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  • Bangkok Thailand – More Pictures Of The Mayhem

    Two new photo blog posts to check out – HERE and HERE Looks like it’s getting worse and worse everyday there.

  • Protests Turn Deadly In Thailand

    Full photo set – HERE I bloged about the unrest in Thailand a couple of other times HERE and HERE, and it seems to have got a lot worse there.  It appears that both sides are now using guns, and even utilizing snipers to take out key targets.

  • More Unrest In Thailand

    [youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25G2D-5iogI[/youtube] Unlike the last time I posted about the Thailand protests (HERE), this time they seem to be carrying guns with ammunition. Those “red shirt” anti-government protesters are definitely bold.

  • Guns And The Unrest In Thailand

    Add Thailand to the list of places I wouldn’t want to be right now.  Just like the Kyrgyzstan riots I reported on yesterday, this also stems from the people’s problems with their government. The shotguns in the picture appear to be Remington 870s Picture #3 – Soldiers carrying HK G3 Rifles Picture #6 – M16A1…

  • Guns In The Kyrgyzstan Riot

    The Big Picture has an awesome group of photos as usual.  This particular set about the Crisis in Kyrgyzstan.  If you’re as geographically inept as I am, Kyrgyzstan is a country in central Asia, west of China. Widespread anti-government protests in Kyrgyzstan recently turned violent, with groups of opposition protesters attempting to storm some government…

  • HK MP5 Submachine Guns For Some Canadian Mounties

    Ottawa Canada – RCMP officers who guard Parliament Hill are being equipped with submachine guns to give them more stopping power should a gunman attack the heart of Canada’s government. Security, which has already been significantly beefed up after a high-profile breach last December, will get another boost in the coming months when Mounties patrolling…