Tag: slingshot

  • Arrow Shooting AR-15 Upper Receiver

    Crazy slingshot guy builds one: Hmmmm unregulated auto receivers in Germany.  Who knew?  He must really love slingshots if he picks those over auto firearms.  What a waste of a auto receiver though haha man. My first thought was that it looked really front heavy, but in the comments he addresses that and says that front part is…

  • Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun

    Joerg Sprave tries his hand at helping out the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation: hahah man that guy has a lot of fun with his vids.  Something tells me though, that he won’t be seeing that $100k anytime soon.  Maybe he should put a micro computer on it, run MS Windows and have it do…

  • High Capacity Oreo Assault Weapon

    Trust Joerg Sprave to turn an Oreo into a projectile: Crazy slingshot guy… you so crazy. Separating the creme from the cookie too!  Too bad it didn’t work… the idea was solid though. Thoughts?

  • Assault Paper Airplanes

    Obviously we should ban these: Crazy slingshot guy Joerg Sprave, with a little R&D on the topic. Basically a glorified dart… I’m not mad at it though. Thoughts?

  • Drill Powered Auto Slingshot Gatling Minigun

    Joerg Sprave doesn’t play around: 8 barrels that fire pistol crossbow bolts.  “As you know I love weaponizing Black & Decker tools” hahahaha He’s sure coming up with some interesting more complicated designs lately. Even though he was fairly close, the accuracy looked quite deadly.  Ban assault slingshots! I still think he could make a good living…

  • Crazy Slingshot Guy – Witch Hunter

    Joerg does a promo for the new Hansel & Gretel movie (starring that guy from Hurt Locker): In typical nice-guy-Joerg fashion, he didn’t want their money… he just asked for 2 tickets to the premiere. hahah man that guy has a lot of fun doing what he does. In theaters January 25th, 2013.