Opening Costco Kirkland Beer With An SKS

Grab SKS, grab beer, go inna woods, open beer with SKS:

Taofledermaus is what the game made him, not what the fame made him.  Ideas like this will keep blasting his subscriber count up and up.

Costco-Kirkland-Rile-Ammo-Bulk-PackAll they need are Kirkland jeans, polos, and leather sandals.  3 dudes in matching Kirkland fits?  More like Twerkland right?  Looking like a boss though, in head-to-toe Costco (LOL those lines killed me on S04E03 of Workaholics)



9 responses to “Opening Costco Kirkland Beer With An SKS”

  1. TaoFlederMaus@work Avatar

    I came up with this idea the night before we filmed it. It was “plan B”. Plan A was to use those .22 cal blanks (used to drive nails into cement with) to propel a .22 PELLET out of .22 rifle. You can buy 100 rds. at Lowes for $5.50. There’s no shortage or limits on the blanks or the pellets. A 14 grain pellet should scream being propelled by a powder charge.

    The blanks are actually made by Winchester and are head-stamped “Super X” and come in different power levels. I bought #3 and the most powerful they had, #4. I loaded the pellet and a #4 blank. I decided it was best I do the first shot using my $50 parking lot special .22. The damn thing was as loud as a .223. The pellet flew like a bat out of hell but the entire base of the cartridge blew off leaving the rest of the case stuck in the breech. At that point it didn’t seem like a good idea anymore.

    Good thing the SKS bottlie opening worked. In theory, it seemed possible so it is good to be right 50% of the time.

    1. GhostalkerS Avatar

      I think you need to revisit this blank and pellet idea!

      1. Taofledermaus Avatar

        I definitely want to continue to try to make it work. I have a LOT of money invested in it, almost $11. lol

  2. things to do with your gun? not the smartest video I’ve ever seen. but you wasted some of the BEER! next time use a soda and drink the beer after to celebrate. my room mate’s girlfriend many years ago tried a trick to scare off a dog in the yard, when I was in bed sleeping. she picked up my 30-30 win. from the locked gunrack, (yea she had a key and new better) but anyway to scare off the dog she had to unload the gun. about 15 feet from my head I woke up to the sound of a gunshot, one finger was in the triger guard when she decided to unload my gun I was imediatly standing in my bed, and came running through the door to find her with my gun pointing up in the dining room, it was smoking! she started crying. then my buddy and I went into the attic to asses the damage, it went two celings grazed the main beam at the ridge but no bullet. never heard a thing about it coming down in town. it went almost strait up! (LESSON LEARNED) when it comes to guns don’t do stupid things that could get someone killed or mamed for life. I’m almost 58 been hunting since I could crawl, now i’m broken so i’m talking to ya all. lets see you hit a gatorade bottle top at 100 yards, with a 357 ruger, how many out of six? now that would make a good video?

  3. Critter Avatar

    removing beer caps with an SKS? would operate with!!!

  4. That was an operation. Freedom \ 10. Tier -13 Life Hack operator.

  5. WILL- Cool story bro. Tell it again.

  6. John F. Avatar

    You didn’t drink those beers?

    Alcohol abuse.

  7. Anyone with a Makarov or CZ-82/83 would already know about the built-in bottle opener.

    I once showed my wife this “feature” on my CZ-82 while sitting out on the back deck kicking back, she just looked at me and walked away.