Ron Paul Rifle

Politics do not even interest me slightly, but this is funny:

This gun is like Ron Paul.  Consistently accurate, defends liberty, feared by tyrants, and most important NOT FOR SALE.  No special intrest.  No lobbyist.  No Bailouts.


Clever.  What’s the verdict on Ron Paul now anyway?  Last I heard, people were saying that half of what came out his mouth was batshit crazy, and the other half was brilliant.


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  1. Gotta watch more Ron Paul interviews and lectures, and don’t let anyone decide for you. :)

    On a side note, I’m diggin’ the homage to GI JOE on the dude’s tshirt.
    A poster on this blog uses a picture of “Dusty” ala GI JOE….

    1. overkill556x45 Avatar

      I’m an RP fan, and I use “Dusty” as my tag because that’s my first name and I was an infantryman who briefly worked as an HVAC installer. It’s like someone saw my future.

      The part most people regard as “batshit crazy” from RP’s platform is that he doesn’t want to immediately and preemptively go to war with Iran, and he doesn’t want to do nation-building. Those two things are very bad for campaign mega-contributors (and war profiteers) like SAIC and FLUOR, so he’s “batshit crazy”.

      1. Grindstone Avatar

        Probably more to do with his racism, homophobia, antisemetism, and so on that makes him “batshit crazy”.

        1. Or his “legalize meth” position. LOL

          1. Ernest Young Avatar
            Ernest Young

            Why not, I actually see were he is coming from on that one.

        2. Good thing none of that is true, or there would be a problem…

  2. Geez, if you wanted traffic you could have just put up scantily clad chicks. But you had to go a summon Paul-bots. You poor bastard.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      What about Ron Paul themed scantily clad girls? Is that money in the bank?

      1. I’d buy one!

        …wait what?

    2. LOL.

  3. Ron Paul is nothing if not honest. The only thing I don’t like about him is that he is party line to the point of appearing brainless, but I guess that’s better than what we currently have now.

  4. Ron Paul is the only Republican I know of that I would vote for. Or as it could be said, Ron Paul is the only Republican I know of. It’s a shame they are making him compete with these theocrats.

    1. Rick Santorum. Conservative,.

      1. Rick Santorum = raging lunatic. The man publicly and openly believes there is no guarantee of privacy for the private citizen in the constitution. He also believes that birth control should be outlawed because it ‘isn’t natural’. This is from the guy that brought his stillborn son’s corpse home from the hospital so he could show it to his other children. Check the wikipedia article if you think I’m making this up.

        1. Wikipedia? No, I take ANYTHING that comes from that website with two grains of salt.

          But then show me one of the candidates that we have that haven’t said something over the top.

          1. Okay, then go to wikipedia and click the little blue numbers next to the quotes if you’re that afraid of the words. Then you can read the exact same words on a different website.

            Over the top and “I want to strip you of your rights to privacy and sex” are slightly different, aren’t they?

            1. Where did I say I was afraid of words? I didn’t. Wikipedia is known for scrubbing information that would be damning to some political party.

              1. To leave wiki alone for a bit, it seems you’re arguing that I am wrong and he is not, in fact, out to ruin our private lives. If that is the case I look forward to seeing your evidence that everything I said about him originally is not 100% accurate. I will gladly submit if you can find statements where he denies outright arguing against privacy in the constitution and the legalization of birth control, or that he DIDN’T bring his dead infant son home to show to his family. I’ll be waiting for your reply.

                1. You brought up Wiki and suggested I read it as it contained the information which backed your opinion of the man. I did exactly as you suggested and clicked the “little blue number” and read the articles they linked to. The content of the articles that Wiki links to did not support the claims you make on his stance.

                  I don’t know the man and could be dead wrong, but based on the reading you suggested I do through Wiki it’s not me who is in the wrong here.



                    From the Fox News article I pulled up: “What I was saying was that if you say there is an absolute right to privacy for consenting adults within the home to do whatever they want,” Santorum continued, “[then] this has far-reaching ramifications, which has a very serious impact on the American family, and that is what I was talking about.”

                    1. And he is right. If I have an absolute right to privacy in my home then I could, for example, have myself a little harem of wives.

            2. Holy crap man, did YOU read the articles? He stated privacy isn’t part of the Constitution because it ISN’T. No where does he say you can’t use it. He doesn’t make the case that you shouldn’t have the right to marital privacy, he actually states that you ARE entitled to it. I just isn’t covered in the Constitution.

              He brought up speaking on birth control because he believes it has lead to a moral decline of America. You know, CHILDREN having sex and our schools handing out condoms to our kids and essentially telling them it’s OK so long as they’re “covered” It’s a valid point and well worth discussing.

              1. Yeah, children having sex. I can’t believe that is happening nowadays. It’s such a new phenomenon. Oh, wait. It’s not. Rodrigo Borgia, aka Pope Alexander VI, married his illegitimate daughter Lucrezia off at the ripe age of 13 years. Remember, back then marriages didn’t count without consummation (i.e. having sex to get pregnant). My point is, minors have been having sex forever, consensually or otherwise. Condoms, like seatbelts, help prevent bad things from happening when teens do what teens do-make mistakes. Schools that don’t provide them are being almost negligent.

                1. Seriously, comparing a Pope from the 1490’s to our children today?

                  It’s not the school or governments place to hand condoms to my children and you call them negligent for not doing so??? BS, schools have ZERO right to raise my children or undermine the morals we teach here at home.

                  1. My guess is the morals that you are referring to come from the Bible? A book of tales that was considered complete a thousand years before the events that I referenced? Whose out of date now? Oh, and did you ever go to high school? The schools aren’t giving kids hotel room keys along with the condoms. To deny that children have been and continue having sex is ignorant. Claiming that schools have no right to raise your child is false as well. Unless you homeschool, your child(ren) is/are being raised while at school. I suggest that you take your head out of the sand and take a look at the real world.

                    1. Never did I suggest that kids aren’t having sex. Kindly stop putting words in my mouth. I said it’s not the schools rights to go against what I teach my children and tell them it’s acceptable for them to have sex.

                      While it’s apparently not your opinion, it IS the opinion of my wife and I that our as a whole the majority of the US is morally bankrupt. We also feel that schools passing out condoms like candy is enabling them and encouraging the behavior.

                      Your comments also make me believe that you and I define “raise” differently. My wife and I consider child rearing to teach them respect, morale’s and values in addition to their education. We feel that the school is for education and the remainder is our right and responsibility to handle.

        2. FYI – Like it or not there is no Right to Privacy written in the Constitution. It was created by the Supreme Court “interpreting” the Constitution. There are numerous people that don’t believe in a right to privacy in the Constitution (a few of them currently sit on the Supreme Court). After studying the Constitutional law for a few years in law school, (note I am nothing of a scholar but only an observer) one could come to the conclusion that much of the expansion of the Constitution is ummm … BS. One of the hardest things I had to realize are laws/statutes/constitutions are frequently interpreted to mean what the interpreter wants them to mean. There is no Objective viewpoint in the law. The best you can hope for is someone with a consistent method of interpreting laws.

      2. One of these is not like the other!

  5. Ron Paul seems to be the only Republican Presidential candidate with ethics and consistency. If it wasn’t for some of his misinformed positions (e.g. he doesn’t believe in climate change, forgetting that climate change doesn’t have to be believed in because it is happening regardless) he’d be a fantastic President.

    I bet the “Not for Sale” sign wouldn’t stop Newt or Mitt from doing something shady to make money off of the AR.

    1. Pop N Fresh Avatar
      Pop N Fresh

      except for claiming to be against pork then inserting his own into bills he knows will pass and then voting against said bills because they include pork

  6. Even if your not interested in politics, politics still takes an interest in you.

    1. +1 There’s an thought I can get behind.

  7. I hear climate change has been linked to a huge star in the middle of our solar system. His not believing in man made climate change is from misinformation? If you’ve listened to what he says (and not what the media says about him) and still think he’s “batshit crazy” then don’t vote for him….but I’d have a hard time buying that.

    1. The huge star only influences the natural cycles, we’ve created a new norm with the changes we’ve made to the atmosphere. And yes, he has been misinformed by some shady people who are making a lot of money out of oil. See here:

      Fortunately RP should be smart enough to recognise the threat climate change presents. None of the others in the race would, they play to the choir or popularity and lobbyist money.

    2. Isn’t it funny how it started out as global warming and after it was showing we’re actual in a global cooling trend they change it to climate change?

      Looks at the people and organizations who push this theory on us and what do you see? Supporters of one world governments, redistribution of wealth, payments of reparation or flat out socialism. Never mind Al Gore would become an overnight billionaire if the US enacted carbon trading.

      1. Tyson Adams Avatar
        Tyson Adams

        And in reality land that doesn’t make any sense. It isn’t cooling, it is warming (remember we still get natural variability) and trying to do something about it is not a conspiracy. You want a conspiracy? Check out the millions of dollars the Koch brothers have spent on anti-science campaigns to directly benefit their bottom lines.

        1. If it were warming why the need to stop calling it global warming after Climate Gate and start calling it climate change?

          It makes perfect sense to those who’re able to think for themselves.

          1. That makes no sense. Climate Change has been a term in use since the early 1800s, as has Global Warming. That’s how long we’ve been researching this topic.

            Please read the research rather than what some lobby group funded by Exon or the Koch brothers says. This site has links to all the relevant research:

  8. Jon Hutto Avatar

    I would argue the Glock is like Ron Paul… Great on your pocket book, but terrible at long range.

    It’s hard to get my head around his ‘head in hole’ approach to international policy.

    1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

      Having made Foreign Policy my course of study in University, yeah, it’s a little ‘what the hell dude’ kind. Otherwise he’s consistent in his views. I may not like him, but he isn’t gonna turn and eat his own words just because some hack from the WaPo asks him to.

    2. Actually your statement intrigues me. RP would be great on our pocket book, allowing us to continue into the long range down the road, while still having defense. Let’s say RP wins and secures our debt or makes a huge dent in it while withdrawing U.S. involvement in EVERYTHING global for a maximum of 8 years. The world will still be there when we decide to return as a stronger economic power.

      Also in terms of long range Glocking, Hickock45 is hitting targets at 200+ yards with his Glocks (and other handguns).

  9. I have to say, when I listen to RP, I feel exactly that. One moment, “wow that’s brilliant!”, the next, “wow that’s insane….”. He is too isolationist (he has failed to learn from the isolationist circumstances surrounding WW2) and a little nutty on some science topics, but is by far the most consistent, and honest of all those yahoos. It is sad that an honest man is not electable b/c I would consider him even with his flaws….. ( and at least he did not pay 14% on 42 million, and claim that $300,000+ is “not a lot of money….)

  10. If you think Oklahoma City was a false flag operation, then Ron Paul is your man.

  11. Ron Paul is the right wing version of a moonbat. He may have some good ideas, but you could say the same thing about Hitler.

  12. i voted for him here in SC

  13. hydepark308 Avatar

    Politics is the only way to attack the 2nd Amendment. They should interest you.

    1. No kidding, politics has DESTROYED the Second Amendment and is about to destroy America.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Maybe once being a politician stops becoming such a high paying job we will start getting people that actually want to better the country, not just screw around and retire with a lot of money.

  14. The only batshit crazy talk that comes out of his mouth is his religion. Fortunately, he understands that nobody gives a shit about his religion and they don’t want to hear it, so he keeps that out of the public debate. Which is more than anyone can say about his competition, who not only will not shut the fuck up about their “faith in god and family values”, but are so blatantly fake about it that it’s hard to know whether to laugh at them or fear them.

    Pretty much everything else Paul says makes a fuckload more sense than all the other candidates combined.

    1. Pretty much everything else Paul says makes a fuckload more sense than all the other candidates combined.

      Eh… To me, that’s kind of like saying, “He’s the tallest midget,” or, “He’s the smartest kid in Special Ed.”

  15. bigghoss Avatar

    Funny thing about politics. If you follow it you’ll get so pissed your blood pressure goes through the roof. But it’s too important NOT to follow.

  16. It should read: “This gun is like Ron Paul. Just when you think it’s centered, it’ll throw one so far right it misses the target completely.”

    1. LMAO

      Well done.

  17. tailypoe Avatar

    How can you attack Ron Paul as a FACIST, when he’s the ONLY candidate who actually takes your freedoms seriously ?
    Paul is only following the constitution and the founding fathers, unlike the rest of the congress that support illegal and treasonous war powers of the executive branch.
    He’s not following the party line, he’s following the founding fathers. Even if you don’t have a soul and like abortion, he’s the only choice for real conservatives / classical liberals / anyone who’s studied history.
    There are plenty of ron paul babes out there, mike.
    ! ! wake tha funk up !

    1. Grindstone Avatar

      infowars… lmfao
      Alex Jones is such a joke he’s beyond parody.

      1. When I first stumbled upon Jones on YouTube I thought he was a joke honest to God.

  18. tailypoe Avatar

    BTW, … he has NEVER voted to increase congressional pay and he puts all his little goodies back in the treasury.

  19. This is way too intense for me…

  20. tailypoe Avatar

    yo grindstone, alex jones has the former head of pakistan’s intelligence services, the head of the star wars weapons program, presedential briefers, and nobel prize winners on his show. are they a joke ?
    it’s not about alex jones.

    1. Yes, having a high-up position does not make you sane.

      Case and point, Arafat and Al Gore have peace Prizes.

      1. Case and point, Arafat and Al Gore have peace Prizes.

        That would be a “case in point.”

        1. Whatever, I’m too busy receiving blowjobs from supermodels and punching Communists in the dick to read over my comments and worry about grammar and shit.

          1. And lying?

            1. I’m not lying, just ask one of the supermodels.

              1. Jennifer "Booty" Jane Avatar
                Jennifer “Booty” Jane


                1. Exactly.

          2. I’m too busy receiving blowjobs from supermodels

            Cool. Say hi to Fabio.

            …read over my comments and worry about grammar…

            It’s not a grammar problem; it’s a problem of not understanding the idiom you’re trying to use.

            1. Whatever, bro.

              *Punches Hun Jintao in the wang*

    2. Grindstone Avatar

      Sorry, wouldn’t trust anyone from the Pakistani gov’t with a puppy, much less heading an intel service.
      Star Wars program. Yup, some real srs bsns there.
      And it’s not like they just pass out Nobel prizes, is it? I mean, Obama totally earned his.


  21. If you believe everything you were taught in school about history and economics, then RP sounds half crazy, or at least very confusing.

    When Ron speaks it’s kind of like in the Lord of the Rings where Tolkein references some vast, complex histories that he never really explains. It only makes sense if you’re the kind of person who will slog through the Silmarillion, at which point everything makes a fuckton of sense. If not, you will only ever half understand.

    If you understand Austrian economics, you understand Ron Paul. If you buy into the Keyensian bull crap that has been foisted on everyone since the mid 30’s; then yeah, half of what he says seems obscure and baseless.

    If you start to suspect that our omniscient, infallible leaders are ignorant and fallible, RP starts to sound a lot less crazy.

    1. Grindstone Avatar

      “If you start to suspect that our omniscient, infallible leaders are ignorant and fallible, RP starts to sound a lot less crazy.”
      No, he’s just like the rest of them.

      1. I’ve heard a lot of claims slung at RP, but him being just like the rest of politicians isn’t even something that his most vocal opponents claim. You may disagree with his positions, but he is utterly unique in Washington.

        1. Grindstone Avatar

          Probably because I have no vested interest in any politician and don’t feel the need to personally defend any of them. I hold no political allegiance to any one “group”. I like some of the things he says and think the rest of it is either nuts, racist, or just dumb.
          Just like every other politician.

  22. Okla.patriot Avatar

    Lets see, the globalist baknkers line the pockets of Mitt and the other Neocons, as well as the left. Go look for you self at

    While the top three contributors to Dr. Ron Paul is

    US Army
    US Navy
    US Air Force

    I guessing his plan for a strong natoinal defense is not as crazy as some would believe.

    1. Grindstone Avatar

      The three branches of the US Armed Forces not only endorse, but financially support a politican?
      Even if what you said wasn’t blatantely false, according to your own link, a military-backed candidate doesn’t seem like that great of an idea, especially for one proclaiming to be “libertarian”.

      Anyway, you are utterly wrong. His top three campaign contributors, per the site you quote, are thus:
      Beefcarver Restaurants $1,000
      Carolina Designs Realty Inc $1,000
      Microsoft Corp $300

      I take it by your screen name, you too are in Oklahoma?

      1. Okla.patriot Avatar

        You sir are the one who is wrong. Here is the direct link
        This table lists the top donors to this candidate in the 2012 election cycle. The organizations themselves did not donate , rather the money came from the organizations’ PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.
        US Army $24,503
        US Air Force $23,335
        US Navy $17,432
        Mason Capital Management $14,000
        Microsoft Corp $13,398
        Boeing Co $10,620
        Google Inc $10,390
        Overland Sheepskin $10,350
        IBM Corp $8,294
        US Government $7,756
        DUNN Capital Management $7,500
        Corriente Advisors $7,500
        Greenstreet Co $7,500
        Northrop Grumman $7,272
        Lockheed Martin $7,208
        Intel Corp $6,855
        US Dept of Defense $6,524
        United Technologies $6,316
        Federal Express Corp $6,255
        Entergy Corp $5950

        1. You sir are the one who is wrong. Here is the direct link

          But you said that the top three contributors were the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Obviously this is not the case, as you even say in your most recent comment, “The organizations themselves did not donate…”

          So it is you who was wrong, or misleading, in your initial comment.

          1. Okla.patriot Avatar

            Ron Paul get more contributions from active military people/family’s then all the other canadents combined.

            1. Whoa. That’s tough to read.

              1. Okla.patriot Avatar

                Ron Paul is very popular with the military. He receives more donations from active duty military personnel than all other Republican candidates combined.

                1. Ok. Your comment was tough to read because it looked like it was written by a second grader, not because of anything to do with the fact that military families.

                  family’s? No… “families.”
                  then? No… “than.”
                  canadents? Really?

                  1. Okla.patriot Avatar

                    Yes but I read at a fith grade level!

                    1. Okla.patriot Avatar


                    2. LMFAO. Touché.

                      Well played sir.

                  2. Grindstone Avatar

                    Well, he does have “Okla” in his screen name, implying residency in Oklahoma. I’ve lived there for only about 6 years, but failure to complete even elementary school isn’t uncommon.
                    In a nut shell, there’s a bunch of dumb rednecks out here.

                2. Grindstone Avatar

                  Yup, when I was in the USAF, out of the hundreds of cars in the parking lot, only ONE had a Paul bumper sticker. Everyone else was McCain (who I’m no political fan of, though I highly respect him for withstanding the torture he went through in VN).
                  Granted, the sampling was only Tinker AFB, but it is a nice microcosm of the branch as a whole.
                  So his donors are military personnel? I knew guys who voted for Obama, too.
                  A politician having the support of military personnel is somehow indicative of him being above reproach?
                  The vast majority of mil guys don’t follow politics outside of an election cycle. As long as the politician says he’ll get more money for the military and/or benefits, most of them will lap it up.

  23. tailypoe Avatar

    i don’t understand the silmarillion
    or hayek
    but i know a nightmare Tyranny / technocractic rapedown when i see it unfolding …
    we’re all Fucked, let’s face it. Capitalism is dead. America died with the federal reserve act.

  24. tailypoe Avatar

    lol, his biggest campaign contributers are the american people. nice statistics, tho.
    Obama / romney’s main contributors are goldman sachs / wall street.
    by the way, there were barometric micronuclear devices inside the OKC federal building, there were multiple TV newscasts, and the inventor of the neutron bomb has spoken about it on infowars.

    1. Grindstone Avatar

      Odd, my father-in-law was there, in the ruble, pulling out body parts. He has four kids, none of which have a third arm or two heads.

      Also, from a physics stand point, downtown OKC would no longer exsist if a micronuclear device was used, not to mention the radiation fallout would be far worse than conventional nukes due to the small size of the device.

      But reality and science has no part in your fantasy.

      1. …downtown OKC would no longer exsist if a micronuclear device was used, not to mention the radiation fallout would be far worse than conventional nukes due to the small size of the device.

        After doing a little reading on the subject, a “barometric” bomb and a “nuclear” bomb (or “micronuclear”) seem to be contradictory to one another. Everything I’ve been able to find regarding barometric bombs (I was unfamiliar with the term; I knew what a “thermobaric” bomb was, but had never heard of a “barometric” bomb), describes them as using conventional explosives; nothing “nuclear” about it.

    2. …there were barometric micronuclear devices inside the OKC federal building…

      Not only that, but the landing on the moon never happened; it was shot on a sound stage in Hollywood. And Elvis isn’t dead; he’s working as a short-order cook at a truck stop in Billings, Montana.

    3. Okla.patriot Avatar

      Yes most of Pauls contributions come in small amounts from individuals. But you have put down an employer when you donate money. So if you are employed by the army you have to put that down. If you work for Goldman sachs you put it down. So for mitt here is his top contributors

      Goldman Sachs $367,200
      Credit Suisse Group $203,750
      Morgan Stanley $199,800
      HIG Capital $186,500
      Barclays $157,750
      Kirkland & Ellis $132,100
      Bank of America $126,500
      PriceWaterhouseCoopers $118,250
      EMC Corp $117,300
      JPMorgan Chase & Co $112,250
      The Villages $97,500
      Vivint Inc $80,750
      Marriott International $79,837
      Sullivan & Cromwell $79,250
      Bain Capital $74,500
      UBS AG $73,750
      Wells Fargo $61,500
      Blackstone Group $59,800
      Citigroup Inc $57,050
      Bain & Co $52,500

  25. tailypoe Avatar

    there were several UNEXPLODED devices inside the building, look at the newscasts,
    It’s funny how all these ppl who are so knowledgeable won’t ever actually debate you on the facts.
    watch the documentary ” a noble lie ” about okc, they killed a lot of heroes and they killed a lot of people who spoke out about the killing. it’s called black ops.
    Hoppy heidelberg was on the grand jury, he was messed with a lot for asking questions, google him.

    1. …there were several UNEXPLODED devices inside the building, look at the newscasts…

      Well, I’ll hand it to you, you must be right, because the news never jumps the gun and reports things wrong. In any event, I didn’t hear any mention of nuclear devices, so I’m still curious from whose smelly southern orifice you pulled that from.

    2. Grindstone Avatar

      Well, I guess YouTube has all the answers.

      Sorry, I’m going to go with my father-in-law who was THERE, covered in the DUST and BLOOD. Not some paulbot pissant who hasn’t seen the light of day outside of his mother’s basement in weeks.

  26. tailypoe Avatar

    ironic : because the so called ” skeptic “s are usually know-nothing psuedo-literati who just talk smack from behind a thein veil of academia and appeal to the authority of some mercenary fuck in a suit.
    the other irony is : the ” conspiracy theorists ” have most of the ppl who wrote the book on shit on our side and it makes your authorities look like no one .

  27. Perturbo Avatar

    Mike ya had to invoke Rue Paul… don’t ya know it is like sending up a Paul signal, to the drug legalization people, truthers, anarchist, Neo confederates, isolationists, various crackpots, and some very misguided and mixed up people. The Paulsies give the O-bots a run for their money for unreasonable single minded, adoration, to this cult of personality that has sprung up around either Rue Paul, or Barry Obama.

  28. tailypoe Avatar

    either the media lied or there were multiple explosives ….
    drugs were ” legal ” in this country until very recently, young man.

    1. Perturbo Avatar

      I think we found your sacred cow…. so how long have you been a pothead?


  29. tailypoe Avatar

    as if it concerns you, I don’t do drugs.
    just coffee and cigs.

  30. tailypoe Avatar

    you gotta love arguing with self declared experts on the internet. they avoid touching your arguments like oil in water.

  31. tailypoe Avatar

    grind grind grind we all know someone who was involved in something horrible.
    My grandpa died of cancer, but i still gfight the cancer industry, even if it pisses ppl of sometimes .
    . . .
    It’s not about attacking me, if you want to disprove what i’m saying, attack my points.

    1. Grindstone Avatar

      No, I used to back in the “Loose Change” days, but found that those who still cling to their unfounded conspiracies will ignore any and all contradictory evidence.
      “… twisting facts to suit theories…” – A. Doyle.

      I eventually tired of it and now just troll the easily manipulated and guillable such as yourself.

      9/11!!!! Chem trails!!!! FEMA Camps!!!! Flouride!!!

  32. tailypoe Avatar

    By the way, Paul gets TWICE as much as ANY other candidate from active duty mil.

    1. Grindstone Avatar

      And that signifies what, exactly?