Futuristic Weapon Design By Pascal Eggert

German graphic designer Pascal Eggert came up with some pretty sick new gun designs:


Thor PDW:

Titan C2:

Epic A1:

Visit His Website – HERE

Very interesting designs, both aesthetically and mechanically.


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  1. Steven S. Avatar
    Steven S.

    Epic A1 is epic, that thing looks freaking sweet!

    I wonder if the Titan is suppose to shoot the same cartridge through both barrels or would it be different.

    1. easton laviolette Avatar
      easton laviolette

      that would be a good idea for faster firing like a minigun

  2. Wow… reminds me of something you’d see in Halo. I’d have to vote for the Epic A1 as my favorite too. He’s gone into an incredible amount of detail in the mock up and theoretical specifications for the sci-fi weapons on the website. Pretty cool concepts!

  3. Eightbyte Avatar

    I personally think the Epic looks kind of dumb. Although if it was able to function as it was designed, it would make for a pretty advanced weapon system. Even if it looks like a nerf gun and a printer had a baby, then that offspring had a baby with the Halo assault rifle. I’d want a Thor PDW. Realistic, compact, would pack a punch, and comes in hot-rod red. Oh yeaah.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Magazine changes look like they would be a pain in the ass with the thor.

      1. yeah. and i like the design, how it rotates along the clip in to a full stock, but how the hell does it get the bullets to go forward?

        1. Have you ever seen a P90’s clip, the bullets lay perpendicular to the barrel while in the clip. the rotate 90 degrees before firing. Though I think the designer should have put more thought into the design and instead flipped the bullets around so that the caps faced outward.

          1. rick mayson Avatar
            rick mayson

            you might want to see this:

            1. That is incredibly bad ass. I’ll take two.

  4. To be honest , wouldn’t the Epic’s dual mag feeding be really awkward to hold, I mean, it feels like it would interfere with a lot of things? Not to mention its unwieldy 12 kg

  5. Those are pretty impressive. The creativity displayed there is great, and the rendering on those models is first rate! As far as being viable weapons designs, I have reservations about that! For example, that Thor PDW is very cool looking, but the bolt rotates downward out of the way??? It looks to me like at 1,000 rounds per minute, you’d be holding a giant vibrator. Redirecting the mass of the bolt to essentially pivot around a central point like that seems like a terrible idea (at least without something to counter-balance it). The numbers for the specs are a little iffy too. It says it uses 5.56 Nato (which should, of course, be NATO), at 820 m/s. With his numbers of 1,200 to 1,300 Joules, it works out to between 55 and 60 grains for bullet mass, but 820 m/s is quite a bit slower than a 55-60 grain 5.56 NATO; I think it should be closer to 980 m/s. For the Epic, which Jeff pointed out is ridiculously heavy – 12.52 kilograms, or 27.6 pounds!!! – the stated energy is 18,000 to 19,000 Joules, he states the two types of rounds have muzzle velocity of 900 m/s and 250 m/s. To generate that energy, the fast round would have to have a mass of 686 grains (more than an ounce and a half), and the slower (the grenade) a mass of 8,885 grains (1.27 pounds).

    You’ll have to forgive me, I had a calculator handy and was curious how his math worked out.

    So, very cool artwork and concepts, but, as most video game stuff is, probably not realistic. Math needs tweaked, NATO needs to be all caps, and the Epic states that it uses “Solenoid Barrel ® technology” – it’s illegal to use the ® registered trademark symbol unless you have been granted an official trademark from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office!

    I wonder how long it takes to design and render something like that. It is amazing how detailed the models and the specs are. If the designs and specs were more realistic I could easily think I was looking at real weapons mockups.

    1. rick mayson Avatar
      rick mayson

      The thor is real

    2. I imagine 5.56 is normally fired from longer barrels than a PDW sized weapon, hence faster muzzle velocity.

  6. SPC Fish Avatar
    SPC Fish

    i actually would like to see the thor pdw as more than just a sci-fi weapon. it looks viable.

    And JOSH,
    about the downward rotating bolt, it is possible. look at the kriss. as much as i dont like the kriss, it works with the super-V system, which i do like.

    i think the THOR PDW would be something interesting to send into KAC or god forbid Ares

    1. From what I recall about the Kriss (from what I read on blogs), it redirected energy downward in an effort to reduce muzzle rise, right? From what I recall, it utilizes a very calculated process that redirects recoil by moving parts in front of the center of gravity of the weapon. And, is the KRISS a pistol only? (I remember a recent story about a KRISS pistol anyway.) In this case, the design doesn’t appear to be meant to counter-act muzzle rise caused by recoil, and the downward energy from the bolt, as it comes to a stop, occurs behind the center of gravity of the weapon. The downward force behind the center of gravity would force the muzzle up, as opposed to the KRISS, where the intention is that the downward force at the front of the weapon will counter the recoil.

  7. Sigivald Avatar

    Josh – 15 USC 1111 says only that registered mark holders may use the (r) – no law I can find says that other people cannot. (It might be tortious to use it in actual commerce, perhaps.)

    Fictional uses of the (r) symbol appear to be completely (and reasonably) unregulated.

    1. Well, first off, I was saying that in a joking manner, simply because it stuck out to me among some of the other errors. That being said, it is illegal to use the circle r mark unless your mark or name is registered with the USPTO. See the USPTO website, frequently asked questions (link below). Note the part that says, “…you may use the federal registration symbol “®” only after the USPTO actually registers a mark, and not while an application is pending.”


  8. Time to link this one to the boys (and girls, I think) at the FO3Nexus forums. They’ll wet their pants… with joy!

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    the most futuristic weapons known to mankind will be built by a guy named MR. T. and he knows the superior and the most advanced weapons of the future yet to be invented you can find him somewhere around waldo street hanging out by the ice cream shop with some super fine girls in bikini’s hey but all is good in love and war right ?

  11. My insight,
    ThorPDW- Very nice design, but assuming the 5.56 feeds through the primary hand grip, 45mm is a bit long, if that were a minimum width, is still quite large, plus the width of the disc mag, one large grip, it isn’t a bad thing, but for those with smallish hands getting a reasonable grip would be difficult. plus using a rifle bullet as opposed to pistol munition in a small firearm, the recoil on full auto would make the gun inaccurate, plus the excruciatingly short gas tube, if the thor even has one, would make for some catastrophic failure or quick overheating. Real world, could exist and would be a popular civilian carbine similar to a kel-tec folding subgun(you would still need a class3 to own a thor though, unless the stock was fixed and the barrel length is longer then maybe just a simple declaration), but no military organization would adopt it, because of mag storage, and the previous reasons.

    Titan- A very marketable weapon, i am curious to know what the second munition is, my only bug would be where would the mag go for the second. Maybe if it had a short 20 or 12 gauge magazine in the back just behind the primary grip, or a tube feeding mag, but if it did have a tube mag then the gun wouldn’t need to be as tall (could lose atleast 1/2 an inch or an inch). Still probably the most realistic one here though.

    Epic A-1- Looks like a regular BFG-9000. If we ever came close to needing small arms that big and powerful to take down a large or numbered amount of enemies then you may just wanna stick your head up your own ass and hide because those enemies are not from earth, and if they are then we really pissed off some asian country that either built something or genetically mutated something so strong we’d a weapon like the Epic. Because i’m not a total asswipe, my only bitch is the magazine in the back, two things, one, its on the left of the gun, so right handers beware, and two, where the hell does that munition even go? You would obviously have to pull the primary right handed trigger to use it which kinda nulifies the chances of that being a true secondary. or the system of the gun works similar to Mk1 garand grenades and the back mag feeds blank force rounds which thrust the grenade out, but what would be the point to all that ineficiency? Either way, its just a space gun, hahaha

  12. The C2 looks kinda like a Tavor with two barrels. Just add an underslung grenade launcher or shotgun and you’re good to go.

  13. I would design the inside the Thor PDW right when the bullets reach the end of the yellow thing, at the top inside the gun there would be a small piece of metal that would flip the bullets. The Titan C2 looks pretty cool, but I can’t figure out what the Epic A1 shoots

  14. The Epic A1 looks totally awesome!!!! Definitely my favorite gun. The grenade launcher makes it just that much more awesome. You could be just like BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM (fires grenade) BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!! Lol look at this face I found out how to type: ö¿ö

  15. The one thAS ACTUALLY SMART Avatar

    I like the thor but as a real shooter the bullets would be loaded backward and i dont get the stuff under the barrel

  16. o.o haha lol Avatar
    o.o haha lol

    the epic in all honesty reminds me of those miniature guns that are actually lighters (thats a simile btw) which in this case is a nerf rifle of some sort with 4 hair dryers strapped to it :L

  17. Lovin the epic. Second fave is the thor. titan kinda sucks ass.

  18. raedoqq Avatar

    i would like to c the thor beinq desiqned it looks suitable for combat just noticed but does the thor have a foldout stock ??

  19. As far as im concerned when does Thor go in to production? Great design, and concept, the Mag on it is great, i wonder if it would have problems with feeding and if it would use a system like the P-90 that would rotate the round. However, the Titan, I am not so enthusiastic about, for thease reasons; 1. you would have to zero two rifles. If you could toggle between the two it could be a effective cqb tool but the loading would be difficult, it would have to use an electronic device in order to set off the rounds and with a pre-stack of rounds it would cut out barrel length. Last but not least, the Epic in its aesthetics is the most interesting thing i have ever seen. Design, shape and flow of the rifle are extremely unique. However, the praticality of the weapon must be brought to question because of its magazine placement (if your gonna put the mag off to the side and not put it in the standard Bullput position you might as well invert the magazine for feeding purposes) and the use of a drum instead of a tube or magazine feeding for secondary fires. Also, at the front of the rifle the 4 thingamado’s, which have no obvious purpose, would only serve to weigh down the rifle and make it more awkward to handle. With all this being said, the aiming redical, is the most intelligent I have ever come accross. I am very impressed with these weapon systems.

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  21. demonsinferno Avatar

    the Thor looks awesome the epic a-1 looks amazing and the titan is awesome

  22. from what i can see the junk under the barrel of the Thor is the folding stock and vertical grip. the stock slides along the inner black ring the the mag clips until it is in the rear pointing position. the grip is just a standard folding grip

  23. Olua romario Avatar
    Olua romario

    Wow!these are really cool.





  26. Waaw Epic A1
    Attract me i admire that one.