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  • .22LR In A Popcorn Popper

    It’s not lit… IT’S ON AND POPPIN MONICAS.  Trolling ensues: *smh* Mattv2099 is my spirit animal (I should put that on a patch haha). 2:45 – LOL niiiiiiice.  I love the smell of fresh popped .22LR. 4:07 – hahah popcorn + .22LR.  I can’t wait to see this combo.  “I hope a lot of you…

  • Red Hot Muzzle Brake – Popcorn & Marshmallows

    Mattv2099 gets his RHMB on something proper: Interesting the popcorn didn’t pop!  Too hot for it I guess *shrug*.  MMMMMM I love the smell of burnt marshmallows. Matt has such a soothing voice.  He’s like the James Earl Jones of the YouTube trollfessionals. Thoughts?

  • Popinator – Voice Activated Popcorn Shooter

    A semi-automatic popcorn delivery device: By popcorn company Popcorn Indiana. The Popinator instantly delivers popcorn into a person’s mouth just by saying the word “pop”.  The Popinator is able to pinpoint where in the room the spoken word originated from as demonstrated in the video, and shoot a piece of popcorn at it up to…