Glock Generation 4? I don’t buy it.


I could do something like that in photoshop in about 5 minutes.

If it does turn out to be an authentic picture, I’d have to say its the most disappointing looking “new” gun I’ve seen in a while

UPDATE: DannyR a 30k post count GlockTalk user was the one that posted the picture.  He says it is a direct scan of a calendar he got in the mail from Glock.  I am now leaning towards this picture being authentic unless Glock is playing a trick on us.

Link to GlockTalk thread – HERE


7 responses to “Glock Generation 4? I don’t buy it.”

  1. My distributor has these in stock. I have handled one. The new grip texture is awesome.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Nice! I keep going into my local gun stores but none of them even know about the gen4 glocks yet. They all say “yea we have them” and then proceed to pull out a gen 3 RTF2 model :(

  2. If the new mags are not interchangable with older guns and vice versa they I will not buy a new Glock. I figured I should standardize on one typle of mag since the ban but if Glock is going to play games with trick mags so they can sell everyone a new set of mags, I suppose I might as well consider some of the designs from other manufactures like the Springfield XD or Smith and Wesson M&P.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I believe the new mags only use the “ambidextrous cut” but will still have the old style cutout on them (hopefully forever) which will enable them to be used with the previous generations of glocks

  3. Doc Dale Avatar
    Doc Dale

    The “Gen-4” mags are cut on both sides for the Slide Release to function on the right side for left handed shooters. They will work in the previous models as well as the previous models working on the “Gen-4”; with the exception of previous models not functioning with the release on the right side of the frame. I just purchased a G17 and my older mags (33rd) functions flawlessly.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Good to hear your old makes work great. I hope I get the opportunity to shoot a Gen4 soon!

  4. Tim Hardy Avatar
    Tim Hardy

    Have owned 4 Glock 23 pistols. One, Gen one, two Gen Three and one Gen 4. Never had a malfunction of any kind out of any of these. My last Gen 3 I gave to my son. Recently I purchased a Gen 4 Model 23 .40 cal. Yes, I did let time go by for Glock to work out any reported problems. First day at the range, based on negative reports, I began to squeeze the first round off expecting angels and satin himself. Guess what, as usual with a Glock, the gun went bang. The pistol went bang another 149 times W/O any hesitation or F.T,F’s of any kind. Have many a magazine from former Glocks and since a right hand shooter, no problems. I found my Gen 4 to shoot as well, if not better than my previous Glocks. A former Deputy Sheriff I am a hard core 1911 or .357 revolver guy. Problem is, now living in Florida rust, humidity and weight are a problem. Now living in Florida where humidity and rust are a problem a poly Glock in a Plastic Serpa resolves this issue. Heck no, none of my Glocks will out shoot my Springfield 1911, were not ment to. At Civilian CQB ranges I find Glocks perform quite well for their intended purpose. Tool box, tackle box, under the seat of the car the Glock always goes bang. As much as I hate to admit this, if I had to select a semi auto pistol off the shelf and bet my life on it untested, it would be a Glock. Leaving the smaller grip on my Gen 4 duplicates the feel of my beloved 1911’s. The Plastic Serpa Holster does not draw rust via humidity as my leather 1911 pancakes. Holds twice as many rounds at half the weight of my 1911’s. Would I give up my 1911’s for the Glock, hell no. A gun is a tool and in Florida’s humidity the Glock is the best tool all around. I find my Gen 4 superior to my other Glocks. For liability reasons we can all understand I do not wish to modify the trigger or anything else except the sights. Installed Trijicons. Modification parts may not yet be as easily available as the Gen 3 but then we risk the liability factor. Glock’s Tennifer finish is as tough as I have seen. Wipe it down with Sentry Solutions Marine tough cloth every few weeks and Zero rust. This Sentry Solutions product is so effective I use it on all my weapons be it Colt Royal Blue or Glock Tennifer. Stops rust cold. The Glock is a weapon I love to hate, or hate to love. Either way I would bet my life on a Glock.