GE M134 Mini Gun – Fully Transferable

Have an extra $215 000 lying around for purchasing firearms?  This is up for sale right now in the classified section on subguns.  I wonder if you could put commercial .308 through it, or if 7.62 x 51 mm NATO is vital due to the high rate of fire?


We have a fully transferable GE M134 mini gun for sale that is in excellent condition. This gun comes with the original GE receiver, feeder delinker, 600 round ammo box and has been upgraded with Garwood motor, spade grip and fire control box, electrical cables, feed chute, motor, mount assembly (yoke, sight rail and vertical arm). Gun is ready to shoot and runs flawlessly. On form 4 in Arizona. You may have seen it in action mounted on top of a land rover at the previous MG Shooters events in Wikieup. Pictures are available. Price is $215,000.00 with buyer paying shipping and tax stamp.

In addition to the above mini gun we have available a complete parts kit consisting of a Garwood 80% receiver, complete housing assembly (with bolts, tracks and safeing sector), new FN barrels, barrel clamp assembly with flash hider, motor, feeder delinker, Degroat fire control box and cables (everything you need except a set of spade grips to make a post sample gun after receiving appropriate ATF approval and finishing the receiver, or use as spares for above gun). Also available are two 1200 round ammo boxes (one new), one new 3200 round ammo box, a round repositioner, misc. spare springs, bearing pins, feed chute and Garwood battery box with batteries. P.O.R.           -LINK

This is the gun of choice for military fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and land vehicles and is currently in use all over the world today (wiki page).

The GE M134 has appeared in lots of movies and video games listed HERE.  Most notable for me was when Arnold used a hand held version of it in Terminator 2: Judgment Day



Pics from IMFDB – HERE

GE M134 Operation:
Six Bolt Rotating Unit; Electrically Operated; Belt Fed
Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO
Feed System: 4,000 round linked belt
Muzzle Velocity: 2,850ft/sec (869m/sec)
Cyclic Rate-of-Fire: 6,000 rds/min
Effective Range: 3,280ft (1,000m; 1,093yds)
Sights: Fixed Sights

GE M134 Dimensions:
Overall Length:
800mm (31.50in)
Barrel Length: 555mm (21.85in)
Empty Weight: 15.9kg (35.05lbs)


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  3. The GE M134 is a nice mini gun, but have you seen the M134G mini gun from Garwood Industries? It looks indestructible and is even in Transformers 2

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      wow that is a nice gun! That website needs pictures of it with Megan Fox :P

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    4. The M134g is the best of the group. Ranger tested and came out on top. All of the 134 class require 7.62X51 NATO and the .308 won’t work. Best to buy belted rounds from ATK. Btw don’t buy from Profense. They are infringing on the Garwood patent

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  5. why in the hell our u selling US weapons “not for civilain sales”??? the feds will be all over u quicker than a heart beat. an if they have to come find u an u have that gun they will kill who ever has it in the process of taking it from them.

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    1. Don’t know how old your post is Timothy, but I’m writing this anyway. The M134 is completely legal under all current U.S. laws. If you have a gun permit, you can own this, regardless of whether you’re a civilian or not…

      1. Blackgunguru Avatar

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    5. At least Americans are getting first dibs

    6. You can legally buys these weapons with a class III permit. First obtain your FTL license. Then fill out the paperwork for your class three and viola. Also you could use a gun trust or just pay about 200k for a tax stamp that is fixed to the weapon. Bam…legal :)

      1. Sorry I meant ffl damn autocorrect

    7. U can buy a mini gun if u have the proper license. I can sell u new of the shelf M134G for 125k

    8. 11bravo Avatar

      The buying of this or any type weapons is regulated by the ATF and if your licensed you can own it ! Not against the law !

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    9. Feds won’t do anything because he said you have to pay for transfer and tax stamp, if someone wants to buy it they can do it legally ( it takes about 18 months) but you can then buy machine guns, silencers, grenade launchers etc

      1. UH, EH, AH-60 Crew Chief & Gunner Avatar
        UH, EH, AH-60 Crew Chief & Gunner

        I call M134 an “Analog Laser”, every 7th round is a tracer; a bullet with a bit phosphorus poked in the butt of it and usually marked by a red tip so there are an additional 6 rounds NOT being seen in action BUT continue to lay down THE NEW LAW IN TOWN when you do a fly by, or return a little suppressing fire, witch is more of a depressive fire for the receiving end of this ANALOG LASER. A truly NASTY 1 STROKE CHAINSAW with a 3/4 bar and as many razor sharp teeth as you keep feeding it, cutting shit in half and ricocheting in all directions Yes there are even bigger and badder Gats out there, all mighty impressive and always terrifying for the soon to be receivers of the angry dragons, knowing they are about to get the LAST present they will ever receive, like a gift you don’t open. but instead that opens you up…..

    10. Tim your misinformed!!
      well this mini is very old, and has been on the market longer then I can remember!!
      well it is legal to own, who would spend almost 1/4 on a million on a gun, especially when there so many choices.
      Such as FIGHT LIGHT makes a belt feeder that has a cyclic rate of 1300 per minute.
      good luck partner!!
      Also I am sad to see so many racist comments on this site. I hope all of you gentlemen can feel better about life!!
      Hope this was helpful!

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  7. jacques Avatar

    so you can only buy this thing in the u.s.

  8. jacques Avatar

    what if you want to buy one for display

  9. i just figured out this Legal but very hard to get an very expensive..i want one i have the money right now for it but i would wanna see it in person before i buy it e-mail me or find me on facebook book Timothy Mael an we’ll talk im a very serious buyer…

    i want this gun now i know its legal

  10. […] Originally Posted by IamBatman n[snip] Can you fire a mini-gun anywhere in Nevada? [snip] Assuming $1/round (probably more like $3-$5, but humor me), looks like $6K/minute: GE M134 ("mini-gun")Operation: Action: Six Bolt Rotating Unit; Electrically Operated; Belt Fed Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO Feed System: 4,000 round linked belt Muzzle Velocity: 2,850ft/sec (869m/sec) Cyclic Rate-of-Fire: 6,000 rds/min Effective Range: 3,280ft (1,000m; 1,093yds) Sights: Fixed Sights GE M134 Mini Gun – Fully Transferable […]

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  14. […] Originally Posted by Jaypo But Hi, My name is Jaypo and I'm and addict! A Mini Vulcan is just what every gun addict needs to ward off those hoards of rampaging Zombies, military attack helicopters, ect., ect.. GE M134 Mini Gun – Fully Transferable […]

  15. 215k for that? GE only charges 25,000 for their minigun. Even with the ammo, and the stand it shouldn’t be THAT much. Course…I’m not buying it. Feel bad for the sucker that does though lol.

    1. theman838 Avatar

      It’s transferable. New ones aren’t.

      1. New ones can be purchased. Hardwood is currently making 10 for private buyers

  16. Shootload1911 Avatar

    Live out your fantasy, join the military and fire all the weapons you want, or get into air soft and live out your weapons fantasies that way,
    Or become an ffl dealer… Either way those are some of your options
    Otherwise purchasing an m134 isn’t gonna happen legally,
    And they are pricey, so it eliminates looky-loos
    Keep it real gents….. Keep it real

  17. […] saw this .. 7 Items You Won't Believe Are Actually Legal | I did find this one GE M134 Mini Gun – Fully Transferable , at $215,000, I think I might have to fudge a little on my deductions to get that much of a […]

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  19. I’d pay the new owner a few thousand dollars to come and shoot a few thousand rounds out of it.

  20. Do you have M-60 for sell?I want it

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  24. […] Originally Posted by woodsrider As BGC stated above the modern miniguns are the fastest gun made that can be carried and shot by a person. They have the capability of upto 6000 rounds per minute. 1. if you could buy one it would have to be a pre 1984 model and 2. I have no idea if they made them pre 1984 that are small enough for a man to carry and shoot. An AR-15 would only shot about 50 rounds per minute with any accuracy. That doesn't mean you couldn't shoot a little faster if you didn't really care if you hit anything but it would not take long for your hand to start cramping firing at that rate. As far as calibers, AR's are available in a number of different calibers. .223, .308, 5.56Nato, 7.62, 6.8. Any of which will work just fine for whitetail deer or small animals. Remington started producing a predator hunting gun a few years ago using the AR15 style. You can buy them, for $215,000…- GE M134 Mini Gun – Fully Transferable […]

  25. price to high as you know my offer 75,000 some how i know you will accept .

  26. tom deelonghi Avatar
    tom deelonghi

    What are the chances of getting a concealed carry permit on this?

    1. Lev8orman Avatar

      Now that’s some funny sh!t right there!

  27. Jimmy s Avatar
    Jimmy s

    Mini guns a perfectly legal to buy and own the pre 86 laws apply to machine guns not mini guns, cheeks of a painted face,grown ups LMAO fools

  28. Michael Avatar

    Do you think you could lower the price to 100k-150k because i found a TANK!!!!! for sale and the total was 300k and that minigun is 215k. Please contact me by email if your interested in my offer.

  29. Los Caballero's Templario Avatar
    Los Caballero’s Templario

    I want to buy it compa,send it to coalcoman michoacan ill pay you double the price.Money not the problem here.Verry serious buyer

  30. Los Caballero's Templarios Avatar
    Los Caballero’s Templarios

    ATTE-Los Caballeros Templarios

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  32. I love this mini gum it is very good gun. Enemy can not stand front of you. I would like to introdus this in indian army my indian army need thsi gun this gun will make our ermy more strong.

    1. I can sell you crates of 3 m134’s for 1/3 the price for your Indian Militia/Pmc

  33. cool

  34. Crazy Horse Avatar
    Crazy Horse

    After all the bs’ings done with the hundred K talk, you can send me four when it get to normal 50K talk.

  35. guns my life Avatar
    guns my life

    I will buy all of the ones u have and every bullet u have

  36. this gun will better with laser

  37. yourmothersareallcunts Avatar

    I already own 2 of the handheld versions, actually, one for each hand.

  38. James Avatar

    Capitalizing on American ingenuity…at
    A price even you wouldn’t pay.

  39. Avid firearm sportsman Avatar
    Avid firearm sportsman

    I’m not sure how old this post is, but to whosoever is inquiring about purchasing a mini gun you first need to obtain a class 3 firearms permit. This then gives you access to all automatic firearms. Unfortunately, with a class 3, you can kiss your privacy rights goodbye. The local police, sheriffs dept. & even FBI can come in to your home whether you are there or not to make sure your paper work is in order & to see what you have. I’ve been in law enforcement for a number of years & my father-in-law is a retired FBI field agent. Hope this information helps.

    1. Your comment is so wrong… Any person can own this provided it’s: Pre-May 1986, not a dealer sample (pre or post), already on the NFA list, and its legal for you to own in your state. You can file as an individual or on a trust. A Class 3 SOT is for dealers, not private citizens.

      Also your comment about LE coming to your house and looking at paper work is total BS. The 4th Amendment applies no matter what, they cannot pass a law suspending it, because it would be unconstitutional. This applies to everyone, regardless if you are a dealer or privately owning this.

      1. I honestly don’t know if what you said is accurate or not about class 3 SOT license holders and their rights, but I can tell you that a citizen can waive his rights. I could envision the US government requiring individuals to voluntarily waive certain rights in order to be granted the “privilege” of operating a business involving the sale of weapons.

      2. U r incorrect.LE will invade your premises your domicile whenever they want to the Constitution be damned

    2. Anderson Avatar

      So do they show up unexpectedly to insure you are still in possession of all your class 3 weapons? Does this happen often and if so what happens if the weapons are stolen from you? Can they visit you over a suppressor?

  40. well fuck dis its fake its not for sale lier where is the price dick chocklate

    1. jimmys Avatar

      You are as stupid as your post, been eating to much chocalate dude? The price is in the first line of the post!

      1. You mean choklate

      2. MarcoGiovanni Avatar

        Dutch chocolate

  41. @ Andrew. When you own a class 3 weapon, Law enforcement CAN come to your house to they want to check on the gun. They usually just make a appointment and come by and ask to see the gun thats it. they dont come by whenever they want . but yes you do have to show them if you ever get that call because it is quite rare.

    1. Yes with notice, I agree. “Aivd firearm sportsman” made the claim they can come at any point, if you are home or not, this is simply not true. They cannot perform a search for anything, there is no suspension of Rights etc., anything beyond a “paper work” check would require a warrant. His claim of “kiss your privacy rights good bye” is totally wrong and baseless, but it is comman in many circles.

      Most of this comes from the days of the “Kitchen Table SOT3”, people were required to have an ATF inspection as required of ANY FFL, this no longer applies as you need an actual store front and valid business to be granted a SOT 3, even then his claim of “this gives you access to all automatic firearms” is also incorrect, unless it is on the NFA lists, or you are able to get a LE letter requesting a dealer sample you cannot just get an automatic firearm.

      1. That is not true either.
        You can still have a home based 01 FFL/class 3 SOT or 07 FFL CLASS2 SOT.

    2. Title II weapon*

    3. shut your bitch ass dick suking ass up!!!!!!!

  42. The truth Avatar
    The truth

    hi i was just wondering if i pay 2.00 $ will that work cause u are probably an old hag

  43. SSgt JD Herrington Avatar
    SSgt JD Herrington

    Leave the 134s to the military. It’ll cost you a fortune to feed that monster. Unless you’ve just got the money burning a hole in your pocket. It may fire thousands of rpm but taking out the operator takes only one! Have fun and keep em in country!

  44. Headblock Avatar

    After reading some of these posts I’m reminded of a quote from Armageddon. “I wouldn’t trust these retards with a potato gun”.

  45. This is the funniest thread I’ve ever read. Thanks

  46. Don vergotas Avatar
    Don vergotas

    White boys wish list lol

    1. true dat bruh

  47. 215000.00?????? HOLY SMOKES, I ONLY PAID 115000.00 FOR MINE

  48. i wish i had this…

    1. AZSDFT Avatar

      you wish you had tits? Is that what I just read?

  49. but i only have litereally ever other automatic gun EVER

  50. all i need in apacolypse #1 helicopter with extra fuel #2 dis gun #3 the ammo #4 a ilot and #5 DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ NUTS

  51. You guys a bunch of illiterate assholes.

  52. how you sell it

  53. Minigun tain’t no good fer nothin!!! You gonna hog that thar big fella ’round strapped to yer nutsack? Less you git a heliokopter, er a li’ll-dick, roid-raged meth head ta tote it ’round, I’ll outshoot it with jest my full-auto M4 er my niggerrigged Mini-14. Now, thems i’ll kill ya dumb-dick-dead ware you stand. Yessiree, boys ‘n girls.

    1. Aprently your English also ” tain’t good for nothin “

    2. Eric Thomson Avatar
      Eric Thomson


  54. Arnold Judge Avatar
    Arnold Judge

    Ill kill yer family with a minigun, an’ then ell see if she’ll rip ’em up!!! Stop talking ‘ike yer from scotlan’, ya runt

    1. I believe it was an attempt at redneck-ease not Scottish…

  55. evilkitty Avatar

    hey you guys should send me one of these.would be so awesome

    1. MarcoGiovanni Avatar

      In your dreams “Perro”

  56. QuackJak Avatar

    Please have 2 of these units available, along with a T-800 Infiltrator Unit, shipped to:

    John Conner
    616 Mesa Way
    Los Angeles, CA 90121

    Thank you.

  57. Tom Quantum Avatar
    Tom Quantum

    half of you probably voted for trump

    1. foopie Avatar


    2. And you probably voted for Hillary and Obama

  58. foopie Avatar

    these comments are just awful.

  59. Marcos Lopez Avatar
    Marcos Lopez

    How much to have it shipped to Michoacan Mexico?

  60. ArmyAviation Avatar

    Can you utilize rubber bullet rounds or does it have to be standard ammo? Might be an option if you can shoot non lethal rounds.


  62. This could come in handy while riding tail Gunner on an ice cream truck in Detroit or Chicago.

  63. Judgeing from most of the comments I’m not so sure it would be wise to give these people this much fire power if any

    1. If we starting acting more British in our subject matter discussions, concerning 2nd Amendment freedoms to be any arms as stipulated originally 1791. Would you be so kind then to reverse that opinion finally in our favor? Thank you for considering my question and answering it completely for myself and the rest of Liberty. Tea is calling me, Sincerely, Charles Kilroy

  64. Also God dammit Carl what did I tell you about selling the gear

  65. TowLauncher Avatar

    I laughed at the specification where it mentions “Sights”! Who needs sights on a weapon like this! Just move the point of obliteration to where it’s needed. How can you ‘aim’ the handheld, man-portable version anyway?

  66. Are you guys really selling a minigun

    1. Highflight Avatar

      Yup. There are about a dozen specific units that are legal for private ownership because they were already in private hands in 1986 when the National Firearm Act came into effect and were grandfathered in. On the rare occasions one is sold they are insanely expensive, and firing the thing costs hundreds of dollars a minute. Scary to thing that the Vegas shooter could have easily afforded one.

  67. Well that went downhill fast!

  68. 5 dollars

  69. ed martis Avatar
    ed martis

    An M-234 will shoot commercial 7.62 x 51——–military 7.62x 51 is NOT advisable for a hunting rifle——I was a ‘crew-chief’ on a UH-1M Huey gun-ship for 3 years…….military 7.62 x 51 is “hot loaded”——–like the NATO ammo for a M-9 (92FS Beretta 9 mm) …….

  70. big dick jones Avatar
    big dick jones

    damn i just wanted to shoot some deer with that gun good eatin bet they dome fully cooked too!!!

  71. I’m sure the mexican cartels own plenty of these weapons

  72. Love the colorful racism, but for those in combat arms that really know. statistically them white honkey’s make up the majority of war fighters. Followed by our Spanish brothers an Asians. So please tell me what soul battalion an fairytale land are you living in? Cause in my Corps. most brothers are box kick’n POGE’s, take offense to the truth all you want. To my true 03 Dark green Marines that shed blood an eat the same mud. you know I’m busting balls

  73. If the barrel starts rotating the opposite direction will the gun shoot backwards and kill the operator?

  74. Stop all the hate….im black and i have white friends and the friendship we have is genuine..i dont see people by the color of their skin..i see them for the love in their heart…respect one another and ignore the ones who see hate as a way to annoy and threaten…peace up…hate down

  75. Hayden Moormen Avatar
    Hayden Moormen

    Dont say the n word you fucking fag

  76. Hayden Moormen Avatar
    Hayden Moormen

    Cant wait to defend my house from them nigga folk if they paddle on thr wrong lawn


  78. Forget all this expensive nonsense. Just build one from an 80 percent kit. Ask in various applicable forums for details.

  79. Bob Fatz Avatar

    hoi goywads

    1. u sell to high school drop outs with paroinod skiz,with no job or life whatsoever better yet u feel like donation or how about this i sit and wait for another couple months for this economy to completly close and get killed by a bunch of stupid niggers and spanish drug lords who come to our country illegally just to cause trouble better yet the slave trade with christians or the brain washed gi who takes illgal migrants trouble makers and gangsters but not skizos u know this so called “world” is really really itching for an eye opener like we got THREE apoclaypses lumming like economy colpase perma frost and nuckler warfare which is alyways lumming espcially sense cold war u know i gave russians launch coordniates while back,and told them were to target hoping i could stop it in its tracks but nope america backs outta trade deal. causing alot of distrust u know ive been through so much torture and pain i cant even tell whats real any more

  80. do u sell to skizo preppers

  81. Where i can buy it?

  82. Victor Alonso Avatar
    Victor Alonso

    I need one how much and where can get it

  83. Das Jaeger Avatar
    Das Jaeger

    If most of you on here making idiotic comments met a true soldier that has walk over and carried bodies you would not be ready. You make your tough ass comments and shit talk each other
    but faced with a real warrior you would melt into a spineless puddle of your own urine. This weapon is not your chrome “gat” that you hold sideways like some gang banging pussy.

  84. glad to see everyone here is so happy ! there is no prices listed ??

  85. Osama Obama Avatar
    Osama Obama

    nice, a sand nigger muslim islamic killing machine camel jokey herd thinner

  86. Davis Gunner Avatar
    Davis Gunner

    Too many children and uninformed here-
    Firing cost between 20 and 40 DOLLARS per second. ( in 1918)
    The guns are now a half mil EACH.. Parts are just as ridiculously high.
    It takes skills and training to use.
    It is NOT a portable weapon..
    High maintenance.
    It takes a experienced maintenance crew to reload and that takes 3-5 minutes IF you have a spare 70 pound loaded ammo can.
    It is best suited for helicopters because the enemy shoots back and you have only a 15 second firing window.

  87. Weed Killer Avatar
    Weed Killer

    There’s a skeeter on my peter, whack it off!!

  88. As for the weapon that’s heat !

  89. edward martis Avatar
    edward martis

    I was a door gunner in viet nam and “hosed” many a VC with that 134 —-we did have problems with them jamming; but Dillon fixed that problem many rears later and brought the cyclic rate down to 3,500 rounds per minute which more sane—-so more ammo could be loaded into the UH-1 M and D models—–the 4,000 to 6,000 RPM toggle spring loaded switch was for the co-pilot/ gunner —–severe overkill—-the 134 sounded like a buzz-saw on steroids—-Air Cavalry–DEATH FROM ABOVE–

    1. Jason Moody Avatar
      Jason Moody

      Ty for your service . Gof bless

  90. Jason Moody Avatar
    Jason Moody

    Why would you charge that much ?

    1. governmental protection against the 2nd amendment. the one that lets citizens overthrow a tyrannical government. kinda hard for ordinary people to acquire the hardware to match the government’s military

      1. that’s just my theory at least

  91. This will be perfect for when the civil war breaks out in about 5-10 years when American citizens realize that they will forever be run by low iq dimwit narcissist democrats that will tear down our borders and strip us of our constitutional rights and enslave us to a socialist communist government ….

  92. About the mini gun , a little pricey, think I would go with a 37 mm gun n turret ,and perhaps some rockets instead. Would look cool on my truck though….,next to my my-50 , and 20 mm…Arizona America…

  93. Danny L Ray Avatar
    Danny L Ray

    I want to buy

  94. UH, EH, AH-60 Crew Chief & Gunner Avatar
    UH, EH, AH-60 Crew Chief & Gunner

    I call M134 an “Analog Laser”, every 7th round is a tracer; a bullet with a bit phosphorus poked in the butt of it and usually marked by a red tip so there are an additional 6 rounds NOT being seen in action BUT continuing to lay down THE NEW LAW IN TOWN when you do a fly by, or return a little suppressing fire, witch is more of a depressive fire for the receiving end of this ANALOG LASER. A truly NASTY 1 STROKE CHAINSAW with a 3/4 mile long bar and as many razor sharp teeth as you keep feeding it, cutting shit in half and ricocheting in all directions Yes there are even bigger and badder Gats out there, all mighty impressive and always terrifying for the soon to be receivers of the angry dragons, knowing they are about to get the LAST present they will ever receive, like a gift you don’t open. but instead that opens you up…..
    By the way you bunch of cock smokin butt junkies, I made one out of 10 fat 2″ PVC pipes, and a leaf blower, and all it shoots is ass pickles, so drop your socks and grab your cock, and get ready this is the ONE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, bend over and say AHHHhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….!!! You game fag turd smoking not suckers, go slide down the banister and worm up dinner for your salad tossing husbands…. Feel free to grab your mommas hand after you get the shit shivers from meeting any one of us real worriers in person who gave up our rights to protect your said right to troll and spank you tiny meet, and realizing you missed the testicle train at conception and ever since, because you are tooooo busy pretending you could be a man while spanking your skin. So yes we know real not movie reel, so sack up and clean up your shit wipe off your tears and get the fuck out of a soldiers way, and hope we don’t slap yo momma and grab your oldman by the ankle and beat you about the fuck retarded head with him, until you figure out to shut the fuck up or turn off your computer and get some sleep so you are not a bitch again in the morning…. SO shut your eyes and french kiss your uncle GOODEN NACHT a, you cummy cunt. Other than that just try to be an American…
    My momma always said if I couldn’t say something nice to someone, then skin that muthafukka down, salt em down and feed them to those hawgs, those snifflen fatt ass libtard DC hawgss…. There will be a time after they eat enough of their own, it will be time to roast them up…. They aint no good for eeten, but their fatt will make one hell of a fire…


  95. Your Mouth!

  96. Everyone of you in this post are idiot’s

  97. Ryan Oros Avatar
    Ryan Oros

    I wonder if I donated ten grand to the Gavin Newsom I could get a CA exemption to own this fine Patriot machine I’m sure that BITCH doe’s pretty much anything for a buck.

  98. Richard Leigey Avatar
    Richard Leigey

    Well That gun looks so badass I want to get one so badly because it looks like the Chaingun from Doom

  99. i need to buy 500 units


  101. That this post is only made to track people down? Who sells a mini gun online? Their feds probly dont send info to random sht.

  102. Ricardovitz's Daddy Avatar
    Ricardovitz’s Daddy

    Any of y’all seen my boy ’round. He done gone miss’n 8 years ago.

  103. What is wrong with all yall grown ass men getting aon a gun sight blog and doing nothing but talking shit! For real yall need to grow the fuck up and have some respect for the page. Set out all yall addresses and see who talks all that shit 8n person!

  104. Jesse James Avatar
    Jesse James

    Free Larry Hoover Sr.

  105. Patriot Paul Avatar
    Patriot Paul

    What is wrong with everyone who has visited this site? This saddens the Olympians on this planet.

  106. One of these retarded responses a woman said that all people including white people are originally from Africa. I don’t know what tabloid she has read but that B/S holds no water.