Spetsnaz – Mission Accomplished

The previous post on the Spetsnaz BOOMSTICK reminded me of a hilarious de-motivational posted I had saved from a while back:


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  1. I regularly post on a military forum that has alot of Russians on it. They are a proud lot, to say the least. This would start a sh*t storm. Can I resist the temptation? LOL

    1. TheGunny Avatar

      DO IT! They would probably get a kick out of the picture if they have any sense of humor at all :P

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hahah nice. Send them over! They might also like my Cirque Du Spetsnaz post :P

      1. Anonamous Avatar

        I urge you to please look at my previous comment. BTW I am neither Russian or American but I can say, the Russians have a much better military force than the Americans.

  2. […] Is it just me, or did the guy with the stick do a David Copperfield?  But then this is the organization that “fixed” a hostage situation by just killing everyone… […]

  3. Anonamous Avatar

    I’ve got an idea! Delta Force 42 terrorists, 129 hostages, 300 body bags. If you know what I’m hinting at. I dunno what this picture is refering to though there was never a Spetsnaz operation with that count.

    1. I think it’s just a joke.

  4. This is just stupid

  5. UNKNOWN Avatar

    Agreed … America 0 … Russia 1 …… Russia’s military is by far much better than the United States Armed Forces

  6. Are you little ruskies morons or what? This is a direct reference to the miserable performance of the Spetsnaz against the terrorists several years ago who took over a theater in Russia. Better army? Are you fucking kidding me? I would argue further, but ANY search would show that they were/are/will be crap.

  7. Sgt Rock Avatar
    Sgt Rock

    I am an old Cold War soldier, and I admit that the Russians scared me. Their NCOs are well disciplined and their tactics are straight out of the Nazi playbook. HOWEVER: their officer corps is corrupt and it always will be. They have problems in the ranks with desertion and alcohol. Their soldiers do not know how to take initiative and are not allowed to in any case. Their equipment is a heap of shit that does not work. A platoon of US M-1s could take out a battalion of T-72s. I do not ever want to mess with the Russians, but if we had to, we would flatten them decisively.

  8. only 2 hostages where killed during the attack of the ALFA team.

    but 127 when the fire department did the evacuation of the knocked out hostages.

    leran your facts.