New Marine Corp Deployment Bag


Initial distribution of the Corps’ new Deployment Bag, a 10-pound footlocker on wheels, began in September and will continue for the next year, according to Marine Corps Systems Command. Manufactured by California-based ForceProtector Gear, the new bag can haul up to 75 pounds and is a significant upgrade from the service’s standard green duffel, which has remained largely unchanged for the past 25 years, officials said.

Talk about a big improvement to the old “sea bag”:


The Corps agreed to pay Atlantic Diving Supply, the bag’s distributor, $18 million for about 60,000 bags, according to SysCom.

They means that they are getting the bags for $300 each

Full article at MarineCorpsTimes – HERE

You can buy one for $420 right now at – HERE


2 responses to “New Marine Corp Deployment Bag”

  1. James Avatar

    Are all Marines getting this standard issue now or do you have it issued by CIF and hae to return it after checking out of the unit?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      According to the marine corps. times article I linked, you can’t keep them. The bags must be returned to the Special Training Allowance Pool at the end of each deployment. :( On the bright side you will still be issued a 2 sea bags when you can keep. hehe