Popinator – Voice Activated Popcorn Shooter

A semi-automatic popcorn delivery device:

By popcorn company Popcorn Indiana.

The Popinator instantly delivers popcorn into a person’s mouth just by saying the word “pop”.  The Popinator is able to pinpoint where in the room the spoken word originated from as demonstrated in the video, and shoot a piece of popcorn at it up to 15 feet away.

I wonder if it could shoot homemade buttered popcorn too?  Or does it have to be dry bagged popcorn?

So awesome.  My only complaint is that this appears to be vaporware.  I don’t know what the deal with companies is… did Popcorn Indiana not think this would be a hit with the public?  Have they not worked the bugs out of the design?  These are questions that should be answered before going public with it and then not having any units for sale once the promo video goes viral and everyone in the world wants one.  I won’t give a shit about this product by next week because I will have already forgot it exists, but you can bet I would have bought one right now if it were available for a decent price.

Thoughts?  Assuming this ever becomes publicly available, are you putting it on your Christmas list?

Hat tip: Clint


16 responses to “Popinator – Voice Activated Popcorn Shooter”

  1. Cool project, but what kind of lazy fat fuck would need to pay several hundred dollars for a device to feed them popcorn? Is it too physically taxing to reach your hand in to a bag/bowl?

    1. Me!

  2. Well Popcorn is Greasy….if you are on your PC snacking, or playing a Console game or something where your hands are occupied, this would come in handy. It also adds fun to the snacking, and would also cut back a bit on obesity, because you are eating one piece at a time, rather than stuffing fistfuls of popcorn in your mouth. It would also be good for movie night, rather than passing a bowl of popcorn around, just set this on the table, if someone wants a piece of popcorn, they just say Pop, and BAM in their mouth.

    1. Yes, thats just what I want when i’m watching a movie, is for everyone in the room to not shut up.

  3. Mountain Nagant Avatar
    Mountain Nagant

    Nothing looks dumber than an entire meeting full of people opening their mouths moving around to catch popcorn. I had a good laugh haha.

    Neat product though.

  4. Pretty cool. But no way in hell I’d spend money on it.

  5. FlynnCastle Avatar

    A machine to feed someone who’s perfectly capable of feeding themselves? 1st world inventions…..

  6. I think its an awesome concept but dumb that its popcorn that it shoots out. Now.. if it was mounted on a military vehicle and it launched a magazine of 223 rounds at you when you yelled “Mag!” at any varied distances.. I would say sign me up.

    1. Well they say laziness moves the progress.
      It starts with a popcorn for a fat-ass and will eventually find it’s way into humvee’s to feed you 5.56 mags, my boat(to feed me beer), my dresser to dispense socks and underwear… Possibilities are endless.
      I mean think if you can train this machine to your mother in laws voice, so every time she opens her yap, something equally as nasty lands in her mouth. Guys be lining up round the block, like it is iphone 12cbj. Where Siri not only keeps your schedule, but makes coffee and gives you head.
      I’m just saying…

  7. someones gonna get a kernel in the eye

  8. The video is missing the Brazzers’ logo.

  9. AAFES Hot Dog Guy Avatar
    AAFES Hot Dog Guy

    Nevuh been dun befo!
    This is gonna open up a whole new market.

    1. nikonmikon Avatar

      shut up sebas!

  10. If it was full auto I’d like it more. But this is pretty dumb unless it hits the market at $19.95 and makes a great office, or gag gift. Spending real money on this would be sad.

  11. To much free time

  12. Curby HUGENUTS Avatar
    Curby HUGENUTS

    What is that? Guy, girl, something else?