Right To Carry A Firearm

Watch the magic happen:


Personally I’d like to see more green.  Blue is a good start though.


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  1. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino


  2. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    hawaii is a virtual no-issue. no private citizen has been issued one since i’ve been alive.


    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Sort of.

  4. Illinois is soooooo 20th-century!

  5. sniff, I’m so happy. /Wisconsinite

  6. And then there was one. But dammit why do I have to live there?


    1. …why do I have to live there?

      You don’t… move north! Or south, or east or west…

  7. I had no idea it was that read in the 80’s. Is it because that’s when the Brady’s got started after Reagan got shot?

    1. Lightning Jeff Avatar
      Lightning Jeff

      Nope. Licensed concealed carry simply wasn’t prevalent then; this doesn’t reflect any gun control initiatives as far as I can tell, only progress.

      Proud and a little bewildered that liberal Washington state was among the first handfull of blue.

  8. God Damn I love Vermont!

  9. This is another reason I love living in AZ. I work over seas, then come home and live in a warm sunny weapon friendly state. Did I mention our governor is pretty amazing as well?

  10. For some reason, when I see Illinois is still red, I think: they’re probably still suffering from Al Capone, John Dillinger, and the like

  11. retro_joe Avatar

    Another chart fail so soon? Wisconsin has recognized unlicensed open-carry since 2009. 2011 only marked the introduction of licensed concealed carry. Similar situations may exist in other states.

  12. Samael527 Avatar

    Another victory for America!

  13. You COULD carry a concealed pistol in North Carolina back before the CCW law got passed in ’94… BUT:
    1- It could only be a S&W 5-shot .38 Special…
    2-…loaded with lead round-nose bullets…
    3- …and you had to be a licensed and bonded private detective or process server.

    There was a section on this in my paralegal course in ’89.

  14. Glad I live in Alaska! Wish all of the US was Green! Hopefully they will pass the The National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Bill (H.R. 822) this year.. was supprised by results last year! Sigh Almost.. almost.

  15. No surprise the Pacific northwest is ahead of the curve, outside of Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming and Vermont.

  16. It’s impossible to get one in Maryland. You have to have death threats or regularly carry large sums of money around. IF this place would go shall issue I’d be a lot more inclined to keep living here.

  17. Dougefresh91 Avatar

    New York and New Jersey might as well be red.

    1. Yep- “May” issue generally means “Never” issue. Unless you’re handy with the bribe money or have buddies in the Party machine.

  18. I wasn’t quite old enough to remember when Texas (my state) became a shall-issue state, but my dad does. He still jokes about it now, how the newspapers and politicians were all saying that it was going to be war-zone, or the “Wild West”. And none of it happened. Actually in the district of Houston I grew up in, crime had a fairly sharp decrease after that.