The Gun Show Loophole

The gun store guys have a gripe a lot of your are familiar with:

The gun show loophole is such a load of crap.  They cover it all in the video, but basically it’s just a typical example of the media blowing everything out of proportion and getting the core facts wrong.



7 responses to “The Gun Show Loophole”

  1. Most gun shows have law enforcement at the front doors check anyway. If something illegal was going on, don’t you think they would notice?

    1. good god no lol they dont know what the hell is going on any of the time. i see at least 5 illegal guns per gun show i go to. i just point it out to the people and tell them i dont care they have it and im just telling them so they know cause it would really suck to get popped for something you didnt know about.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you can sell out of state as a private seller as long as your state law allows it and it is a long gun. Anyone heard anything different?

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      Yeah most states allow long gun sales to residents that directly border your state.

  3. I am more concerned with that poor Mosin-Nagant on the counter in front of them…

  4. Is that SOG Santa?

  5. And the reason that fugly gun is on the counter is what? If these guys could make an argument in a 2-3 minute video, maybe I would give them a chance….