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  • Opening Costco Kirkland Beer With An SKS

    Grab SKS, grab beer, go inna woods, open beer with SKS: Taofledermaus is what the game made him, not what the fame made him.  Ideas like this will keep blasting his subscriber count up and up. All they need are Kirkland jeans, polos, and leather sandals.  3 dudes in matching Kirkland fits?  More like Twerkland…

  • AR-15 On Walmart.com

    Yea this happened: You can check it out – HERE Extra points for calling it a “Modern repeating rifle”, not the default “Assault rifle” we are used to seeing. I’m still waiting for Costco to bring in a Kirkland branded AR-15 for the Kirkland ammunition.

  • Costco Kirkland 5.56mm Ammo

    After my statement “I feel like we are just one hurdle away form being able to pick up 100,000 round crates of Kirkland 5.56mm at 1990’s equivalent prices” in a previous costco related post, comes this: $0.15 / round! That was just sent to me by Michael Bakowski, one of my readers (and a Costco employee?).…