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  • Conrad The Constitution – S03E05 ft. ENDO

    I love this show: Ron Paul in an ENDO Apparel Defend Freedom shirt!!!!!  Definitely a personal and business milestone #ENDOMadeIt  Thanks FoxBros! Ooooooo yea!  Glad to see he removed the “remove before operating” tag before he needed to use that M4, otherwise things may not have went as planned. Make sure to head over to the…

  • Conrad The Constitution S3E02

    Dianne Feinstein pays Conrad a visit: Damn I seriously love this show.  4 minutes just isn’t long enough though… I need a Conrad feature film!

  • Conrad The Constitution – S02E06

    Conrad gets kidnapped by Dianne Feinstein, taken to CA and hilarity ensues: LOLOL Feinstein’s voice. 2:24 – “The bill has passed.  You may now violate the constitution” 3:13 – LOL Leland Yee’s voice too. Holy the episode was great… watch it.  I like how they push the envelope southpark-style. Thoughts?

  • Conrad The Constitution And The 2nd American Revolution

    Ron Paul and Conrad kick some ass: Every man that fights gets two Obama George Forman Grills!  Speaking of George Foreman grills, I haven’t used one of those in a while… nothing beats a BBQ though. I really hope they keep up with this series.  I like it because it’s controversial like SouthPark, but has…

  • Ron Paul Rifle

    Politics do not even interest me slightly, but this is funny: This gun is like Ron Paul.  Consistently accurate, defends liberty, feared by tyrants, and most important NOT FOR SALE.  No special intrest.  No lobbyist.  No Bailouts. (Source) Clever.  What’s the verdict on Ron Paul now anyway?  Last I heard, people were saying that half…