Drill Powered Auto Slingshot Gatling Minigun

Joerg Sprave doesn’t play around:

8 barrels that fire pistol crossbow bolts.  “As you know I love weaponizing Black & Decker tools” hahahaha

Joerg-SpraveHe’s sure coming up with some interesting more complicated designs lately.

Even though he was fairly close, the accuracy looked quite deadly.  Ban assault slingshots!

I still think he could make a good living if someone refined his designs for and paid him royalties. Thoughts?


3 responses to “Drill Powered Auto Slingshot Gatling Minigun”

  1. I love this guy. I was laughing so hard I spit coffee on my laptop. Awesome.

  2. Every ten year old needs one..

  3. Charles Barnes Avatar
    Charles Barnes

    I am fascinated! I would love to have the plan on how to build this. Are they available, or will I just have to copy the idea?