Northern Kentucky University – Increasing Their Firepower

FRANKFORT, Kentucky –Northern Kentucky University has been awarded $10,660 from the state Law Enforcement Protection Program (LEPP) to purchase patrol rifles, Gov. Steve Beshear announced Thursday.

Hmmm… Coincidentally the ATF had $10000 worth of “easily convertible” airsoft m4’s fall into their lap.   Agency to agency transfer anyone? :P

Also, awesome use of “Patrol Rifles”…. It’s refreshing to not see them demonized as “Assault rifle” killing machines.  I guess it has always been this way though; In the hands of police they are “tools”, but in the hands of citizens the same view largely isn’t held by the general public.

Under the LEPP, administered by the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security (KOHS), appropriate agencies can seek financial help for certain defensive items essential in the course of their duties.

“These funds will help ensure that our law enforcement will not be out-gunned and increase security on campus,” state Sen. Katie Kratz Stine, of Southgate, said.

Damn, I’ve only been out of University a couple of years now, but it must be getting pretty rough.  All jokes aside, if this keeps the students safe from psychos then I’m all for it.  I still think allowing students to carry on campus would be a zero cost better alternative though. $10660 isn’t going to buy that many patrol rifles, especially since they will all likely be fitted with some fairly pricey optics.  I say this because I can’t see open sights being a good choice for a possible shootout around hoards of innocent students running in every direction.

In conjunction with the Kentucky State Police (KSP), KOHS derives income from sales of confiscated weapons.

Oh that’s nice! *sarcasm* :roll:  I thought confiscated weapons were either destroyed or else given back to the original owner (if they were found to be stolen).  Or does this policy vary by state and department?  My first thought is that confiscating weapons to fund department purchases doesn’t seem very ethical.

Source: KYPost – HERE

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4 responses to “Northern Kentucky University – Increasing Their Firepower”

  1. It’s only a ‘patrol rifle’ if you wear a government-issued costume and you’ve got a shiny badge. These trinkets suddenly make you more trustworthy than everyone else. If you’re not.. well, then it’s an ‘assault rifle’ and you’re a nut.

    I don’t find it refreshing at all. I’ll say ‘refreshing’ when they call such a rifle a ‘defense rifle’ or maybe just a rifle by itself when belonging to a private individual.

  2. Patrol rifle is a perfectly accurate term, similar to the innocuous “service pistol”.

    While they’ll probably be ARs, there’s no indication in the article that they are.

    If they buy ARs, I wonder if they’ll buy them from Winchester, KY-based DoubleStar?

  3. Pitols, rifles, grenades launchers, flamethrowers, main battle tanks, or aircraft carriers–it doesn’t matter what tools you give the police. The ONLY thing that will protect people from the acts of others is the ability to defend themselves. Unless they also plan on hiring enough cops to escort every person, everywhere they want to go, 24/7.

    The police, no matter how they are armed, cannot be everywhere at once.

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      Admin (Mike)

      All very true!