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  • If Pencils Were Regulated Like Firearms

    Oh man how true: haha Repeal Gun Laws is nice for this one.  He missed out the Mickey Mouse eraser decoration I used to have… “The mouse thing that goes up”. Thoughts?

  • Uber Scared Of Guns

    Yawn… this should get some attention / spark outrage: UBER FIREARMS PROHIBITION POLICY We seek to ensure that everyone using the Uber digital platform—both driver-partners and riders—feels safe and comfortable using the service. During a ride arranged through the Uber platform, Uber and its affiliates therefore prohibit possessing firearms of any kind in a vehicle.…

  • San Francisco MTA Tucks Its Tail Between Its Legs And Runs Pro Gun Ad

    After a previous post about San Francisco Disarming ‘The Other Guys’, it’s great to see that the San Francisco MTA waived their anti-gun policy and allowed the following ad to be ran throughout the city: It’s amazing what the possible threat of a lawsuit can accomplish. Thread on Calguns – HERE

  • Northern Kentucky University – Increasing Their Firepower

    FRANKFORT, Kentucky –Northern Kentucky University has been awarded $10,660 from the state Law Enforcement Protection Program (LEPP) to purchase patrol rifles, Gov. Steve Beshear announced Thursday. Hmmm… Coincidentally the ATF had $10000 worth of “easily convertible” airsoft m4’s fall into their lap.   Agency to agency transfer anyone? :P Also, awesome use of “Patrol Rifles”…. It’s…