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  • Spent Shell Casing Pen

    A LOT of work to make: The full DIY on instructables – HERE Looks pretty neat in the end though.  I’d like to see a homemade one done with a spacepen refill instead. (I’m obsessed with space pen refills) Might be an interesting DIY project for some of you.  Or a good starting point anyway.…

  • Sit Down When Shots Are Fired

    An actual sign which is posted on the wall in the main yard of the Thomson Correctional Centre in Thomson, Illinois: That’s a sign I bet the Brady campaign could really get behind. In real life I’d recommend finding cover, then possibly returning fire depending on the situation.

  • Carved wooden Dillinger jail break gun goes for $19120 at auction

    Crown Point jail – Indiana (March 3, 1934) While awaiting trial for the alleged murder of an East Chicago policeman, the police boasted to area newspapers that the jail was escape-proof and posted extra guards to make sure Dillinger couldn’t escape.  Dillinger was able to secretly carve a wooden gun (pictured) from the top of…