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  • Four Lions

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGk2TojOd-4[/youtube] Chris Morris’ highly anticipated feature follows four young Muslim men on a thrillingly fictional story which illuminates the radicalised British jihad and undermines the folly of western culture’s attempts to alienate them. Four Lions movie website – HERE Looks like it has potential. I can’t find any info on if/when it will be showing…

  • Glock Generation 4 – Actual Pictures

    YAWN How anticlimactic. Generation 4 Glock 22 shown with two removable backstraps

  • Glock Generation 4 Law Enforcement Pricing

    This is the supposed pricing sheet for Law Enforcement, showing the price of the new generation 4: At least they didn’t jack the price way up. Source: TheHighRoad UPDATE: Steve @ TheFirearmBlog has Dealer and MSRP pricing up now as well

  • Glock Generation 4? I don’t buy it.

    I could do something like that in photoshop in about 5 minutes. If it does turn out to be an authentic picture, I’d have to say its the most disappointing looking “new” gun I’ve seen in a while UPDATE: DannyR a 30k post count GlockTalk user was the one that posted the picture.  He says…

  • Who cares about Glock’s forthcoming new modular backstrap?

    I DON’T… I wish they would focus on: 1) Creating a single stack handgun 2) Creating some type of rifle I like my Glocks the way they are. Hopefully when the new model gets released at the 2010 SHOT show everyone will want one so bad that the market gets flooded with cheap used Glocks.…