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  • Right To Carry A Firearm

    Watch the magic happen: (Source) Personally I’d like to see more green.  Blue is a good start though.

  • Dawn Of The Dead Shopping Mall Map

    Better not run out of ammo: The best part is that there are no zombies at JC Penny. I guess that’s because there are probably no people shopping there. The artist’s name is Matt Owen, he’s got plenty more awesome posters and designs on his site – HERE You can buy posters of his designs for…

  • Leonard Embody’s U.S.A. Road Trip

    After reading Josh’s comment in the previous Leonard Embody related post here on my blog, I was browsing through the list of crazy laws he linked to, and came up with the following in Google Maps: With his weapon carry permit revoked, Leonard Embody (kwikrnu) is now setting out on a road trip around the…