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  • AR-15 Facts – Myths Dispelled By CT News Station

    Connecticut news station talks to the CEO of Colt: Wow, actual facts and unbiased reporting.  Shocking.  This is the type of thing that needs to be put in people’s faces on a national news level. Full story over at NEWS8 Thoughts? Hat tip: John

  • The Gun Show Loophole

    The gun store guys have a gripe a lot of your are familiar with: The gun show loophole is such a load of crap.  They cover it all in the video, but basically it’s just a typical example of the media blowing everything out of proportion and getting the core facts wrong. Thoughts?

  • Semi Easily Converts To Fully Auto Just By Dropping Those Chambers In

    Blah blah blah Americans buy guns and sell them to criminals and smugglers to bring back to mexico… same old story, but there is a funny surprise at the end… http://www.10news.com/video/23272503/ (Sorry can’t embed video, they removed it from YouTube.  Thanks for the link Marcus) Her stance and cheek weld is terrible.  I would have expected the…

  • Even Batman Exercises His 2nd Amendment Right

    I guess Batman must have special New York City (Gotham City) weapon privileges because he is a celebrity. Lots More pictures of Batman with various guns over at Silver Age Comics Also If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight by now.. you’re slackin.  Buy it HERE for Cheap

  • ABC says Grenade Launcher – FOX says 37mm Cobray Grenade (Flare) Launcher

    In my previous post ABC News – How to get a grenade launcher we talked about how the media always gets their facts wrong, and time and time again manages to blow everything way out of proportion. A new development from a frequent commenter Josh: Regardless of all that, one of the stories I ran…

  • ABC News – How to get a grenade launcher

    I love how at the start of the video starts with “A simple google search got us 164000 entries…” The picture they show at 40seconds is from the destructive device section of AutoWeapons.com.  My guess is ABC fabricated that whole phone call and stole the picture, because I doubt anyone that works at AutoWeapons is…