JOIN or DIE – Craig Ferguson’s tattoo

This is pretty badass:


Join, or Die is a famous political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin and first published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754. The original publication by the Gazette is the earliest known pictorial representation of colonial union produced by a British colonist in America. It is a woodcut showing a snake severed into eighths, with each segment labeled with the initial of a British American colony or region.

Video of when he showed it to the girls on “The View” ( atΒ  1:32 ):


Video of when he showed and explained it to Kristen Bell on his show (at 2:45):


Learn about Join or Die on wiki – HERE

More about Craig Ferguson on wiki – HERE


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  1. I have this same tattoo. In 1774 Paul Revere added it to the masthead of The Massachusetts Spy and showed the snake fighting a British dragon. Revere changed the snake a little, and his is the version I have.

      1. Stew Magoo Avatar
        Stew Magoo

        Yes, that one. I wanted something patriotic that wasn’t a flag or an eagle.

    1. john wayne Avatar

      You must look retarded, what a utterly stupid tattoo . then again i imagine your stupid as hell and also whitetrash. I bet you looooove when people ask you about it?, or I bet you love to try and mention it or show it off. No one cares about your tattoo but you. I notice how you had to write about it. I bet secretly you regret it. If not your in denial and have to make yourself feel good about it by tlaking about it on comment boards. Go ahead its your body, im sur ethe hot blonde across the bar get so excited when your there

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        john wayne is retarded

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        But yeah, the tattoo guy is the retard…..

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      3. OR, you could learn how to write properly!

      4. I’ll bet his tattoo is better than your ability to write, spell, punctuate, and know the difference between your and you’re. Now who looks retarded?

      5. John Wayne, dude, if you’re gonna troll, at least spell properly. That was painful to read.

      6. Billy Gillette Avatar
        Billy Gillette

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  2. He’s already more American than those Progressive idiot woman could ever be.

    Live Free or Die….Hooah!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      No kidding!

      1. are you retarded? The tattoo represents the necessity of the federal government. Most americans know nothing, nothing about being an american. its sad.

        1. Shamrock Avatar

          It does NOT represent the necessity of the federal government…it is a cry for the several independent colonies to join forces and fight the British empire, or to watch the fledgling nation of loosely joined states in the form of a republic, die. The federal government you see now was not a thought in the minds of the founders back then (read their writings), it became the albatross it is now through the actions of Lincoln (trying to hold a country together, but chipping away at a State’s rights), and even more overtly through FDR and his moves to have the government become a nanny state.

          1. Shamrock, NO IT DOES NOT.

            It was first produced in 1754 by Franklin to stress the importance of a federally governed colony in response to the threat posed by the Native Americans and French in North America.

            It has NOTHING to do with independence or Republicanism.

            1. You are both right. While it originally was intended to unite the colonies against the French and Indians, it was later adopted and used extensively as a rallying banner for American Independence.

            2. random thought Avatar
              random thought

              Oh yeah, the threat of the original inhabitants of America who were probably initially friendly before the fear-filled settlers starting taking over the land. Read the real history of Columbus and what that group did to the Taino Indians.

  3. Did I see this tattoo on someone in a recent movie or TV show?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      That’s likely. It’s a very popular tattoo. Awesome historic meaning, great phrase, and a badass snake cut into pieces… what’s not to like? :P

  4. weeknightingale Avatar

    Love Craig Ferguson!

  5. What a nice guy!

  6. Yeah, I love Craig Ferguson. This is a guy who became American by choice and then to show how much he loves and appreciates his new home he tats himself with something overtly patriotic. He deserves citizenship more than some others I can think of. And yes the show you were thinking of where you saw that snake is most likely on Glenn Beck on the 9-12 project – Unite or Die.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Craig Ferguson definitely seems like a good guy. I agree, he definitely deserves his citizenship.

      Interesting Glenn Beck link!

      1. only Glenn Beck would be stupid enough to put federal propaganda on his show and consider it oligarchial.


  8. Dear Rickie … it had nothing to do with French or Native Americans either, it was a satirical cartoon created by Ben Franklin to to encourage the unification of the 13 colonies against the British Crown.

    I just love it when people blame Native Americans for stuff… um the name says it all.. NATIVE Americans. Way I see it you all are treading on our land. Peace out.. Oh and Craig Ferguson rocks and has the right idea for being an American, being one by choice not by force.

    1. Nicholas Mathews Avatar
      Nicholas Mathews

      “Join, or Die” is a well-known political cartoon, created by Benjamin Franklin and first published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754. The original publication by the Gazette is the earliest known pictorial representation of colonial union produced by a British colonist in America. It is a woodcut showing a snake cut into eighths, with each segment labeled with the initials of one of the thirteen American colonies or region. New England was represented as one segment, rather than the four colonies it was at that time. In addition, Delaware (then a part of Pennsylvania) and Georgia were omitted completely. Thus, it has 8 segments of snake rather than the traditional 13 colonies. The two northernmost British American colonies at the time, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, were not represented, nor were any British Caribbean possessions. The cartoon appeared along with Franklin’s editorial about the “disunited state” of the colonies, and helped make his point about the importance of colonial unity. During that era, there was a superstition that a snake which had been cut into pieces would come back to life if the pieces were put together before sunset. This cartoon was used in the French and Indian War to symbolize that the colonies needed to join together with England to defeat the French and Indians. It became a symbol of colonial freedom during the

      1. Nicholas Mathews Avatar
        Nicholas Mathews

        American Revolution.

  9. The hell is with the camera angle at 2:00? it’s like, the side of Craig’s shoulder or something….way to be professional cameraman.

    1. Really? Do you know nothing about production?

      Jamie this is probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard yet.

      1. Nicholle Avatar

        Is being rude really necessary? Seriously.

  10. David Pyzik Avatar
    David Pyzik

    Seriously!? Dang it! I thought this would be a great tattoo on the same dang place (only, my left arm).

    Poop. I have an appointment this weekend.

  11. What a stupid tatoo. Bad enough marking your whole arm with a dum 1700’s political slogan. But to think its cool, and to like it because you like craig? I like his show. But the tatoo is dumb. At least get just a dragon or snake tatoo and maybe put your wife or girlfriend or something actually relavant on your arm. Wow. Why do people want to become “badasses” and think the way to be cool and “badass” is to get a dumb mark on theyre body. Now tatoos are sick when they are good artwork or a really cool menaingful tatoo. But this is simply dumb. And dont argue and say he wants to promote america, and is proud of his citizenship. Or that he is cool because of his anti governmentness. Put something cooler, this is a retarded political statment and a dumb way to ruin the way your forearm looks

    1. Your an ass

    2. So what you believe is “relevant” is the only relevance that others are allowed to have tattooed into their skin, otherwise, it’s “stupid” and “dumb”? I have to say, a dragon or a snake with no significance to the person getting it is the definition of a dumb tattoo – getting a “cool dragon” just to have a tattoo is the epitome of something people regret later. I have a few tattoos myself, and each means something to me, regardless of who says what in an Internet post; I didn’t get them to impress people, I got them as a reminder of something, or someone, and because they mean something to me, I don’t hide them…I don’t go out of my way to show them, and most of the time forget they are there unless someone comments on one of them…and I think you’ll find this to be true of most people who have tattoos.

    3. What about what Craig said in the above interview makes you think he got the tattoo to be a “badass”? Oh, I guess you have some inside insight into his decision. Maybe your friends with him and spoke to him about this? Surely that’s the case, and not just you trashing someone when you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about…

  12. pussy secretiondrinker Avatar
    pussy secretiondrinker

    I agree with joe blow me. Bottom line even if it is meaningful to craig it is a stupid tatoo. Just get a snake or sometihng you came up with. And I agree make it menaingful with your own wording. Who cares about what ben franklin said in the 1700s? Also I hope David Plyzic was joking. You must be a dumb trashbag if you were really gonna get that tatoo on your arm just like him, even if you didnt know he had it. Why on earth would you think your making a statement with that dumb tatoo? Get a cool piece of art not that stupid snake and state names. Fuck the states, your body and mind transcend the U.S. and the earth your a beautiful human being. Get something full of life and meaning. Guarentee you just want to walk around with your sleeve rolled up to show it off like your so cool. Just hoping someone will ask you about it. Then you can go ahead and tell them the dumb speal, then they will flatter you telling you its cool and thats a neat political idea you never knew of. When really if you read my comment making fun of you, you would laugh and totally agree. Come on man, get something cool something totally original and actually meaningful. Also no matter what you say your ego wants to show off how cool you are for having and getting through the Pain of a tattoo. If you were a real man, you would wear your tatoo silently knowing what you had secretly on your arm. The Japanese full suit tattoos are like this, it is a discrace for anyone to know you have it. And lastly how cool would it be if somehow someone found out and you hadnt told them or tried to brag about your tatoo then they would really want to know more about you because you wrent like every trashbag who has to show off theyre fashion tats. I seriously hat when someone with tatoos has no shirt on or theyre sleves rolled or clothing adjusted so you can definetly see the tatoo. And I love tatoos and piercings, but I seriously think the ego jerks have little dicks and cant score with women with theyre mind and heart, so they think these external images are gonna really show what they are all about. You should not live behind the images, you should be the images. Damn you struck a nerve, please I hope you werent serious about the tatoo, actually I hope you were youdeserve to have that attrocious thing on your arm for life, and get some more too just so you will be a walking billboard that says “lookim wearing my ego” and look im a trashy F.aggit

    1. jenniferVasquez Avatar

      your Pretty narrow minded, but I totally agree about people showing off tattoos. As a woman I find these guys egotistical and arrogant. They always try and act sweet like they are tough but nice, I don’t fall for it for a second. Usually tattoo guys are either unintelligent, or really unattractive. Oh and I totally agree about how dumb this tattoo is. Or any political statement. Not to mention ugly as heck

      1. I have to say that it seems superficial to believe that men (you don’t seem to include women, but maybe that was just an oversight on your part) are “egotistical and arrogant” as well as “unintelligent, or really unattractive.”

        I doubt that you actually mean that your ideas about what is a significant tattoo is a pattern that every person who gets a tattoo should follow; I would hope that you believe that no tattoo is stupid or ugly if it is something that holds special meaning to the owner of that tattoo – even if it’s a tattoo you may not connect with, or understand the meaning it holds for the person who wears it.

        I hope any tattoo you may have, or eve may get, is not judged by others based on something that they don’t connect with, but if that ever is the case, I’m sure that the meaning the tattoo holds for you will alleviate the ignorance of those who may condem your wearing it proudly as the work of art you see in it – political statement or not.

    2. What a rambling piece of nonsense this is; the funniest part is that the tattoos which you think mean something, like a just a snake, mean nothing to me, it’s just a drawing that has been inked into someone’s flesh…and yet I understand that each person has a reason for having a tattoo placed on their skin. The other point you make about tattoos is also nonsensical – tattoos are works of art that are painted on a person in order to share with others in their world, much like a painting or any other work of art. People who buy art don’t shove it in a closet or storage room, they display it as something not only they can appreciate, but those around them as well.

      As to “who cares what Ben Franklin said in the 1700’s?,” I would add, who cares what you think in 2013? To many, Franklin and the Founders are voices that speak to their beliefs – in politics, philosophy, education, the arts, the military, etc; most people recognize the genius that was held by this collection of scholars that shaped our country. While I take that you could care less about this country based on your statement about it, it is an opinion that most Americans don’t share, and that is why the Founders are revered and quoted, and your ramblings are shared anonymously in a post on a thread.

      1. John white Avatar

        Shamrock,Your a DICK

    3. Well, actually when your are a stupid person. Maybe it’s better to avoid talking. ;0P

  13. john smith Avatar

    wow that really musta struck a nerve, who cares what other people do with theyre bodies its a free country. And plus your right let the dummies get the marks allover theyre bodies. It definetly says something about them hahahaha. Wow thats so progressive really makes a statement, better show everyone hahahah, although I disagree with judging people. He’s right people you gotta agree. I love the craig ferg show. But the tattoo is kinda eh… to each theyre own though its a free country. Go to I think it is or google bad tatoos them are some really hilariously bad tatoos, some really dumb statements this one is mild compared to them I have laughed out loud at the site

  14. David Pyzik Avatar
    David Pyzik

    I agree with Shamrock’s statements. You’ll be happy to know I did indeed get the tattoo, of the original drawing.

    In my mind, it was/is art. A simple image and short phrase was able to move a forming nation and later was adopted to move it again.

    I did not place the image on my body to please random people on the internet, so it’s not of my concern if you or anyone else approves.


    1. Good to hear you got the tattoo you wanted, and weren’t swayed by foolish children on an internet thread; enjoy your art.

  15. Pussysecretiondrinker loses ALL credibility not only by having such an arrogant, childish internet handle, but even his street cred by being unable to even spell the word “tattoo,” much less give rational advice about them.

    1. Odins eye Avatar

      Yea these guys in here have no clue what the fuck there talking about

  16. I have tattoos all over my body.some are meaningful some I got when I was young and dumb..but there either a good memory or I see how far I came since I was a kid getting tattoos before they were the new hipster faggity thong to do

  17. Godpplrstupid Avatar

    The funny thing is that no matter how you feel or what say, it’s a free country. I do care what Ben had to say because without our history we can’t be thankful for what we have. That’s the reason for the state of this country. You stupid fools could careless about what made this country what it great and what it cost to have what we have now. Yes our forefathers made mistakes, yes they did do terrible things. But you guys are so small u want to complain about a guy’s tattoo. I won’t say I love it or hate it. I do love what it stands for. If more ppl today had the balls to stand up for what is right and stopped being Pansy’s, then this country wouldn’t be in this state. Now go back to sleep and let this country turn in to a bigger pile of crap. I worry not for you, but the future of or children.

  18. And so the devil wins again. All this infighting about facts or supposed truth.the truth shall set you free. If any one of you would spend 2mintes reading your bible, you would know that Jesus, your lord, has bought and paid for your body and your soul. That means that your body is not your own. So what ever the reason, stop painting it or poking it. Try to leave this world with the same amount of holes you came in with. Cussing and blaming others for your complete lack of biblical information is your fault. Why not learn about your king, Jesus, and stop wasting your time trying to figure out the devils your bible. I’ll say it again, read your bible. Draw close unto the lord and get the truth from him. Or spend your days as a fool. go jesus

  19. America has sich a bad history but i think this tat was not intended to immortalize. That is a huge piece of hx. Kniwlege that some ppl domt know about an interesting piece of art work and to bw honest. Slaves were sold to the europeans and look we sell drugs to our own ppl today. Ppl treat you how u allow them to be treated and u if u say u aint shit then they will assume u aint shit.

  20. I know there are many errors in my last post but its not right we need to start treating each other better. But that’s really cool piece of art. Interesting piece of art. Sad history

  21. Craig Ferguson of late night fame has this tattoo!;) Avatar
    Craig Ferguson of late night fame has this tattoo!;)

    Craig Ferguson Rocks! Bring him back!