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  • Pringles Gun – Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

    First came a concept drawing by IWSE Zhang… Then the insanely talented 3d artist Vitaly Rush brought it to life in 3D inside Blender: Applying the textures: The final product: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vitaly Rush (@vitalyrush) Wow.  Blows my mind Vitaly only has 282 subs on YouTube and 1000…

  • 1911 – Animated 3D Rendered Look Inside

    Confusing, but likely worth one minute of your time: 1911 fanboy panties are going to get knotted up that some of the textures used have rust in them! LOL.  Accurate, from my experience not cleaning my Springfield Loaded when I owned it.  Guess how much pitting and rust my Glocks have? (Hope you’ve been practicing…

  • Futuristic Weapon Design By Pascal Eggert

    German graphic designer Pascal Eggert came up with some pretty sick new gun designs:   Thor PDW: Titan C2: Epic A1: Visit His Website – HERE Very interesting designs, both aesthetically and mechanically.