Spike TV’s – Fakest Warrior


I watched one of these shows once… but after seeing the I.R.A. vs Taliban episode I will never watch another episode (NOTE: A majority of the shenanigans start around 27 minutes).

Why you ask?   Well head over to the Vuurwapen Blog’s post – HERE

You will be dazzled by screenshots of a section of the episode where they “prove” that the AK-47 is more reliable than the AR-15 through the magic of lying, and cutting footage out in the editing room.

I don’t know if they figure that the average person that watches the show is too stupid to know how the guns work or what.. but I am embarrassed for them.


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  1. Gewehrnut Avatar

    What a joke. Was it me or, when the AR-15 shooter was reporting the rifle was jammed, was the dust cover still closed? It looked like it was closed when it was “packed” with mud, too.
    Went back and did the whole stop-start thing with the video and the first “shot” of the AR, the dust cover was closed and there was no ejected brass. Same thing with the AK. Safety lever up when the “shot” was fired. On both rifles, whenever you saw the rifle actually firing (smoke, ejected brass), the shooter was facing away from the camera so you couldn’t see the ejection port of either rifle.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea, that whole episode was just embarrassing.