ops community; one team might never know what another team from the same unit does…need to know. I worked with the SEALs & SBS (Aussie & UK), but never the unit. From what we surmised, they were pissed (rightly so) that their role was made public. The more people know about specific teams & their ops, the less op-sec is maintained…putting lives and missions in unnecessary danger. The missions are too important to risk leaks…even afterward. Be assured that the unit wasn’t responsible for their role in ANY op being made publicized.

        1. Are you serious? Delta, SEALs, Rangers, all of those spec ops guys love media attention, they love it when books are written about them, they love it when movies and TV shows depict fictionalized or stylized accounts of their exploits.

          The only ones who don’t, the only ones who pretty much get no credit, are USMC Recon. While every other special operations unit has guys parading around in special uniforms or fruity little berets, making sure everyone knows how speshu they are, Recon Marines don’t look any different from regular Marines.

          So yeah…I’m sure there were no tears shed over getting ID’d as the guys who nabbed Saddam, and I’m sure plenty of those Delta guys like to preen when they’re back home.

    2. vwiggl3s Avatar

      lol soloman. your miss guided yes it was 4id but they only pulled cordon while sf went in and cleared it. i know this because i am a 4id soldier in the unit the pulled the cordon.

      1. Watch your OPSEC soldier, you know better than to spout off like that.

        1. yea, follow orders like a good sheeple

    3. asscrack

    4. If you ask somebody who was there they will fill you in that it was Delta, and like always, they passed him off to the AB grunts for the pictures. Delta is never there, wherever it is they are. Ask the Seal Team 6 guys.

    5. DocRecon69 Avatar

      Just a little FYI…. The Unit (Delta) actually were the troops that captured Saddam. However, as is their habit, they kept their involvement quiet until someone ( other than them) leaked it. Unlike some other spec-for units, Delta & Marine Force Recon like to keep their missions and their mere existence as quiet as possible. The SEALs used to be the same, but their missions have been getting press since Vietnam, so it’s difficult for them to do so now…Team VI was as black as Delta and FR until the Bin-Laden raid. Usually, a spec ops unit will try to keep any and all missions/operations out of the public eye in order to be more effective & deny possible targets any Intel & increase the psy-ops aspect… But, I’m rambling. Yes, the leg unit did get credit for Saddam’s capture, but it was a Delta op all the way. When I was in service (FR SARC) in the late 80s-early 90s, before Force Recon was seconded to JSOC, my platoon/team went on ops on 3 continents & did things that will never be known about or acknowledged….except possibly in easily explained ways that focus attention anywhere but on us. That is how spec ops works & how the missions succeed. They never happen, but somehow things get done as if by miracle. No names, no group photos, sterile weapons & gear, and if the mission fails the powers that be “have no knowledge” of anything….everyone signs a piece of paper on some ops, and if certain things are ever talked about after leaving service, the one with oral diarea finds himself facing life in a super-max or a mental hospital…supposedly. Not even my ex-wife or mother knows anything about my military life…never will. I’m still surprised that the Unit let their part of the Saddam raid come to light. They are the absolute definition of dedicated professionals & never say anything about anything…. and remember, this is coming from a former Marine SARC & we don’t just throw complements around. Just know that not everything you see on TV or the net is as it appears. It saves lives & makes the operators and their ops much more effective.

      1. Hey Doc :

        Finally someone got it right ! Any true Black Op. or Spec. Forces Operator isn’t going talk about what they do or have done. They just do it, like the professionals they are !
        As for the Glock 18 ? You want one ? Good luck ! Requires a FFL and even then you can’t carry it ! So what’s the scence !

        1. labillyboy Avatar

          Here’s one place (maybe the only place) where carry restrictions make sense… carrying a G18 around town would be a recipe for disaster. From all accounts I have heard, it is a difficult gun to keep on target in full auto. We don’t need a lawful CCW holder to pull one out and spray a crowd of people while attempting to neutralize a bad guy. Keeping one on the homestead to fend off a crowd… OK. But not to be carried around.

        2. Justgivemetheaddress Avatar

          I guess I just won’t go around brandishing my baby glock 18c telling anyone about it, until she is spitting lead!!! Ballz to the wallz for these goat fuckers. You could put me in the most dangerous place in the world and I promise I wont fold. people almost had me convinced of a few things, never thought more in my life. You fuckers are wicked and I love it.

  4. Blech. It causes me no end of annoyance when the prices of NFA-regulated firearms to “qualified” entities gets publicized… The fact that I could procure a fully-automatic version of a number of firearms for a Big-Mac-more than the currently-available firearm, assuming the NFA was repealed… yeah, that just grates on my happy little nerves.

    Of course, then all the people who bought fully-automatics would see their “investments” evaporate, so we all know the NFA is pretty much here to stay.

    As for Saddam’s piece, if it is demil’d, I certainly do not care. Otherwise, the NFA is the law of the land, now, and unless President Bush is a Class III dealer, he can visit it as often as he likes, as far as I am concerned.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea pretty irritating that we can’t have one :(

      If the NFA ever was squashed I really don’t think they would care about people’s “investments” in guns. Look at what the government did to the housing and the stock markets.

    2. Did everyone miss the government/military part and jump right to him having to be a dealer? This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Not only was he DEFINITELY government, you know, being President of the United States and all, but the also made him the highest ranking member of the military, the Commander-in-Chief.

      1. …also made him the highest ranking member of the military, the Commander-in-Chief.

        The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is, by law, the highest ranking member of the armed forces. The President is a civilian, not a member of the military. The office of the President is a civil office, not a military one; this is spelled out in the Constitution and, because of that, makes it clear that the United States will maintain “civil power over the military.”

        Ergo, the President cannot be the highest ranking member of the military.

        Civics lesson complete.

        1. Not true.

          According to Article II, Section 2, Clause I of the Constitution, the President of the United States is Commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.

          “The Goldwater-Nichols Act in 1986 codified the default operational chain of command: running from the President to the Secretary of Defense, and from the Secretary of Defense to the combatant commander. While the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff outranks all other military officers, he does not have operational command authority over the Armed Forces”. -Title 10 of the United States Code

          Thus endeth the lesson.

          1. Brad, while POTUS is the C in C of the US military. The Office of the President of the US is NOT a military rank it is a “Title”, there for he/she does not wear a military uniform. Much like the PM of the UK, Israel, Canada do not as well and so on. In regard to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the highest rank at the present is 4 stars, the 5th star has not be awarded by Congress since Omar Bradley, there for until the congress decides to give the Chairman the 5 Star Rank he/she will just have to settle for the title and not the rank. To the best of my knowledge a four, five or six star admiral or general are still out ranked but a higher “Civilian (aka POTUS)” Authority. The CJC is highest ranking uniformed commissioned officer in the US Armed Forces, again this is a title and NOT a rank, you are correct.

            There have been two 6 Star Ranks awarded, George Washington and Adm. Dewey.

            The Sec. of Defense does report to POTUS, there for he/she IS subordinate to POTUS.

  5. p1choco Avatar

    Trophy weapons are supposed to be demilitarized when they end up stateside. I’m not sure how the army does things but they may have made an exception for honorable Mr. Bush, but I doubt it is still operable. Who knows.

    1. David Hardy Avatar
      David Hardy

      Interesting comment re: de-activating FA’s. Recently helped to assist in an estate of FAs. Here in Canada only a very few ‘grandfathered’ individuals can buy & possess them.
      A USAmerican collector showed some interest in the pieces. Through our conversation he told me that the only way to get these pieces into the US was to have them donated to a military museum. His intent was to buy some of them & be allowed, by your ATFE, to keep some of the non-auto parts. Didn’t work for him however.
      He also indicated that they did not have to me de-milled because your military members (suspect high rankers) like to take them out, from time to time, and play soldier.
      BTW prices of FAs in Canada are mostly what could be called ‘scrap-value’. eg Thompson M1, full mil goes for $1500.00. FN-FAL (FA), former Canadian military @ $250.00

  6. “Is the gun actually the property of George Bush, or is it the property of the U.S. Government?”

    USG, probably. See here:
    It might fall under “events of personal significance” which I don’t think is subject to the $10 limit.

    Similar stuff often happens to officer’s overseas, as they might get a really nice gift from another official (we often have to give crap because of The Rules). That item becomes the property of ‘the office’ and not the individual. There’s all sorts of rules.

    1. Interesting link. It looks like that pertains only to gifts between employees of the executive branch, and seems to be meant to prevent gift giving to induce favoritism in assignments or promotions. And those bullet points specifically say they apply to gifts to a supervisor. I suppose it could also be argued that, even under the rules you linked to, the gift to President Bush would qualify as one detailed in the last paragraph – an infrequent gift presented by a group to an official superior. There would be even less basis for calling it improper since the gift was not purchased, and required no one to part with any money.

      I based my previous comment on the subject on accounts I had read about items that other presidents had been given (mostly by foreign officials) that they had donated to their personal libraries. It seems that presidents have been given expensive (more so than this Glock’s actual value I’m sure) gifts in the past that are theirs to keep personally.

      1. Actually, it’s rare for a President or other high official to be able to keep gifts. There was a news article just a few months ago about this exact subject, but I’m having trouble coming up with the link.

        Bottom line, there’s a warehouse out there that’s basically just for storing gifts to officials. Mont Blanc pens are a common gift, but because of the rules, a congressman- for example- can’t keep it, even to use it in his office. neither can he sell it (or auction it, donate it, etc.) so basically it sits in the warehouse.

        Some Saudi gave Condoleeza Rice a necklace worth about fifty grand. Same game- she can’t keep it unless she pays the Government it’s value, she can’t sell it or give it away, so it just sits in the warehouse.

        Now, this gun is probably somewhat different- a trophy more than a gift, but I suspect similar rules apply. Even DEWAT’ed, I doubt Bush could take it home, unless he essentially buys it.

        And as for the deactivation, if it’s going up for public display, it’ll almost certainly be disabled, most likely by removing any FA-specific internals, plus, in the case of a Glock, probably the striker as well. Supposedly Dillinger’s display guns are deactivated, though I suspect just by having removed the firing pins.


  7. Any gift given to an official of the United States is the property of the United States. Anything captured by US Armed Forces is the property of the United States unless returned to its rightful owner. Yes, individual soldiers have kept battlefield souvenirs but that can bring charges if the army cares to pursue it. The Delta Force soldiers transferred the Glock which was in US Army custody to the Office of the President of the United States. It had most likely already been recorded by the US Archives.

    Upon leaving office, George Bush was able to have the firearm transferred to an Archives facility. I presume the one near his now home was designated as the storage location for items that will be loaned to President Bush’s library. It most likely contains along with official papers, significant state gifts and other memorabilia.

    1. Or he can simply pay the value to the USG. If it’s been deactivated (as I’m sure it is), then what is the real value of the gun as a weapon? Probably close to zero. But how do you establish the value as a symbol of victory over Saddam…?

  8. Bryan S Avatar

    Yep, we cant have one, and nor could we make one here in the US, thanks to Pres. Ronald Reagan and his signing of the 86 ban.

    1. Years ago there was a rumor that one or two Glock 18s made it over to the US before the ban. People value them at around $300,000 each (if they do actually exist).

  9. […] The Glock 18C: yes, it affordable; no, you can’t have one. […]

  10. […] As Mike at Everyday, No Days Off found out, a Glock 18 (fully automatic with extended magazine) cost a police department… $507. […]

  11. Toby Patterson Avatar
    Toby Patterson

    I was just in Fayetteville,NC for the SFA Convention 2010 Last month and perchase the 9mm Glock, I,m hoping that it will be delivered to thje Gun Doctor in Roselle, IL. Please let me know when the weapen has been sent.

    1. ok not to stir stuff or whatever but…………are you…like “all there”?

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        I see these messages coming through.. get a new hobby benicio

        1. roger that

  12. @@PATRICKS-GHOST!! Avatar

    I used to be a COWBOY! George Bush dreams this everynight! In any event, if he were running for President again today – I would vote for him. Back in the day I owned a S&W Model 76 Smith and Wesson SMG with a Dater SG-9 “Can” and all the parts you could want. I also owned a Colt Green Stock Model 601 with a serial # between the one in Springfield NHS and the one at the Smithsonian. Both of these class three items were C&R. I sold them about 10 years ago. Today I would give my left nut to have them back. However, nuts are almost as hard to come by as legal SMG’s! These days I am lucky to go shooting with a friend who has an old bolt gun or black powder gun. Things change and so must we! Rock and Roll Mr. President! We will never see as good a man again in the White House my lifetime!

    1. Patrick :

      GWH Bush is TOO old and GW has served two terms and the country is thankful for both !

  13. Toby Patterson Avatar
    Toby Patterson

    Last year at the Specaial Forces Association, Convention, I got the Glock 9mm 19. I’m very happy with this weapen. I also own a 38 weapen that I can’t say that is as on point as the Glock 19. One of my comrades from the SFA chapter told me he was told and read that the springs were being replace on Glock 19 because it was becoming weak after many uses on the range. Is this ture or not?

    1. If your Glock is a Gen4 (it should say so on the barrel) then yes Glock is replacing the recoil springs for free. Check their website.

      If it is a Gen 3 then you should replace the recoil spring every 3500-5000 rounds.

      1. no it says it on the slide

    2. ok not to stir stuff or whatever but…………are you…like “all there”?

      1. idk why that 2nd comment posted here. my b

  14. Ryan brazil Avatar
    Ryan brazil

    @admin mike. The delta guys were there they gave the credit to the 4th Id and 101st airborne, remember even tho delta is common knowledge it is not officially recognized by the united states government. I deployed with a guy who was part of the perimeter security on that operation.

  15. […] if only I could pick two of these up at the law enforcement price of $507…. Tweet Posted by: Admin (Mike) February 27, 2011 Categories: Guns Tags: akimbo , auto […]

  16. If themoron George Bush would have shot that gun he’d have swhot himself in the foot, or worse. And i can’t believe anybody believes that BS story about Saddam and the spider hole.

    1. Capt.WC shaw Avatar
      Capt.WC shaw

      GW was a fine president and commander in chief. I would vote for him again in a heart beat. Much better than this monkey Obama.

      1. Sounds like you have tiny genitals

  17. DAniel Avatar

    The gun is property of the US Gov, to a degree. US laws doesnt allow presidents to keep gifts over $20. What will happen, is the weapon will be put into storage, and probably put on display at the Bush Presidential Library.

    1. What you said

  18. Heath Avatar

    You people “REALLY BELIEVE” George Bush or any other president follows or are upheld to public laws concerning stuff like firearms?!? You damn right he took it home, FA and all. I also bet Condolezza has that necklace on her dresser as well. There’s no way in hell Bush would give up a trophy like that. Especially coming from the guy who tried to kill his “DADDY”!!

  19. […] people don’t know that the Law Enforcement price for a Glock 18 is only around $500. […]

  20. D L Shay Avatar

    Wonder how many ATF gave to Mexico??

  21. […] available to Law Enforcement / Government / Military, or as samples to Class III dealers. " Glock 18 – Yes it’s affordable – No you can’t personally have one Wanna bet? Reply With […]

  22. […] This post had some cool tidbits of information and a great pic of the G18/18C. The author was referencing the […]

  23. full auto Avatar
    full auto

    The fact that you reta

  24. full auto Avatar
    full auto

    Stupid people dont even talk about the glock 18 and how it’s rare

  25. Sgt Rock Avatar
    Sgt Rock

    Ownership: The pistol was probably packed out on a C5A by Army special operators, once in the WH, it was surrounded by SS. It was lawfully shipped and is now in federal custody. I expect that Dubya has enough pull to have it delivered to his library. He might have enough pull to have it delivered to his house, but that would be a silly thing to do.

    Full auto pistols: 2nd Amdmt protects weapons that can be borne, i.e. small arms, not crew served weapons. I am personally fine with people owning full auto small arms, like automatic rifles or pistols, but they are kind of in the same grey area where I put hand grenades: they can be borne, but come on.

  26. Just buy airsoft gun , it’s cheaper and easier that way

    1. OR – possible alternative – grow a pair and buy a real firearm, that has some practical use, rather than a toy.

  27. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    actually guys once a mg always a mg per atf. the frame would have to be destroyed and it looks in pretty good shape to me.

  28. I want one. If only they let people register NFA weapons again, I’d go and buy one. 18C version, of course. Unless they made a version of the 20 that was full auto.

  29. EscobarGuns Avatar

    You guys are forgetting the war trophy laws. The language has been changed but it still exists. Just think of ole’ Grandpa bringing home that Jap sword or Nazi piss-pot helmet. You DO have to have some pull to bring a war trophy home nowadays, but it still happens. As for the gun being deactivated, hell yeah it was, are you kidding me?

    Oh yeah, btw. I’m an old Jumpin’ Junkie (only the right guys here will know what that is)- let me tell you, I would bleed on our flag if it meant keeping the stripes red, but G.W. Bush is nothing but a traitor and murderer. He, and his entire cabinet should be tried and hung. We are close to 5,000 deaths because of him. In my day, nothing like this would have happened. Commanders in Chief were real men, not war mongering cowards.

    1. Definitely agree with you about G.W., he was a dodge-drafting dud. McCain, on the other hand, seems like a good guy. Served in the Navy Fought in Vietnam, became a POW and got waterboarded and tortured in Hanoi Hilton. Too bad Sarah Failin’ was his running mate, that woman’s a psycho.

      And then there’s Obama, the worst thing to happen to this country since 9/11.

    2. DocRecon69 Avatar

      Sorry, but I gotta disagree there. Bush’s mistake was in naming Rumsfeld as SecDef, as he was an acolyte of McNamara, and not anything close to being what a real SecDef should be. Bush was loyal to his cabinet to a fault, and fired Rumsfeld way too late. As for Bush & his father (under whom I served when he was CinC), they are both very genuinely sincere and able leaders, even if Bush was too loyal and didn’t fire certain people who were clearly not up to their jobs. However, GW Bush was a far better CinC and President than Obama could ever hope to be. At least Bush didn’t deliberately degrade our military capabilities and allow the “JV” ISIS to take over wherever they choose & slaughter Christians and everyone else who refuses to join them. Obama cares only about weakening America and pushing his Marxist agenda (quite illegally) and in doing as much as he can to circumventing the Constitution and presiding over the most criminally and politically corrupt administration in our nation’s history….and not caring that he has lost the faith and trust of America’s citizens and military. Hate Bush if you choose. That is your right, and I proudly fought to protect it & to give others the same rights Americans have. However, know that Obama cares about nothing but turning out country into a Marxist/Socialist state where the Federal government has absolute power over every aspect of the average American citizens’ lives. You may be cool with that, but most Americans don’t want a Marxist/Communist dictatorship like the one Obama is trying very hard to create.

    3. Justgivemetheaddress Avatar

      Wars not going anywhere anytime soon. It has been here since my nation was born as well as many others. Usually things that have been done for millennia tend not to stop. I think that legislation was crucial to keep the tactical edge in combating guerilla warfar. God bless Bush family except when grandpa was selling the Germans oil. Or if any of thats true. I wasn’t writing the books.

  30. Obama is worse then 911 at last that didn’t destroy America .. Romney 2012

  31. My guess is that W requested an Historic Artifact NFA exemption from his Treasury Secretary, and was granted one immediately by BATFE.

  32. sgt.bushmonkey Avatar

    Less. Bush was great.. I would vote him in now if I could.. The
    White house is in shambles. Our govt. isn’t a govt. Anymore.It’s
    more like a chicken and watermelon stand. Monkeys can’t run a
    effective govt. What was done to our country is a damn shame.
    As for the glock its in the army base in Texas..Saddoms gold guns
    And all the cash and gold also. I got pics of all the trophies..enough said.

  33. Delta force did not find Saddam, an e-4 from 4th ID that was on patrol at a farm house is the one that kicked the plywood covering the hole he was hiding in.

    1. DocRecon69 Avatar

      You just keep on thinking that…it isn’t true, but it’s what Delta was hoping everyone would always believe. They weren’t happy that it became common knowledge that they….NOT 4th ID did that op.

  34. couldn´t you modefy a glock 17 so the magazine of a 18 would fit? probably a stupid question but i have no clue of guns, it just appeared logic to me as they are allmost the same…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The extended magazine doesn’t make the gun fire in automatic… you need to either swap out internal components in a G17 for that or buy a G18.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      And to answer your question, the extended magazine already fits the G17, G19, and G26 (all the 9mm Glock models) and works perfectly in them without modification.

  35. You can actually own one of these.

    All you need to do it meet your States requirements and fill out an BATF Form 4 and pay the transfer tax ($200).

    I suggest an NFA trust. It’s transferable upon death, it’s a one time thing, and it’s easy to add people to the trust when you want someone else to have “ownership” (such as your wife or a child). Generally costs about $150-$200 from a lawyer that has done them before.


  36. TxGunner Avatar

    This pistol will be displayed in the G.W.Bush Presidential Library and Museum (at SMU in Dallas opening in May) , Case 4.7 in the “Freedom Wall” exhibit. I am advised it was not “de-milled” as it never left government custody (U.S. Army/SF-White House-National Archives and Records Admin) It appears to be a generation 2 version. The gun is the property of the U.S. government per the constitution and several later laws. I will ask if it was shot after capture but I doubt it was ever out of the frame. (yes, I know some of the folks involved)

  37. Mendoza Avatar

    LOL yes I can have one. I just can’t have one in the US.

  38. Pacman Avatar

    There was a number if glock 18’s made before the law was passed that company’s can not make machine guns for citizen purchase. If you can find a pre law glock 18 you can legally own one , but those guns are the ones that go for tens of thousands because you can’t really find the legal ones cause the lucky owners hang on to their glock 18.

    1. Jason L Avatar

      I know this is a old-ass post, but this is incorrect. GCA ’68 banned import of machine guns except dealer samples.

  39. officer hanser Avatar
    officer hanser

    Lol yes you can have and own a Glock 18c for who ever said that you cant own one but you need a class 3 gun permit to legally own it i think i should know this by now iv’e been a police officer for 7 years and i have owned my Glock 18c for about 2 years now… and for the people wondering what location i’m in or what state or country i’m from Murfreesboro TN

  40. No Jason l I am correct I’m not talking about the 68 law I’m talking about the 1986 law that says new machine guns can not be manufactured for civilian use . Now there are some glock 18’s out there that were made before this year, those are the ones that go for the big dollars because all you have to have is a class 3 permit and it’s yours but as In buying a new glock 18 you have to have your own military or police dept to have one and that’s basically impossible to call your own. I’ve shot one glock 18 pre 1986 law and they are I blast if you have one don’t let go of it

  41. Put name here. Avatar
    Put name here.

    You can obtain a flock 18 but, it means going through the government and not having anything on your permanent record, getting traing, and paying lots of money to get and keep the license that let’s you own it. Getting a Glock 18 is possible.

  42. JTM, LTC USA Ret Avatar
    JTM, LTC USA Ret

    I had the honor to be in the first group of docents (all volunteer) to be trained for the G.W.Bush Presidential Library. Being a “gun guy” with access to the museum staff (they are all U.S. Government employees btw, part of the National Archives & Records Administration, NARDA) I had several conversations with them regarding the Glock 18, some of which caused additional research on their part to come up with the answers which align with your questions:
    1. Did George Bush ever shoot Saddam’s G18? Nope, it was presented by the team sealed in the frame, which has been further reinforced in a Plexiglas case. Never out of the case.
    2. Was the gun framed in working condition, or is it deactivated? It is fully functional – all the parts are there in the right places if you look at the x-rays.
    3. If the gun is not deactivated, were NFA rules suspended for the president? They do not apply. As some others have correctly stated, the gift becomes the property of the U.S. Government, which of course can own all the automatic weapons it wants. It dose become a security issue for the archivists.
    4. Is the gun actually the property of George Bush, or is it the property of the U.S. Government? See above.

    More than you want to know:
    It is in fact on display with other military artifacts in the case just outside the full sized oval office
    As it was presented in the frame the whole thing becomes and “historical artifact” and it can’t be altered and must be protected.
    He kept the gun in the working office (sometimes referred to as a “study”) just outside the Oval Office and liked showing it to visitors who might appreciate seeing it.
    It is unloaded. Confirming that fact was the reason for the x-ray.
    The serial number shown it was produced during the “arms embargo”. To my knowledge no one has traced the gun to whatever international dealer cut that deal. (don’t hold your breath for arrests or fines)
    There are other guns presented to President Bush in storage at the museum. They may be displayed some day as part of the rotating items.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Wow that’s awesome, thanks for stopping by with the info!

    2. JTM :

      Unless Bush has a FFL, I seriously doubt that the USSS will allow him to own a full auto weapon. NO ONE not even GW Bush is above the law, of course he would like to think he is (Did I say that ?).

    3. DocRecon69 Avatar

      That was great 411. I’d figured it hadn’t been fired by President Bush (for the reasons you stated), but was curious about that & also what had become of it. I’m not sure if I’d have chosen to carry it on an op instead of my 10mm Colt…a full-auto 9mm still is a 9mm (not enough punch & you’d likely wind up shooting the sky, so any operator would have kept it in single or at least 3-round burst mode & most can get off accurate single-shot double and triple taps fast enough…but I’d still love to put a few clips through one on the range. Once again, great stuff. Semper Fi.

  43. To all those who may want a Glock 18 or 18c. Good luck purchasing one without a Federal Firearms License (FFL). IF it was manufactured post 1986 good luck getting one period under ANY circumstances other than Law Enforcement or Military Applications. OH, that was Ronald Reagan’s doing NOT OBama’s so please no politics !

    1. DocRecon69 Avatar

      FYI, I HAVE A Fed License…had to before my dad died, due to the collection he left me after 30 years in the Corps & several combat, MEU, & Embassy postings. Most of his… now my…collection is unobtainable to just about anyone…I also had to become a class 2 & class 3 dealer with class 7 & 10 permits because I now own a USAS-12, several full-auto SMGs (some with suppressors), a Barrett 82A1, a Sturmgewehr 44, and a very close copy of my old DMR from my days in service. It costs $200 in Federal Tax to own each class 2-3 weapon, plus the $ for the shitload of permits/licenses, but like all Marines my dad had an affinity for firearms…especially commie weapons that had been fired at him & had been earned as trophies…. he was a retired Master Gunny with 3 tours in Nam… I did mine in the sandbox in 90-91. Anyway, just being a cop isn’t enough to own certain classes of weapons. And, when military troops aren’t in a combat zone, their automatic & DD weapons are locked in armories.

  44. officer hanser :

    For some reason I believe you were able to purchase the 18c was due to your being a Police Officer, more than holding your FFL. As you know sir, it is illegal to own a fully automatic firearm that was manufactured post 1986.

  45. DocRecon69 Avatar

    Oh yeah… When I was a FR SARC, we got to carry almost whichever weapon system we wanted, but that was back in the late 80s & early 90s…when Force Recon was spec-ops “capable”, and still under the orders of nobody but the Commandant…so I carried a Colt Delta Elite II. Had we had the option of the G18, it would have been a different story. Most of us carried .40-cal/10mm or .45-acp because they have more stopping power than a 9mm. But, a sidearm that is capable of full-auto would have to at least been tried out. Still could only fire short bursts, but a 3-5 burst with only one pull could come in handy. Hell, I coulda just thrown it on via quick-draw shoulder rig & had a nice backup to my DMR & 10mm semi… Damn, I’d love to fire one just to see if it’s got Glock quality, or if the full-auto selector is just a novelty that causes the user to kill nothing but clouds.

  46. 1) yes the pistol was fired by the president.

    2) it’s still active and the frame opens

    3) he is the commander and chief of the U.S. armed forces. That makes it completely legal to own for him.

    4) does it matter?

    1. N/A :
      NO being a President does NOT entitle him to own a fully automatic weapon. ANY auto requires a FFL, NO exceptions period !! In fact the USSS does NOT alliow POTUS or V POTUS to carry a weapon. So wherever you got that information, I hate to inform you. You are WRONG !

  47. Makes me wonder how long before we hear of the first drug dealer or cartel using this auto-glock

  48. Regardless if want it for “Home Protection”. It IS seen as a “Automatic Weapon”, there for and there is NO getting around it. To own legally requires a FFL, however since it was manufactured post 1986 you can NOT own it legally. If you could and discharge the weapon in your home ? You ARE 100 % held accountable for each round that leaves the muzzle of the weapon. Those who carry KNOW this is FACT ! Need a weapon for home defense ? Get a good quality shot gun, you’ll never go wrong !

  49. What a bunch of retards on here!….try talking about the g18 and quit acting like a bunch of damn school children!

    1. Karl :
      How old are you ? 7 ? Calling people “Retards” is real mature ! NOT ! I have a close relative that is mentally challenged so I resent anyone using that term. Do everyone on here a favor and shut your ignorant mouth !

  50. This shit crazy

  51. I’m not a retard childish person

  52. Full auto.. I get to keep on me all day every day ummmm umm

  53. Bushhater Avatar

    Sounds like some of you want to give GW Bush a BJ.

  54. Chad Dunn Avatar

    Interesting that by bringing the pistol back from Iraq the Special Forces team member is in violation of the U.S. policy on war trophies… And in such a public way, too. I know there is special dispensation in all sorts of things for Presidents, and I don’t have a problem with how this went down, but you make an exception for one guy, how can you prosecute the next average Joe who gets caught with a less than common memento?

  55. CharonPDX Avatar

    The reason the Glock 18 costs $10,000 in the US is because in the US, it has been illegal to import or manufacture for local sale to the public any fully automatic weapons since 1986. But it did not ban weapons that were already in the hands of private individuals, and THOSE weapons could continue to be re-sold. So it is 100% legal to purchase a pre-1986 fully automatic weapon, as long as it was already legally owned in the US at the time the law took effect.

    This made fully automatic weapons skyrocket in price, since there is only a limited stock of them in circulation. For example, at a recent gun show, I saw a fully automatic Thompson submachine gun (aka “Tommy Gun”, the gun made famous by mobsters in the ’30s,) for $20,000, and a fully automatic AK-47 for $30,000.

    Since the Glock 18 only came out in the mid ’80s (sources vary, it came out sometime between 1982 and 1986,) very few of them were in public hands at the time the “new sales/imports” ban hit. Thus, they are EXTREMELY hard to find.

    (This is all on top of the 1930s “National Firearms Act” that mandates that all fully-automatic weapon sales go through an extensive background check process, and requires the purchase of a $200 tax stamp.)

  56. Mitchell Avatar

    I will have one of the full autos soon enough.

  57. FUCK AMERICA Avatar

    The united states of America is the cancer of this earth. Sucking the life out of everyone.. Stupid materialistic cunts. I firmly believe that GREAT Britain should stand up and lead the rest of the world against the US and watch them crumble under their pathetic economy. They wouldn’t last 7days on their own two feet. It would be even worse if that doughnut trump makes it any further in politics’.. That guy is the anti Christ.. 100% the second coming of adolf hitler. Disgraceful cunt. There should now be a national holiday for the world on December 25th where we seek and kill every single American…with our bare hands. Fat shits.. Think about the pollution these dirty cunts shit all over the world with their fucking 5.0 v8 piece of wank that can get smashed by a fucking 1.6 focus. Dafuq… Redneck cunts. Fuck em all… When we do come into contact with the other life forms out there I really hope they don’t perceive the entire world like Americans otherwise we are fucked. I’m with russia on this one fuck the white house fuck new York fuck twinkies and fuck Miley Cyrus.

    1. You sir, are a fucking idiot
      Come and fucking try it sassy cunt

  58. FUCK AMERICA Avatar

    Sweaty twats

  59. Bryan Avatar

    You can own one of these. They go for about $3k. You do have to do a federal transfer & get a $200 tax stamp from the ATF. But they are available to civilians with clean records.

  60. Chill Brit Avatar
    Chill Brit

    Personally, i don’t see why you need guns. Your country continuously suffers mass shootings, and say that there’s no way to prevent it. Yet that’s the only nation where this regularly happens! Also, the only reason American military is better than British is because you have more troops. If we still had our empire, we’d kick your asses

    1. Kick asses? Good luck getting shot in the head lol

  61. Amy gumina Avatar

    Can a retired law enforcement officers in good standing buy one?

  62. Amy gumina Avatar

    And to the Brit…come on over to Anerica and we will see who kicks whose ass….bring it on

  63. Amy gumina Avatar

    And hey to you “fuck America”…….keep giving ur money to ur Monarchy which is a joke…and let’s talk about who is the lower class…your pathetic vulgar language makes me realize what kind of lower “earth form” you are. You are a waste of every intelligent beings time…

  64. shut up and grow up all of you

  65. John Sabotta Avatar
    John Sabotta

    I noted this, uh, interesting statement:

    “The Glock Model 18 and 18C (compensated) offers a quality no other handgun in history can match: on demand, fully automatic capability. ”

    The “no other handgun in history can match” part is completely untrue. Hint: look up Stechkin. Among others.

    Why is OMB Guns making this ridiculous claim in their sales literature?

    1. Glock > communist Russia

  66. Crazy Englishmen Avatar
    Crazy Englishmen

    i will shoot

  67. Just because the won’t sell it to civilians new, doesn’t mean it can’t be transferred like any other fully automatic firearm. But while it is BAD ASS, the barrel is too short and it cycles too fast to ever be practical. I’ve fired a modded 23 and a quick trigger pull dumps 9 rounds in a completely random 7 foot group at 20 yards. All 32 rounds are gone in less than two seconds. The only way that an 18 would be effective is if you were firing at a platoon of 50 in a five rank formation.

  68. LiberalsAndAnimals$hitwheretheyeat Avatar

    I came here to read about the Glock 18, and so did a bunch of school children. Hey, reread posts kids, then think about why we aren’t allow glock 18s. Sad but true.

  69. You know, I figured out something about people…… we tend to go off subject from what we are actully talking about (g18 XD)….. and it does not matter if your British or American, we are all people…. no one has power over the other (maybe in politics) but not in our rights as individuals. And really we could learn something from the British, every one has rights even if they are a criminal, they should not get shot on the spot. The British police force (don’t quote me on this, heard it long time ago) spends most of there training on how to take down a criminal or tactics, our police force’s training is mostly on how to use there guns….. I mean I’m no idiot, but see the problem there. Anyways just thought that putting this on here would help you ones who think you have any power over someone else. We are all humans………. Thanks for reading.

  70. Barbaric American Avatar
    Barbaric American

    To all of you insufferable, self righteous Brits, (And thank God that you’re a minority of them) Britain in 2015 had violent crime rate in excess of 2000 per 100,000 residents. In the U.S. that year it was under 450 per 100,000 residents, so enough with “You’re a criminal country because if all your guns,” crap. If a thief knows there isn’t likely to be a gun in your home, he’s got no deterrent to just break in, but if he has to wonder, “Is there someone in there with a gun?”, he’ll think twice about it.

    More over, being as armed as we are, if Trump, Obama, or any other government douche bag goes too far, we don’t have to take it. In your country, it’s illegal to even complain about being over run by the Muslim invaders taking over your lands and your women.

    America isn’t perfect, but I’d damned sure not want to live anywhere else. Do we need to get our nose out of everyone else’s business, yes. Do we need to get our own house in order financially, yes. Do we need you to tell us how to do it, no. Both our countries are on the path (Make that the speed limit-free highway) to self-destruction, however Great Britain seems from here to be about five years further along the road. That said, pissing in the air back at us isn’t going to fix your lot or ours, so something constructive for change instead being such a self congratulatory loser.

  71. Nfa rules would not apply because any gift given to a sitting us president (even a birthday present from his father) by law becomes property of the national archive. That law is in place to prevent the presedent from being bribed. It was one of the first exec orders signed by pres Washington.

  72. F. America must end to exist as simple as that ..mean north america

  73. I found this blog on Google to read up on the G18C, but all the off topic, insulting bullshit degrades the value of my visit. The problem is people who tout first amendment rights don’t know what is called illegal speech (threats, et al) and respect – not taking things out of context, insulting people and hiding behind the “it s a free county, I can say what eve I want.” Funny thing….when I tell them their wife likes to suck everyone’s cock and I’m just exercising my freedom of expression, they don’t appreciate the humor. ;-)

  74. SSgt. CT Avatar
    SSgt. CT

    The 18c has some jamming issues every now and then, but all together a great weapon.

  75. Dan Humphreys Avatar
    Dan Humphreys

    Amazing. I came here for the reference to the Glock 18. I read about 5-6 back and forth juvenile bullshit comments, degrading further and further into idiocy, and scrolled down here to the bottom to shame you all the best I could. Try to ignore the nonsense from now on, rather than barking back and forth at each other like fvcking children on a playground. It’s pathetic.

  76. Gayforblackglock Avatar

    After these reading comments I need a glock18 to kill myself

  77. Thick Glock Avatar
    Thick Glock

    Look like everyone in this comment section got, “triggered”…
    *Adjusts tactical glasses*

  78. wow, this coments section is *gold*

  79. WEDlJULY24l2019 Avatar


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea it’s a real treat. 😂

  80. Elamin Ali-moore Avatar
    Elamin Ali-moore

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  81. Elamin Ali-moore Avatar
    Elamin Ali-moore

    Well I Elamin Moore done my FBI investigation and, homeland security fingerprint background check, us coast guard fingerprint background check, and don’t have criminal record and nothing at all I’m grateful, thankful and no kids at all and I have my permit to carry firearms, hazmit /tanker endorsement, passport card, twic card TSA background fingerprint check, I was born and raised Philadelphia Pennsylvania I’m about to be 44 this December 03 2019 my year was 1975 and I don’t have no hiv or aids and I have credit cards American Express gold card ,wells Fargo credit card ,I driver tractor trailer for McFarland truck line it’s been almost three years is February 21,2019 and yes hoppfully when I pay off this car next year may 2020 I can get military contractors get small business loan 250,000 if I wanted to and have when it go up to 850 credit score or 900 right now it’s about 765 credit score god great I have lady she don’t have kids .so people don’t understand it’s not about black or white cause it was people so why would I wanted do for people. So leave me be cause you dont know me I don’t care about others and I have family blood brothers ,sister consin aunts ,uncles, nephew ,niece ,grand nephew, niece, and I can punch hard 850 to 900 right so I don’t care about the world cause this is God world not man who done this world wrong .and hoppfully I be at 1% if this car hoppfully be paid off hoppfully next year right .I had alot of jobs so I’m not thinking about you or others .so find somebody else I know right and nobody can take it away peace and I love my mother and not down with nobody worry about you .and I’m not drug addict or drug dealer

  82. I highly doubt that the gun was deactivated. You see, they actually have LIVES and stuff to do, unlike you gun nuts.

    1. Sooooo, does anyone know for sure if George Bush ever shot that 18c?

  83. Joe maddex Avatar
    Joe maddex

    What if I were rich Rich RICH and owned my own sovereign private island where I have no laws that I adhere to

  84. sam pratt Avatar

    A Glock 18 is really a waste of ammo. I worked in the Congo with a Belgian crew who had the 18’s. The mag is gone in a second. I could see if you were charged by a wild animal.